Certain countries of the world are the destination centre for foreign nationals of the world, which is why we are taking a detailed look into the documents required for B1 B2 US visa interview. This is so because not only because they are developed but also because they have good tourist centres or destination spots for relaxation, political conferences, educational advancement, pilgrimage activities, economic activities and opportunities, sports competitions, investment opportunities, international conferences, symposiums and seminars at any time they deem it fit to come. Through these more revenues are generated for such countries thereby boosting their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) level in the international trade market.

These countries of the world have certain standards of operations which they tend to protect and are to be obeyed by anyone who is a foreigner into such a country; this is so because such a nation has the desire to maintain law and order in other to avoid chaos and confusion. International destinations are places that can be effectively utilized to the benefits of such an individual, an organization or any government of the world.  The United State of America is also one among many nations of the world that are visited on a regular basis by almost all other countries with numerous citizens ranging from millions every year. Reports have it that the statistical figure for the total number of foreigners who flocks into the America of State United is at about 11.1 million people.

Documents Required For B1 B2 US Visa Interview

Before anyone gets visa access into the United State of America it is expected that they have visa entry into the United State of America which involves certain procedures. Hence, without this known as the B1 B2 Visa, it will become impossible to gets access.

Let me use this time to fully explain what the Visa’s called ‘The B1 B2’ Visa means these are visitors visas used in the United State of America. Those who use this type of visas are non-immigrants and are expected to return to their country immediately after they finish their or exhaust their timeframe. These visas are usually not complex in terms of their procedures for acquiring, unlike that one that requires immigration. The B1 visa is a type of visa gotten on the ground of trade or business purposes. While the B2 visa gotten allows people to travel for tourist activities to and fro the United States of America. Each of these visa types has its restrictions and time frame for visiting the United States of America. It is on this ground that fully obedience must be followed in other to avoid deportation from the authorities involved. Before anyone collects the form for the application of any type of visa, it is expedient the write-ups appear in a language that can be easily read and accessible to you. Therefore, getting a visa that is written in Spanish will be detrimental because you are not learned in that language. The following are documents needed for the US visa interview.


  • Evidence of the lodging arrangements already made before the time of the visit. This will serve as proof when a person is called to attend such an interview before it is granted access to travel into the United States of America.
  • The statements showing your company’s operational activities in your country for the past 3 years about tax payments.
  • Details of date and address of any country you have visited, in the past either that same country.
  • You will also be required to show proof of a rundown of all the activities you intend to do throughout your stay in the United State.

Aside from the above mentioned criteria’s it is also required of you to provide the source of funds for your trip. In showing proof of your bank details, you must give details of the last 2 years financial transactions that were carried out in that account. The main aim of this is to ensure that there are no illegal financial transactions and also the account holder is not bankrupt at any point in time.

  • They usually demand a letter from the employer of that person if any exist, as this will enable the United State of the American embassy to be able to identify that the employer has the financial capacity to sponsor the trip for that individual who is travelling on that business trip out of the state.
  • Usually, the individual who is to embark on this business trip is often time asked to provide any recent advertisement done and made public in regards to the source of financing, tax records and financial capacity of his organization.  
  • Full and detailed reasons about why the company intends to send such a person to the United State of America.ccu
  • A proof of your salary and the position of office you occupy is not left behind during the interview.
  • Photograph of your company, employer, and or where it is located (site).
  • For an already existing business, you are required to present your certificate of incorporation and business license. This also will specify when the business license.

Although all these requirements may look too tiresome and demanding, such a person needs to have all of this and make them ready for presentation on the day of the interview to avoid unnecessary rejection which could lead embarrassment because oftentimes the United State of America usually reject visas application from those who have failed to provide an up-to-date record required by them at the embassy.

  • Also, you are to present an invitation letter of the printout of the US interview appointment letter. It is very necessary.

On an occasion where the trip to be embarked upon to carry out negotiation and another business purpose to another company in the United State of America, the company while has to provide:

  • Their way bank transaction dealings for the last six months which is time duration before the trip.
  • They will demand to know if the trip will in any become beneficial to the United State of America and hence in return further better their economy.
  • A letterhead of that company or organization. In this letterhead, basic details about the visit, meeting details or duration, for how long has the meeting being in existence, and the type of relationship that exists within the trade.re


  • The event brochure, a proof of your registration for the event and also that you have before that time attended the event within your own country or in the United State of America.
  • For a person who is also using the B1 Visa for his work, it becomes necessary to make available an invitation letter from the United State of America as this is shown during the process of an interview with the individual. The sponsor’s name also must be captured in such information.
  • Not forgetting the fact that the following details of the person who is attending or going for the job are to be highlighted like; the name, date of birth and place of birth, permanent home address in his country, the name and address of the location where the company is located in the United State of America and also the duration of the stay there (maybe for a year or more).
  • If a person is travelling on such a trip for a contracted purpose, he has to present a copy of the contract which will enhance serve as proof for him.
  • For technical conferences, the participant is also demanded to present a letter of invitation from the school or institution to be attended for the technical activity.  
  • A complete list of publications where applicable, and the complete resume or curriculum vitae (CV).


  • Valid original passport (current) as this is mandatory.
  • Carry your entire old passport alongside one passport as per specification (it is very important).
  • Proof of fee payment is a valid receipt.     
  • DS160 US Visa application confirmation page stamped at the Visa Application Centre (mandatory). Ensure you rightly fill up everything correctly and truthfully on the form made available to you.
  • Printout of US interview appointment letter, it is very necessary before you will be granted access.  
  • Form i134 and also provide the entire documents stating the full sponsors of that trip.



Despite the similarity between the B1 B2 Visa, and both have certain requirements that must be duly obeyed at the place of the interview. Little wonder most persons, especially in African countries, may not be granted access after failed Visa application at the United States Embassy in their countries. Not only that countries that usually have national security threats also find it very hard to get a United States Visa.  

Since the B1 Visa majors on economic and trade purposes, it must be detailed, unlike the B2 which is for leisure and tourist purposes.

All of these documents (B1 B2 Visa) are presented and filed in an envelope because when it is demanded at the United State of America visa interview courtesy demands that it should be orderly and neatly arranged.

That’s all for now on the Documents required for the B1 B2 US visa interview. For more information, you can contact this website.


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