Here we shall explain to you comprehensively the Nigerian Army rank and Salary structure for your information. These compilations are specifically made for those young men and women who are aspiring, searching and weighing the options of taking up a carrier in the Nigeria Army.

Nigerian Army ranks and Salary Structure

Here we researched and come up with the remunerations or minimum wages involved in the exciting career of enlisting in the Nigerian Army. More so, it is our considered opinion that these compilations may gear you up and motivate you in reaching a sound decision, unlike someone who enters blindly.

Please note that a career in the Nigerian Army is quite good, things are well structured and the sky is the limit. If you join the Army, unlike in the Paramilitary services, right from the time you conclude the training you’re a well-respected person in the world. Simply put, you are special. Therefore go for it

Here we go:

Ranks of the non Commission Officers

1. Corporal

2. Sergeant

3. Warrant Officer

4. Master Warrant Officer


Ranks of a Commission Officer

1. Second Lieutenant

2. Lieutenant

3. Captain

4. Major

5. Lieutenant Colonel

6. Colonel

7. Brigadier General  (1 Star General)

8. Major General  (2 Star General)

9. Lieutenant General  (3 Star General)

10. General  (4 Star General)

11. Field Marshal  (5 Star General)



Here is the Salary of the Nigerian Army, from the bottom up.


Rank                                           Salary

1. Corporal                             N58,000

2. Sergeant                             N63,000

3. Staff Sergeant                   N68,000

4. Warrant Officer                  N80,000

5. Master Warrant Officer    N90,000



1.  Second Lieutenant             N165,000

2. Lieutenant                             N180,000

3. Captain                                  N220,000

4. Major                                      N300,000

5. Lieutenant Colonel               N350,000

6. Colonel                                   N550,000

7. Brigadier General                  N750,000

8. Major General                        N950,000

9. Lieutenant General               N1,000,000

10. General                                 N1,500,000

11. Field Marshal (Unknown)


It’s important to let you know that Nigerian Army structures are of two categories:

1. Commission Officers: These are men and women with sound education who entered the Army with appropriate credentials. For most of them if not all they have to attend the highly respected Nigeria Defence Academy, based in Kaduna State or its equivalent elsewhere. The minimum number of years spent is usually three academic years. During their time at these various military Schools, they are exposed to both Military and sound academic activities. Internally and externally.

After their well-grounded training, they will automatically become commission Officers, provided they pass the prerequisites examinations.

During your service years, please note that you cannot jump the queue, even though the next rank is attainable by seniority or years spent on a rank, you cannot move to the next rank without a qualifying examination, or attending advanced training in the country or outside the country before you qualify to move to the next rank.

The second categories are the non Commission Officers:

These men and women are enlisted to carry out general duties or in some cases specific duties such as technicians, drivers, fighters etc. They are very important to the Army establishment.

On enlistment, they will undergo six months of regular training in weapon handling and general military operations and duties. This can be done in various military training schools all over the Federation.

The drawback to these type of Officers is that they cannot move beyond certain ranks and they stay in different barracks.


Now you have it, the Nigerian Army ranks and Salary structure. Please note that enlisting in the Nigerian Army is well and good. It is one of the best decision you can take if you’re in doubt of where to go to form a career.

Things are well structured and you know exactly where you belong. If not for those terrorist organizations that came into being in Nigeria society lately. Nigerian Army used to be an organisation where you enlist and be moving steadily.

Unlike most Paramilitary organisations in the country where disorganisation is the in thing if you join the Nigerian Army right from the time you conclude the training and get posted you will know exactly your line of duty and your limitations.

If you join as a Commission Officer you will be looking forward to the time you will go for various senior officers training, which could be internal such as the Armed Forces Command and  Staff College, Jaji. Some of your training can be overseas at different country’s military academy. They are all there for you to explore.


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