For the benefit of the general public especially the young men and women who are interested in enlisting into the Federal Roads Safety Corps (FRSC), we hereby present comprehensively the Federal Roads Safety Corps Ranks and Salary Structure to enlighten them before taking a serious decision that may have a great impact on their future.

Please note from the onset that FRSC is a Federal organization purposely established to provide essential services pertaining to the safety of motorists and other road users plying the highways within the country. FRSC is working studiously to reduce carnage on the Nigerian roads.

Here we present to you Federal Roads Safety Corps Ranks and Salary Structure currently in operation among the rank and file:

The Rank Structures are divided into two namely:

1. Non-commissioned Officers

2. Commission Officers




a) Road Marshall Assistant III (RMAIII) (Starting point) Annual Basic Salary N305,576

b) Road Marshall Assistant II (RMAII) Annual Basic Salary N319,741

c) Road Marshal Assistant I (RMAI) Annual basic  Salary N349,589

d) Senior Road Marshal Assistant  (SRMA) Annual Basic Salary N387,428

e) Deputy Chief Road Marshal Assistant (DCRMA) Annual Basic Salary N539,048

f) Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA)  Annual Basic Salary  N966,761


g) Marshal Inspector (MI III) Annual basic Salary N393,442

h) Marshal Inspector (MI II) Annual basic Salary N548,387

i) Marshal Inspector I (MI I) Annual  basic Salary N777 876


j) Senior Marshal Inspector  (SMI) Annual basic Salary N1,058,416

k) Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) Annual basic Salary N1,143,539

l) Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) Annual basic Salary N1,252,038

m) Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) Annual basic Salary N1,325,234

n) Chief Inspector (CI) Annual basic Salary N1,405,449



a) Assistant Routes Commander (ARC) (Starting point) Annual basic Salary N888,956 (Grade level 08)

b) Deputy Route Commander (DRC) Annual  basic Salary N939,310 to N1,056,416  (Grade Level 09)

c) Route Commander (RC) N1,012,562 Annual  basic Salary to N1,143,539 (Grade Level 10)

d) Superintendent Route Commander (SRC) Annual  basic Salary N1,094,027 to N1,252,038  (Grade Level 11)

e) Chief Route Commander (CRC) Annual  basic Salary N1,158,172 to N1,325,234  (Grade Level 12)

f) Assistant Corps Commander (ACC) Annual basic Salary N1,225,584 to N1,405,449  (Grade Level 13)

g) Deputy Corps Commander (DCC)Annual basic Salary N1,619,47 to N1,825,589  (Grade Level 14)

h) Corps Commander (CC) Annual  basic Salary N1,759,921 to N1,966,281 (Grade Level 15)

i) Assistant Corps Marshal  (ACM) Annual  basic Salary N2,272,288 to N2,464,560  (Level 16)

j) Deputy Corps Marshal (DCM) Consolidated

k) Corps Marshal (CM) Consolidated



The above-mentioned salaries cannot be regarded as the total amount taken home by an officer in each category because certain allowances cannot be incorporated. Due to the fact that allowances vary and it depends on the duty performed by an officer at a particular time or period.

Allowances such as hazards, shift duties, overtime, inconvenience, travelling, guard duties etcetera are not fixed they change from time to time depending on the duty and the category of officers involved. For example, there are some allowances applicable to superior officers that are not easily accessible by all.


For anyone who enters the Federal  Roads Safety Corps when the Service advertised for a non-commissioned officer, it’s expected that you don’t come with a University Degree or equivalent, if you do, the person will automatically be placed on non-commissioned categories. Also, it is unconventional to present a high certificate after your enlistment into the Federal Service. Please note that there are some works or functions that are strictly performed by professionally qualified trade men or women who don’t require a university degree such as drivers, junior road marshals or cleaners. They are the non-commissioned Cadre. The Service cannot do without them realistically you don’t need a University Degree to operate.

Likewise, anyone that joins the FRSC with a University Degree or equivalent on advertisement is placed on Commission Officer’s Cadre, that is level 08 and above. That’s the statutory requirement.

Furthermore, there are some highly qualified professionals whose services are needed by the FRSC to carry out specialised functions. Such as pilots, medical doctors, Information Technology experts and nurses. If you engage them and place them on minimum wages, they will not be interested, therefore, you must pay them special wages. Such professional’s remunerations are strictly set by an organization in the Federal Ministry. They wear the same uniform and go through the same Officer’s training in various areas, however, their remunerations is well above the general duty Officers entering as a University graduate.  

That’s all for now on Federal Roads Safety Corps Ranks and Salary Structure for more information you can contact this website.


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