Canada is one of the developed countries thousands of people crave to explore for better opportunities including quality healthcare, employment and qualitative education. Myriads of people depart their home countries in search of greener pastures and obviously, Canada has remained one of the territories people explore in this regard. That’s why we are explaining here the benefits of Canadian Citizenship. 


Whether you’re a Canadian citizen by birth, naturalization or any other means of acquiring citizenship, you’re entitled to several benefits that permanent residents of Canada may not have access to. Ranging from a free Canadian passport to the right to participate in Canadian politics, a Canadian citizen enjoys several enviable benefits and as a result, lots of people try every means within their capacity to acquire Canadian citizenship.

Therefore,  let’s take a look at the Benefits of Canadian Citizenship as discussed in this very article.

 Canadian Citizenship Gives the Right to Run for Political Office and to Vote During Elections

Citizens of Canada reserve the right to influence the country’s politics by participating in national and provincial elections. Besides holding the right to contest for political office, Canadian citizens can vote for their favourite candidates during provincial and national elections.

Being one of the benefits of Canadian citizenship, the right to run for political office is a great privilege for Canadian citizens to represent Canadian constituencies, towns, cities, etc., during national discussions about foreign policy, education, taxes, etc.

If you have fully acquired Canadian citizenship, you have the right to participate in Canadian politics –probably by representing a constituency and taking its problems to the national level for required solutions.

Canadian Citizenship Makes Way for Wider Job Opportunities

In Canada, some jobs are solely reserved for Canadian citizens. Security clearances are needed to get some Canadian jobs while specific unelected government jobs are available to Canadian citizens only. As a permanent resident of Canada, you could be restricted to job opportunities that are beneath your status. However with Canadian citizenship, you have the right to seek any Canadian institution for any high-profile jobs you’re skilled in.

Children of Canadian Citizens Become Canadians Automatically

Canadian citizens do not necessarily have to give birth to their kids in Canada before the kids become Canadians. Irrespective of his/her birthplace, a child born by a Canadian citizen is automatically a Canadian. If you’ve been thinking your children will undergo the herculean processes you faced in a bid to acquire Canadian citizenship, it’s really obvious that you have to dismiss that thought. However, as a permanent resident of Canada, giving birth to your child in Canada is the only way you can make him/her an automatic Canadian citizen.

Canadian Citizens Rarely Lose Their Citizenship Status

If you’re a Canadian citizen, nothing should bother you about losing your citizenship status. Also, you’re free to live outside of Canada for as many years as you wish without having to worry about loss of citizenship through immigration consequences.

Unlike Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada can be easily stripped of residency and deported to their country if they fail to abide by specific residency requirements. If found guilty of a crime (so severe to strip them of Canadian residency), permanent residents can be sent back to their country but Canadian citizens are not usually stripped of citizenship when guilty of crimes.

No Residency Requirements Are Imposed on Canadian Citizens

In order not to lose their PR status, permanent residents are required to remain in Canada for two years within any period of five years. However, the case is different for Canadian citizens as they don’t need to stay in Canada to maintain their citizenship status. Rather, they are easily entitled to a Canadian passport which allows them to travel to other countries. As an added advantage, the Canadian passport ensures they do not need visas to enter countries that have visa-free access to Canada.

Canadian Citizens Are Entitled to Continual Social Benefits

Canadian citizens get free access to public school education and basic healthcare continually. Also, a citizen of Canada with a Social Insurance Number is authorized to work in the country.

More importantly, the Canadian government offers additional social benefits including employment insurance or student government loans which citizens can enjoy continually.


Canadian  Citizens Are Very Unlikely to Be Deported

Canadian citizens who do not have dual citizenship are very unlikely to be deported. The  Canadian government can deport people for criminal acts, security reasons and violation of immigration rules. Since you don’t have dual citizenship, Canada is your only country and as such, you’re very unlikely to be deported. Although the Canadian government doesn’t frown upon dual citizenship, a Canadian citizen without dual citizenship is safer and more unlikely to be removed from the country.

Canadian Citizenship Saves You the Stress of Renewing Your Immigration Documentation

Unlike Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada are expected to renew their immigration documents when due. Permanent residents are issued the “Maple Leaf Card’’ (officially the Permanent Resident Card) which has a 5-year validity. The Permanent Resident Card is needed for international travel but companies and government agencies may ask people to provide it as evidence of permanent residency. Every 5 years, a permanent resident will always have to pay for a new Permanent Resident Card to protect his/her permanent residency in Canada.

However, a Canadian citizen is not in the same position as a permanent resident because he/she owns a Citizenship Certificate with an unlimited period of validity.


Canadian Citizenship Enables You to Travel with a Canadian Passport

Canadian citizens are entitled to a Canadian passport and it’s very convenient for them to travel with it. Because the Canadian passport is one of the world’s most powerful passports, many naturalized Canadian citizens take priority in the Canadian passport over the one issued by their country of birth.

As a naturalized Canadian citizen, you’re still allowed dual citizenship since the Canadian government doesn’t frown upon it. However, you need to be sure if your country of birth permits dual citizenship. If otherwise, it would be a reasonable idea that you compare the advantages of Canada’s travel documents with those issued by your birth country.


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