If you’re travelling to Brazil from Ghana for business, tourism, visiting, education, researching or Medical purposes please be informed that you need a visa to enter. Furthermore, Ghana is not one of the few countries that enjoy visa waivers to Brazil, therefore be prepared to obtain an entry visa to travel. This is how to apply for a Brazilian visa from Ghana.


1. Get the visa application form online
2. Carefully complete the online application form, print, and append your signature. A third-party signature is not acceptable.
3. Attach the following documents:
1. Your Ghanaian Passport with a minimum of six months validity and unused visa pages.
2. A recently taken passport-sized photograph with white background. (Size 2″ by 2″)
3. Evidence of flight booking or flight itinerary or a photocopy of your roundtrip ticket (if you’re sure of getting the visa).
4. Evidence of hotel reservation.
5. Proof of your financial capabilities to take care of your stay in Brazil.
6. An applicant going on a business trip must present a letter of invitation from the company in Brazil inviting the person.
7. An underage visa applicant travelling unaccompanied must produce a notarized letter of consent duly signed by both parents or legal guardians.
8. Children under the age of six are expected to produce a certificate of vaccinations against polio, indicating the type and the children’s age.

9. An applicant travelling on invitation must present a letter of invitation from his host in Brazil.
10. Proof of your financial status. A notarized bank account statement for the last 3 months.
11. An applicant travelling for a seminar or conference reasons must get a letter of invitation from the Conference organiser in Brazil stating the comprehensive day by day itinerary of the event.

12. An applicant travelling for medical purposes, must present a medical appointment from a hospital in Brazil.  Equally,  the applicant must get an official letter stating that the Hospital is ready and capable of performing the medical treatment that the applicant is searching for. Finally, he must get a written report from his personal doctor in Ghana stating the reasons for urgent medical treatment.


After the compilation of the required documents, you’re to submit them to the Brazilian Embassy

You’re required to pay the visa application processing fees and other charges as stipulated by the Brazilian Embassy in Ghana. The tourist visa fees for Ghanaian citizens are as follows:

1. Embassy fee USD80
2. Service fee USD99
The total cost USD179

Address of The Brazilian Embassy in Ghana

Brazilian Embassy in Accra, Ghana
NO 1, Templesi Lane,
Airport Residential Area,
P. O. Box CT 3859,

Telephone numbers: +233 30 277 4908/ +233 21
Fax number: +233 30 277 8566
Email address: [email protected]
Website address: acra.itamaraty.gov.br

Opening hours 09.00am to 05p.m.

Please note that if you’re applying for a short stay visa such as Visiting, tourism, or business visas the expiration period is 90 days, if you intend to stay beyond the expiration days, you are required to apply for an extension. You may be extended for another 180 days within 12 months.

How long does a Brazilian visa take
If all your requirements documents are in order be expecting to obtain your visa within five working days if you submit it personally at the Consulate Section of the Embassy.


Brazil is an important country for most Africans. It’s the most influential country in the whole of South America and an emerging economic power.

Brazil is by far the largest country in South America. It’s so large that Brazil shared a border with every South American country namely Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru. Only Chile and Ecuador are not inclusive.

Travelling to Brazil is a good feeling. Due to the fact that Brazil is a diverse country being in Brazil you are sure of unquantifiable fun, a country that usually organised the most famous and fun-filled carnival festival in the world.


Currently travelling to Brazil for any reason should be put on hold because the country is badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  Factually speaking,  many people are dying daily and there’s no end in sight. From the beginning,  unfortunately, the current President of Brazil did not handle the issue of coronavirus pandemic seriously. We hope the advent of vaccines from different companies and countries will change the situation for the better.

If you’re interested in travelling to Brazil currently you must make serious enquiries and get all the necessary vaccinations to avoid the coronavirus pandemic.


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