Due to COVID 19 restrictions and importantly the Brexit, the job situation in some important sectors of the UK economy is indicating serious shortages and lack of quality personnel to move the economy forward. In this  write-up, we present to anyone migrating to the UK, here are some jobs with good pay


Moving consignments from different parts of the UK and adjacent countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands etc is quite important, without trucks to convey them from one place to another can seriously affect the economy. Currently, due to COVID 19 at the same time, the issue of Brexit is causing shortages in having qualified truck drivers to do the needful.

Guys no matter your qualifications and experience, frankly speaking, if you know how to drive a truck and you have a professional driving licence, please start today and apply for a truck driver’s job in the UK,  it wouldn’t be long before you will secure a job. Because there are acute shortages of truck drivers.

The ice on the cake is that the pay is so good that a truck driver gets more income than most other professionals.  Equally, when you choose to be a truck driver, it may not take up to six months of training before you master the trade. Furthermore,  truck driving is one of the few professions that you do not need a University degree before you can drive or get a job as a truck driver. Learning how to drive a Truck is easy in this digital age because most modern Trucks are averagely computerised, therefore very easy to handle.

Truck driving is a lively job in that a Truck Driver is constantly on the road, thereby seen different environs and meeting and making friends become easy.


When the UK was with the European Union arrangement it is very easy for medical Practitioners of EU origin to move from one European country to the UK on short notice. However, now that the country is on Brexit, the situation has changed. Currently, there is a serious need for medical doctors to work in various medical institutions.  More so the coronavirus pandemic third waves and the new addition to the pandemic called Delta variants is causing havoc and the need for medical doctors to work in the UK is currently in great demand.

For any Medical Doctor interested in coming to the UK from Africa especially Nigeria, the biggest advantages you derived are numerous, foremost the difference in pay between where you are coming from is so huge that you have nothing to regret. Whether you’re newly qualified or you are a consultant makes no difference, currently you get a  job with good pay according to your qualifications and years of experience.



Psychiatrist Nursing is another aspect of the healthcare profession that attracts good pay here In the UK. The negative effect of COVID-19 whereby people must quarantine for days at home is affecting the mental wellbeing of the people. The Elderly are much more affected by the effects of COVID-19 and the need for professional Psychiatrists Nurse to take care of them is obvious.

If Psychiatrist Nursing is your specialisation there are many areas you can work in the UK, such as Hospitals, group homes Community health centres and schools. Part of your job is to assist patients who are experiencing mental,  behavioural, depression and psychiatric disorders.

If you’re in this field, the ice on the cake is that you may be working and studying simultaneously because there are schools in the UK that offers Psychiatric Nursing courses online without the need to attend full-time classes.

Likewise, if you have a professional licence in Psychiatric Nursing and you have passed your professional examination, you don’t have to waste your time in your country of residence or staging an industrial strike before your miserable salaries are paid oftentimes.

Start an application for employment in the UK, in no distance time you will find yourself landing a job with good pay in the UK.


In the UK like most advanced countries, buildings are ageing and the wiring system is getting old and it needs compulsory replacement or repair and the job of Electricians are in great demand,  therefore if you’re a master of tool handling, permanent jobs with good pay are waiting for you in the UK. For anyone who is a qualified Electrician by training,  all you need is a few months in a school in the UK and you will secure a good job beyond your imagination.


Public health Nurses are in great demand currently in the UK with good pay to go along with it. While a Medical Practitioner may need longer years in the qualification process,  a public health nurse does not need such a long year to commence working. All you have to do is to get your professional licence and you are guaranteed a job with good pay in the UK.


There are shortages of Intensive care Nurses currently due to the effects of COVID-19 which put tremendous strain on health services. There are many COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit and it seems there is no end in sight to the coronavirus variants. Although the authorities here seem to be in hurry to get the citizens back on the road, the number of qualified nurses are not enough to cover the health institutions, therefore there are urgent needs to recruit qualified nurses from especially outside the European Union. If you are a qualified Nurse with experience in the Intensive Care Unit better do some homework and park your luggage,  a job with good pay is waiting for you in the UK.


Like most of the branches of nursing discussed above the UK needs Anaesthetic Nurses currently, these are highly paid nurses due to the nature of their duties. There is no way a surgeon will carry out surgery without the express permission approval of an Anaesthetist nurse performing their delicate professional duties. Due to ageing personnel and general upgrading and development of pieces of equipment in the UK, there are shortages of Anaesthetic Nurses, therefore if you have the prerequisites in this field you will surely land a job with good pay in the UK.



Anyone who is professionally qualified in various areas of Information Technologies, (IT) especially software Engineering or software development, data security etc will have no problem in securing a job with good pay, in that information Technology is evolving and there is a great need for experts in this field. If you’re one of them, the best time to migrate to the UK is now, it wouldn’t be long before you secure a job with good pay.


Before the sudden arrival of the coronavirus pandemic which made the employment of healthcare workers imperative and with the huge demands in that segment, the best job for any immigrant arriving in the UK newly is to start as security personnel,  in that, it is an area an able body person who can handle weapons can start without long training. Security jobs are still there for anyone interested and it comes along with good pay provided you are ready to work diligently.


Now that the UK is out of the European Union, English speaking African countries are at advantage in getting a job, unlike in the past when everything is done according to the European Union rules and regulations,  the United Kingdom is taking decisions independently and the new immigration Rules favour immigrants from African countries.

Nigeria is highly favoured in that the horrible coronavirus pandemic especially the Delta variants is not ravaging Nigeria, luckily, Nigeria is not in the red-listed country. Therefore the time is now to make the move if you’re one of those guys contemplating migrating to the UK and thinking of jobs with good pay.


There are two ways you can get a job offer in the UK from your country and process a work visa.

1. Do it personally by searching for a job through the internet. Practically you can engage a trusted friend or relation leaving legally in the UK.

2. Employ an experienced recruiter: The easiest way to get a job is to employ an experienced recruiter, they understand the terrain and understand how to get things done the right ways,  however, if you choose them please be very careful because some smooth operators will charge money and deliver nothing concrete.

Please note that we at facts36.com are not job recruiters.

That’s all for now on migrating to the UK, here  are some jobs with good pay


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