Even though there is no presence of a Cambodia mission in Nigeria, the rate at which people who are interested in having business dealings with the South East Asia nation are asking for information concerning Cambodia, is quite amazing. Simply put, the Kingdom of Cambodia has assumed the position of a preferred destination for many Nigerian businessmen, traders, and tourists who are interested in exploring a new area, hence the reason for this topic on Cambodia Embassy in Nigeria, visa services information.

Cambodia Embassy In Nigeria


There is three-way an intending traveller can obtain a visa to enter Cambodia:

  1. By applying online
  2. By getting it through a country where Cambodia has an Embassy
  3. By getting it at the entry point called Visa On Arrival (VOA)
  • 1. Application online, called E-visa, is a visa system approved by the Government of Cambodia which enables visa applicants to obtain a visa without being physically present at any Cambodian embassy. It is easy to do if an applicant follows the instructions and apply through the appropriate website. The online application fee is USD30 with an additional USD10 as a processing fee.
    • It will take only one working week to obtain the E-visa.
  • 2. Getting the visa through another country, it is possible to get the visa in a neighbouring country such as Vietnam, all you have to do is to travel through Vietnam or another Asia country.
  • 3. Visa On Arrival. Some travellers do apply for Cambodian Tourists visas at some entry point. All they have to produce are:
    • 1. An International passport with six months validity and unused visa pages
    • 2. A recently acquired passport-sized photograph
    • 3. Pay the visa fee of USD30
    • 4. Evidence of return ticket.
    • Visa on arrival (VOA) is available at the two international airports – Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap. It’s also possible to get VOA for travellers entering by road through Thailand and Vietnam.


It is important to note that you have two options of visas you can apply for:

  • 1. Tourist visa – T Class, valid for one month and can be renewed for another 30 days only. If the holder wants a further extension, he will have to go out and come back with the second type of visa.
  • 2. Ordinary or business visa -E Class, valid for 30 days but can be renewed for up to 12 months. The fee payable for a business visa is higher than the Tourist visa.


The following points can be attributed to people’s interest in Cambodia:

  1. Cambodia is a developing country with encouraging developmental programmes therefore many foreigners want to establish presents there.
  2. Now that the country has recovered fully from the bitter civil war, tourists and fun-seekers are finding Cambodia towns and cities quite interesting to spend a holiday and learning more about Cambodia past and present.
  3. Proximity to Vietnam and Thailand: Travellers to Vietnam and Thailand are realizing that it is possible to include Cambodia in their itinerary, due to the fact that it’s possible to cross by roads, which most of the time could be cost-effective than flying directly to Cambodia.
  4. Standard of living: The cost of living in Cambodia is not very high compared to neighbouring countries, for example, food and general accommodation are relatively cheap in most Cambodian towns and cities.
  5. Friendly society: Cambodians are very friendly and accommodating.
  6. According to Wikipedia.org Cambodia foreign policy is establishing friendly borders with its neighbour (such as Vietnam and Thailand) as well as integrating itself into (ASEAN) and global (WTO)”

Cambodia allows a relatively libra economy and border,  thereby enable businessmen and Tourists to enter without much hindrance and restrictions.

  • 7. Furthermore, investors are attracted to Cambodia because of its low wage, plentiful labour, proximity to Asian raw materials and favourable tax administration. Foreign investors from Asia and other regions such as Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA established large Garment factories, due to low wages obtainable in Cambodia.


There are many  things interested foreigners can do in Cambodia

  1. EXPORTING CAMBODIA PRODUCTS: Nigerian importers can bring in Cambodian products such as Knit or Gochet, Clothing accessories, Gems, Precious metals, Electrical machinations and equipment, articles made from leather or animal gut, fish and footwear.
    Rice is hugely available for export at a relatively cheap price.
  2. TEACHING ENGLISH:  Finally, while it may be difficult working in their Agricultural or Clothing industries because of large numbers of unemployment, any qualified person in the teaching of English language will not have difficulty in getting a job.

Please check online for the type of job available in Cambodia before leaving your country. So, that’s all on Cambodia Embassy In Nigeria and Visa Services Information.


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