Best Countries For Employment After Studies

If you intend to study and stay in the country where you studied, we hereby present to you the best countries for employment after studies for your critical assessment and consideration. That a country enables international students employment after studies should be a challenge for anyone who intends to study to enrol for a course that will allow the person to get a job with good pay after graduation. The choice is yours.

Best Countries For Employment After Studies


Currently, it is possible for international students who studied in France to get a job after studies, provided you do the right thing. The first duty you owned yourself is to enrol for a course that is fitted to French employment needs. You don’t spend your precious time studying anyhow course and at the end of the day expectedly to secure a well-paid job.

The French system permits an international student who graduated in France to stay temporarily and search for a job. When the person secures employment,  you will be issued with a residence permit. If you’re employed in a segment of employment that is essential to France national or Economic needs, be rest assured that it will not be long before you will be rewarded with French citizenship.

That’s why it is imperative to study relevant courses, such as healthcare, nursing or Medicine.

Recently, about 12,000 healthcare workers that worked in France and rendered various assistance during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) imbroglio. Mostly Nurses and other allied healthcare workers who worked for France, are rewarded with French citizenship.


The US allows international students that graduated in the US to work after their studies. Many Nigerians that travelled to the US for further studies, realised that they studied entirely wrong courses. Currently, many of them are now studying healthcare-related courses. Especially various branches of Nursing. Young and old studying various aspects of Nursing. The course is currently in vogue in the United States.

Besides the fact that the Nursing profession allows them to secure employment without too much struggle or rejection by employers. Nursing is a profession that pays a very good salary. It enables you to grow and acquired job experience which is vital for the future. You’re sure of retiring well.


In October 2019 there are changes to the UK Immigration Rules. Unlike what was applicable before Brexit the changes seemed to be favourable to immigrants especially the international students who intend to stay and work after studies.

When you entered the UK with a student visa, at the conclusion of your studies the system allows you to stay for two years.

There is a possibility that when you secure a job and obtain a work visa, your employer will stand as your sponsor, and if you work for five years, without having issues, especially if you are of good character along the way you can apply for permanent residency which will surely lead to British citizenship.

Surely,  the United Kingdom remain one of the best countries for employment after studies and currently, there are job vacancies ready for a serious-minded able body qualified person in various fields,  such as Truck driving,  different branches of Nursing, Poultry workers, medical Practitioners etc.


For any international student who studied in Finland and having the intention to stay, the system permits the person to be issued with a temporary residence permit. To make it easy, it is advisable to start the process before the expiration of your student visa. The residence permit is valid for a year which is more than enough to get a job, when you secure a job you will be issued with a work permit which will lead you to a permanent residency if you decide to stay.

Talking about Finland, factually, it is beyond a European Union country. Currently, Finland requires a workforce from Non-EU countries and currently the Finnish authorities are relaxing their rules to accommodate immigrants from outside Europe.

Currently, the population of Finland is inadequate to cater for workers needed by the country in various areas especially the healthcare sectors.

Right now, it is a known fact that Non-EU citizens can get a job in Finland than any other Scandinavian country such as Denmark and Sweden.

Currently, many professionals who are qualified to work in Finland are not really showing interest because of the language difficulty, therefore, if you study in Finland you will stand a better chance because you understand the language and culture of the Finnish people.



A few years back, a Nigerian State Governor, specifically from the Southern parts of Nigeria awarded international scholarships of different courses and categories to students of the State’s indigen. After a while, he decided to tour those countries where the beneficiaries are studying.

He visited many countries and encouraged the students to return home to assist in the development of the State.  Most of them were happy to assure him that they’re willing to return home after their studies. Surprisingly, when the Governor get to Canada and preached the usual come home and serve. The response he got was absolutely negative. Unlike the positive assurance and pledge to return who he got in various places visited. When he got to Canada, nobody assured him to come back home because they’ve received assurances from Canadian authorities that when they finish their studies their employment with good pay is guaranteed.

To date non of them return home. Because for any international student who studied in Canada there are possibilities of staying to work after studies. There are systems in place for any willing international students to follow which systematically lead to Canadian citizenship.


For any international student who is willing to study in Norway using Norwegian as a mode of employment after studies you stand to benefit in numerous ways:

1. The Norwegian system makes it possible for you to stay and get employment after your studies.

2. In Norway you study tuition-free and the accommodation and your living expenses are highly subsidised. Unlike some countries there is no discrimination to your country of origin in paying school fees, everyone enjoys the same or is equally tuition-free.

3. You have the chance of searching for a job prior to the expiration of your student visa, and when you secure employment the system permit you to stay indefinitely which will lead to permanent residency.

4. It’s possible to work in Norway unlike some Scandinavia countries without fluency in Norwegian in that most Norwegian citizens understand English.

5. If you study in Norway it is believed that you will master Norwegian and understand the culture and the terrain which will be an advantage in securing a well-paid job.


Our last pick on the best countries for employment after studies is the Netherlands a country popularly called Holland.

The case of the Netherlands is unique, in that the country not only creates a workable system but encourages international students to stay and search for a job with a post-work visa or permit specially designed for foreign students.

A programme called Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment make it possible for an international student to spend up to one year searching for employment in the Netherlands.

On getting a job you’re entitled to be issued a residence permit and if you continue to work for five years you will be issued with a permanent residency which is a straightforward way to Dutch citizenship.


For the majority of international students from developing countries, the main reason for struggling to study in strange lands is definitely the ability of the host country to provide the students with a well-paid job. Leaving your comfort zone, the best thing to do is to be focused and make sure you strained yourself in studying for a profession that will get you a good job.

It is an absurdity to leave your country and studied anyhow course that may bring you back to square one. For most international students from developing countries, nowadays, the main reason for studying is economic. Therefore, we advise you to study for a course that will allow you to secure a good job in the end.


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