Dubai Visa Fees In Nigeria, All You Need To Know

Dubai the most popular city in the United Arab Emirates is a destination that is keen jostles for by many Nigerians and other nations in the world. So, we are detailing the complete list of Dubai visa fees in Nigeria. This holds to the potential in this country, the conducive environments and many infrastructural developments in the country. This country makes a huge amount of income from just the visa application alone not to talk of another aspect that drives money into the national purse. This nation is a well-planned country with less corrupt practices, this nation has low unemployment profile, in terms of business, any investment made in this nation thrive well, in fact, is it a commercial Centre for most entrepreneurs and for those that which to start a business in a friendly environment with fewer taxes and readily available amenities to run the business.

Today we will be writing on the visa fee for this country and all the related thing you need to know about the processes and needed documents for this country visa processing.



Visa fee is the amount of money you pay in course of your visa application wish covers for your visa processing and all administrative charges in which after payment are not refundable, reusable and cannot be transferred to another person.

There are different charges for different categories of visa, but they are all uniform nationwide.

For the tourist visa which will is valid for just 30 days of stay in Dubai, it cost about $82 US dollars, for the 14days stay in Dubai as a visitor, it cost about $110 US dollars and for the 96 hours stay which is equivalent to 4 days is $69 US dollars, note, this price is the direct charges the value-added taxes and other taxes are not added due to fluctuation in dollar price.


There are few procedures to follow while applying for this country visa and before you can make payment for the visa there are some procedures you need to follow and they are as follow

  1.    Get all required documents and necessary files you might be needed; the following are the document require from you

Your valid international passport for at least 6 months before the expiration of your proposed stay in Dubai

Photocopies of the passport copies which should contain the Bio page and the photo page coloured

Photocopy of a profession page, endorsement page, and expiry page

A coloured passport photograph is written on the reverse back your full name and passport number

Confirmed ticket of emirates line

Valid residence permit and CERPAC

It is important to know this is not the only documents that will be required of you, your requirement will be based on the type of visa you are applying for.

  1.    Next step is to check your eligibility

After you have gathered the needed documents, the next thing to do is to check if you meet up the sited criteria to apply for a visa in Dubai and at least you must meet one of the requirements else it is tantamount to a denial of visa.

  1.    You must in the last two years travel to any of the United Arab Emirate countries, United Kingdom, Australia, Schengen countries, Canada, Zealand or you have a valid visa for any of these countries in which scanned pages of the visa will be required of you.
  2.    You must have a financial statement or a letter from your bank stating you have enough money in your account to guarantee your stay in Dubai, original copies of your bank statement will be required also with the seal and signature of the officers in charge. The best option if you did not have enough cash in your account is to make a cash deposit that is equivalent to a thousand and five hundred US dollars as your security deposit, you will have access to your fund while you return to Nigeria.
  3.    In the case of invitation by a family member, business associates or your spouse, you must provide an invitation letter by this family or related person that invites you to the country, in this case there are few exemptions, if you are inviting your parent they must be above the age of 60 years and if you are inviting your children they must be below the age of 21. Attached to this invitation letter is the copy of contract labour attested by the section of Emirates commercial visa in Dubai and of the course marriage certificate by your spouse and in terms of children, attached to it is the birth certificate. For the case of students, you must attach a copy of your valid identity card with address well and clearly state.
  4.    Another thing you need to do is to state the type of visa you will be needing, in this category, we have three various types of visa for Dubai, we have the visiting visa which also has various types, there is one for 30 days validity and some for weeks and some is just valid for about 4 days only. Other types of visa include work visa, business visa, tourist visa and a lot more. So, among all these you must have decided the types of visa you will be needing
  5.    The next step here is to pay your Visa fee to the office where you are submitting your application
  6.    The last step is to complete your registration/application. You do this by downloading the documents online after filling then attached the specified passport photograph which is usually 4.3cm by 5.5cm on a white background. Make sure before final submission you check for all omitted pages not filled and do the needful before submitting.


After filling all necessary columns all you need do is visit the head office in the following area to submit your form.

The address is Block 94, plot 23, Providence Street Lekki Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Make sure you take along all your documents. They work from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm every working day outside public holidays


After you have submitted your application a text message will be sent to your registered line, after receiving this message you can start monitoring your visa online.


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