The Least Peaceful And Most Peaceful African Countries


Here we analyze in detail the least peaceful and most peaceful African countries according to the Global Peace Index Report 2021

At a glance here are the 10 least peaceful countries in Africa and their global rankings

SUDAN:  Today,  sadly and emotionally I have to edit this page without a reference to global ranking because Sudan is a country that used to enjoy relative peace and which most international analysts believed that Sudan will soon transform into a full-blown democracy rapidly and stupidly descended into a senseless war that no rational person can explain. In an era where many countries are striving to attain higher economic growth and development, strangely in Sudan, two greedy war Lords are busy destroying their own country beyond imagination. What the mad terrorists want to gain in destroying their country is what I cannot pantomimes.

Here without much statistical information, Sudan is hereby ranked the least peaceful country in Africa. Congratulations to the Sudanese Army and other armed groups in the Country.

1. South Sudan: 160 global ranking

2. Somalia: 158 global ranking

3. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): 157 global ranking

4. The Central African Republic (CAR): 155 global ranking

5. Mali: 148 global ranking

6. Nigeria: 146 global ranking

7. Cameroon: 145 global ranking

8. Ethiopia: 139 global ranking

9. the Niger Republic 137 global ranking

10. Eritrea: 136 global ranking


The 10 most peaceful African countries

1. Mauritius: 23 global ranking

2. Botswana: 33 global ranking

3. Ghana: 43 global ranking

4. Zambia: 44 global ranking

5. Sierra Leone: 46 global ranking

6. Senegal: 47 global ranking

7. Tanzania: 52 global ranking

8. Namibia: 53 global ranking

9. Liberia: 57 global ranking

10. Malawi: 59 global ranking


Let begins the analysis from the top.


A relatively new country in North-Eastern Africa. When South Sudan attained independence from her big brother from the North, I rejoiced thinking that a true black Africa State is born in Northern Africa, contrarily South Sudan has been a huge disaster and disappointment. It gave credence to those who doubted that Africans may not be able to govern themselves successfully. I wept for those young South Sudanese, they are in a country with huge potential economically and other essential human endeavors but have been governed by visionless and self-centered rulers.

Currently, things are beginning to change, hopefully, it will last. And those leaders will swallow their pride and allow South Sudan to move on. The young generation deceives in peace.

Passionately, South Sudan does not deserve the current overall Global Peace Index score of 3,447 and ranks 160 globally


Anyone current in global affairs will never be surprised to see Somalia in this negative position. That Somalia is the second-worst country in Africa and ranks 158th position globally is the normative thing expected of a country that has never gotten it right for more than two decades.

Somalia is a big lesson to those who have believes that a country that is homogeneous or mono-ethnic may be better in governance. Here is a country with largely the same ethnic population and the same religious belief. But failed in all its ramifications to govern themselves since the death of their long-term dictator.

The earliest those religious extremists and terrorists drop their guns and start a program of rebuilding the nation, the better, otherwise, their children will never forgive them. It’s beyond rational thinking or explanations why some people will continue to destroy their own country and be running to another country to become a refugee. What do they intend to gain if not madness?


This country is located in Central Africa with huge natural resources. Despite large-scale stealing and misuse of the natural resources and maladministration associated with the Democratic Republic of the Congo rulers on different occasions and their foreign collaborators, the natural resources are yet to be exhausted. However greediness, different ethnic conflicts, year in and year out without reasonable progress and agreement coupled with external power exploitations and political interference due to their selfishness. All those factors disallowed DRC to know peace. The absence of peace is the real reason The Democratic Republic of the Congo will continue to remain in the worst ranking in which they now occupy the 156th position overall globally. For the sake of their children,  and unless they get things right politically and peacefully, progress will be difficult to attain.


The situation in the Central African Republic is similar to that of the DRC however there is a dangerous dimension to the problem facing CAR. The religious conflict which is gradually setting in, in the country and which may transform into an unending civil war is brewing at an alarming rate. The earlier the political class in this country drops their selfish ambition and allows peace to rain the better for the young population.

When you allow religious and ethnic hatred to take a central stage in your country’s political considerations you will not achieve peace. Without peace, The Central African Republic will continue to record a negative or worst ranking of 155th position on the global peace index.


A large North Western African country is showing the world that the larger an African country is the more problematic it may be to govern it successfully. Until recently when some military guy signaled that they have had enough of misrule in Mali and took a very great risk of taking power by force from a confused civilian Head of State. Mali was heading for a serious collision course.

