Can An American Citizen Get Visa On Arrival In Nigeria

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Yes, an American citizen can get a Visa on arrival in Nigeria, but the process must start right from the country where the American citizen is coming from. He cannot jump on an aeroplane and becoming to Nigeria, believing that he will obtain a Visa on arrival in Nigeria without prior application and waiting or getting approval from the Comptroller General of Immigration,  Abuja before boarding an aeroplane to Nigeria.

Can an American citizen get visa on arrival in Nigeria

What is a visa on arrival?

Nigeria visa on arrival is a policy introduced by the Nigerian government to ease the difficulty experienced by short term visitors especially businessmen and women,  and Tourists coming to Nigeria on a short term visit  to Nigeria without the need to go to a Nigerian embassy to apply for a Visa.


1. All citizens of countries on visa abolition with Nigeria such as Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania do not need to apply before coming to Nigeria. On arrival, they will process an entry VISA at the visa on arrival desk.

2. All citizens of the African Union countries

3. Executives of international companies or organizations

4. Holders of United Nations Laissez-passer.

5. Nigerians who are having dual nationality, who arrivals with an expired Nigerian passport, is qualified to obtain a Visa on arrival without prior application or approval.

5. All other countries especially frequent visitors to Nigeria,  especially business travellers are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival but they must apply online from the country they are coming from and endeavour to wait for approval from the office of the Comptroller General of Immigration, in Abuja.

It is mandatory to obtain approval before boarding. Please note that getting approval is important it is not enough to pay but to wait for approval,  to avoid refused entry into Nigeria.

6. Citizens of all Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) are exempted from visas on arrival because they are on visa-free entry into Nigeria.


You have to start the process online by visiting the Nigeria Immigration Service website

1. Download the visa on arrival application form

2. Fill in your in your details

Attached or upload the following requirements

1. A letter of introduction from the person inviting you

2. Your passport sized photographs

3. The data page of your passport

4. Your return ticket

5. Make payment (please note that the amount you paid varies in that it depends on your country visa policy)

Submit your completed application online,  if it is successful you will be issued with a receipt.

Printout the receipt and endeavour to wait for approval which will indicate visa on arrival approval letter


When you arrive at the Nigeria airport or a land border with facilities to issue visa on arrival,  you will proceed to the Visa on arrival desk and present the following

1. Your passport that has a validity of at least six months.

2. The Visa on arrival approval letter,  please note that it must be presented within 14 days of issuance.

3. Your return ticket

4. Prove of payment otherwise you must pay for the visa on arrival at the desk.

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