Canadian Visa Requirements For Nigerians

Canada as a country has the tenth nominal economy on the planet (measured in US dollars at market trade rates). It is one of the world’s wealthiest countries and is an individual from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Group of Seven. Likewise, with other created countries, the Canadian economy is dominated by service/administrative business, which offered employment to around seventy-five per cent of Canadians. ( Canadian Visa Requirements for Nigerians )

Grasp your future and convey the legacy of your past to a place where you and your family will be pleased to allude to as home – Canada!

Canadian Visa Requirements for Nigerians

Canada stands out among the best nations on the planet for immigration and settlement. If you are a Canadian immigration applicant, here are the requirements for a Canadian visa for Nigerians.


There are several categories of visas that are available for foreigners aspiring to enter Canada from Nigeria. You need to make sure that you know the requirements and apply for the right visa that fits the purpose of your trip to Canada.

  • 1. CANADIAN TRAVEL VISA: This is issued to individuals travelling to Canada for tourism, recreation, family and friends visit or vacations. To get a Canadian travel visa, the requirements include a fully completed visa application form for Canada and necessary declaration, a Valid national passport and one copy, Your most current financial institution statement and one copy, Passport size photographs, Original of valid visa if you’re a citizen of another country and one copy, a reference letter from your employer or education establishment, a Confirmation letter from your holiday insurance for Canada showing the policy coverage and one copy, Visa application fees for a Canadian visa, Proof of group travel/ hotel room booking reservation in Canada / flight ticket reservation for Canada and one copy.
  • 2. CANADIAN STUDENT VISA: This type of visa is usually granted to study in Canada. The student visas are usually valid for the duration of studies which allows students to arrive in Canada for a specified period of time in order to undertake a course at any Canadian educational institution. Some of the requirements you need to have included the following: Your International Passport,  acceptance of the offer from an Educational institution recognized by the Canadian government for overseas students admission. Proof of payment or evidence of ability to undertake further studies in Canada. Evidence of tie to your country. For an underage person, a letter of consent from your sponsor or parent in Nigeria. Fully completed visa application form and the required declaration.
  • 3. CANADIAN BUSINESS VISA: This type of Visa is issued to foreign business travellers interested in doing business in Canada or to take part in a professional, logical/scientific, educational, or business convention or gathering, settle an estate or examine on an agreement in Canada. The requirements for this kind of visa are: Fully completed visa application form for Canada and required declaration, your latest bank statement and one copy, valid national passport and one copy, passport size photographs, the original of a valid visa when you are national of another country and one copy, business references (letter from your company, invitation from firm or organization in Canada), visa fees for the Canadian visa, a confirmation letter from your travel health insurance for Canada indicating the policy coverage and one copy, a proof of group travel/ hotel booking reservation in Canada / airline ticket reservation for Canada and one copy.

As you can see, most of these requirements for several Canadian visas are almost the same. Ensure you that are well prepared and you can always call on their embassy in Abuja, Nigeria for more enquiries.

If you need further information on Canadian visas requirements for Nigerians you can contact this website. 



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