We hope the new rulers in Mali will get it right and turn the current worst position of 144th in the global peace Index into positives and move the country to an enviable level globally


The case of Nigeria’s worst position is very easy to digest. Simply put a country called Nigeria realistically is never and will never be a country. To cap it all and very unfortunate for the country. Nigeria is currently being governed by an amalgamation of a political class that doesn’t believe in the oneness of the country. Hence we have a ruling class whether in government or outside the power that is only interested in what they can grab. Their trademark is grabbing your own at a slight opportunity. Currently, in Nigeria, no serious political opposition but opportunists waiting to have opportunities to milk the country dry as soon as the system permits them. They never love the country and will continue to hold it down for their benefit and unfortunately at the expense of the masses. Banditry, terrorism, book Aram, kidnappings, and other violent crimes are their new weapons against the unfortunate masses of the country.

There is nothing the current President can do to stop them because he is almost alone in the fight against corruption, many of his cabinet members are serving with dubious agendas. Therefore, banditry, Boko haram, kidnappings, and other violent crimes are left for the lonely President to grapple with, knowing fully well that the unimaginable level of crime taking place in the country is their creation with no peaceful solution on sight. therefore, finding Nigeria in a negative or worst position of 147th overall ranking globally is not a surprise scenario.


Cameroon a Nigerian neighbor to the East is rather in the current position due to negative politics. One of them is trying to hold on to an unnecessary and outdated political position. A section of the country wants to secede, and there may be no peace until these people achieve their aims. Secondly, Cameroon refused to change politically. Currently,  Cameroon is being governed by a president that came to power on 6 November 1982, thereby making him the longest non-royal leader in the world.

As long as a country with huge potential refused to modernize and continues to do things the sluggish and unworkable outdated ways the country will continue to find itself in the worst position of 141st in the Global Peace Index rankings.


It’s an irony that Mr Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister that wins the Nobel peace prize for his peacemaking efforts in 2018 could trigger a war in Northern Ethiopia against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in 2021 without doing much to encourage peaceful options or means to solve the crisis. Sadly, a country grapples with famine and unresolved coronavirus issues to fast track its country into a conflict that may lead to a full-blown civil war show how narrow-minded some leaders are. Recently a senior United Nations official declared that parts of Tigray were in the throes of famine.

That the global peace Index 2021 declares Ethiopia as one of the least peaceful countries in Africa with a low score of 139 global rankings is an attestation to the current horrible political and humanitarian situation in Ethiopia.


NIGER equally Nigeria’s neighbor to the North is bedeviled by a war which Niger knows little or nothing much about, in the Northern and the Southern parts of the country(Burkina Faso and Nigeria) This is greatly affecting the peaceful coexistence between the various ethnic groups in the country. Factually unless Niger’s bigger neighbors are peaceful it’s doubtful whether Niger a country that depends largely on Nigeria will ever know peace.

With the recent peaceful change of government from one civilian to another, I believed the current worst position of 138th in the global ranking will soon change for the better.


Eritrea has never been a peaceful country. Always in one conflict or another. Recently when Ethiopia which is ravaged by famine and the coronavirus pandemic unnecessarily trigger an unnecessary war up North. As expected, Eritrea entered the war thereby making the country fight another unnecessary war that may not end in the foreseeable future. By entering the war Eritrea should know better that its leadership is fast-tracking the country into long-term poverty. These are the reasons the Global Peace Index scored the country’s worst position of 136th in the global peace Index.


We say congratulations to the following countries:


An island country located in the Southwest of the Indian Ocean in the continent of Africa is the number one most peaceful country in Africa. She scored 23rd in the global peace Index rankings.


A Southern African country with the Capital at Gaborone is the 2nd most peaceful country in Africa. Botswana scores 33rd in the global peace Index rankings


A West African country with the Capital in Accra is the 3rd most peaceful country in Africa. Ghana proudly scored 43rd in the global peace Index rankings


A country located at the crossroads of Central and Southern Africa is the 4th most peaceful country in Africa. Zambia proudly scored 44th in the Global Peace Index rankings.


A West African country. After many years of a costly civil war, the country is now peaceful and it’s the 5th of the most peaceful country in Africa. Sierra Leone proudly scored 46th in the Global Peace Index rankings.


A West African country Senegal is number 6th of the most peaceful country in Africa and she scored 47th in global peace Index rankings.


An East African country with the Capital at Dodoma is number 7th of the most peaceful country in Africa. Tanzania proudly scored 52nd in the Global Peace Index rankings.


A coastal Southern African country is number 8th of the most peaceful country in Africa. Namibia proudly scored 53rd in the Global Peace Index rankings.


A West African country with the Capital Monrovia is number 9th of the most peaceful country in Africa. Liberia after many years of Civil war proudly scored 57th in the global peace Index rankings.


A Southeastern African country with the Capital at Lilongwe is number 10th of the most peaceful country in Africa and she scored 59th in the global peace Index rankings.


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