Biochemist Salary In Nigeria – In Nigeria, there are various kinds or types of professions that help move the country forward, aside from that, these professions are also of great help to the human race in Nigeria and across the world, sitting at home without a job at hand calls out for hunger and poverty, but with a great professional job at hand, you have definitely got all you practically want in terms of working, earning money, and feeling fine. However, the salary won concerning the work an individual does determine the kind of lifestyle the person would live, now, here Is what I mean, when you earn about 100, 000 every month, you won’t hesitate to get for yourself materials that work 20, 000 or more depending on you, but if you happen to earn 20, 000 per month you would likely want to watch your spending so as not to run out of cash. Today, we are going to talk about biochemists in general and also discuss the Biochemist salary in Nigeria, so if you just graduated from the University and you want to view the amount which is being paid for the Biochemist profession or probably you want to make it your choice of career and therefore wants to know how much they are paid before venturing into the career profession, here is the right place to be as all you basically need to know about this profession would be discussed right in this article.

Biochemist Salary In Nigeria

 No.  Level  Salary (Naira)
 1.  Entry Level  42,000
 2.  3-9 Years Experience  114,000
  • Biochemist Salaries in Nigeria

Here we are the segment we have all been waiting for. A biochemist earning from a company both private and government-owned are expected to make nothing less than #47, 000 (Forty-seven thousand naira) in Nigeria as a minimum salary that is if you are just getting into the job with 0-2 years of work experience, probably could be more depending on the Biochemist’s place of work, this salary scale is derived from 13 employees which stated that their salary rate is #47, 000 (Forty-seven thousand naira) on monthly basis with no profit sharing, no commission, no cash bonus, and no accommodation.

  • Entry Level Salary for Biochemist in Nigeria

Biochemists with 0-2 years experience will earn a minimum salary of #42, 000.

Biochemists with 3-9 years experience will earn #114, 000, which tends to be a senior level salary for biochemists in Nigeria.

  • Basic Job description

Before we go ahead to laying out the salary rates of the Biochemist profession in Nigeria, let’s take an in-depth look at this profession, what they offer the company they work for, what they offer the country and economy, what’s the job all about.

This profession is focused on researches and study of chemical composition alongside the processes of living organisms which affects necessary procedures which include ageing and growth to verify actions as well as effects on plants, and such activities include the steps of drugs, foods, or any other substance on body tissues and functions.

Biochemist Salary In Nigeria

What does a biochemist do?

A Biochemist is also known as a biologist who chooses to specialize in Chemistry rather than just biology. Biochemist study living things but are focused on the chemical processes and reaction which takes place in the body of a living organism. Their work is often based on researches to discover new chemical processes which may affect the critical factors of living organisms which includes Genetics, reproduction, and heredity. The studies made by a biochemist are researches that could be used in the formulation of medicine or better still create a new idea for healing or merely the troubles of nature.

  • Typical work activities of a biochemist

Biochemists are often known to work in the laboratory which is where they conduct their researches as well as testing on chemical interactions and reactions on plants and animals. They tend to give an analysis of the production of food and also determine how it may likely alter the plants and animals to a certain level. While some biochemist is also known to work on fields which is where they gather information on specific habitats that could provide the clues to certain Chemical reaction on their subject. Lots of Biochemists today are practically part of one University or the other where they carry on with their researches and also teach upcoming biochemists also.

  • Job Duties of a Biochemist

Listed below are the duties expected of a biochemist in their various companies or schools;

  • Biochemists are expected to study the chemical processes of a living organism such as the development in cells, digestion and breathing, and existing energy changes, such as the ageing, growth, and the death of a body.
  • Biochemists are expected to carry out researches methods of transferring features and characteristics of a particular organism to another, such as the resistance to disease.
  • Biochemists are expected to carry out examinations on the chemical aspects of the formation of antibodies, and also carry out researches on the chemistry of cells as well as blood corpuscles.
  • Biochemists are expected to develop and carry out tests to detect diseases, genetic disorders, and other abnormalities.
  • Biochemists are expected to develop and test new drugs made use of for commercial distributions.
    Biochemists are expected to know about being able to build and design laboratory tools required for individual research projects.
  • Biochemists are expected to run analyses on foods to determine the value of nutrition present and the effects of cooking, processing, and canning for the nutritional value obtained.
  • Biochemists are expected to clean, refine, and purify pharmaceutical compounds for commercial distribution.
  • Biochemists are expected to prepare reports as well as recommendations based on the results obtained from researches conducted.
  • Biochemists are expected to develop the methods used in processing, storing, and using food, chemical compounds, and drugs.
  • Biochemists are expected to be able to isolate, identify, and analyze hormones, allergens, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, and also give out reports on their effects on body functions.


Training And Education Requirements

Getting the job of a biochemist in Nigeria requires a degree in Biology or Chemistry before an individual can be considered at all. An extra advantage to aid an individual in securing the job of a biochemist is a postgraduate study on the said profession, professors and scientists in line with biochemistry or are biochemists tend to possess a doctoral degree where they have studied another branch of the said course. A doctoral degree would be high for those who aspire to become a lecturer in this field of study as it serves as a requirement needed for the profession. Experience and training often emanate from adequate education. Postgraduate students are made to work under their professors as well as other biochemists to enable them to learn more and also gain experience on species handling, conduction of tests and collating results.

  • Where can I work as a biochemist?

The biochemist profession happens to be a great profession that allows a biochemist to work under the government sector or private institution depending on the choice of the biochemist. They can work under government facilities for research purposes and can as well work under private institutions when hired for researches which are based on keen investigations where they can make use of the finding for business purposes. Biochemists can also work in different universities be it private or public as professors when they have their doctoral degrees at hand.

  • Self Employment

Biochemists also can work independently through consultants and research grants; more too, they can also work on their own by writing articles for different publications relating to science.

Conclusion On Biochemist Salary In Nigeria

Biochemist is really of great help in the society as they tend always to do researches and look out for the health status of the people, they also work hand-in-hand with other medical practitioners to achieving their aims and functions in the society. Biochemist tends to earn higher than each other depending on their level of experience. Therefore we can say the biochemist salary in Nigeria is #47, 000 for beginners.


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