Travelling to Finland for whatever reason required obtaining a visa as a prerequisite to enter. This is how to apply for Finland visa in Nigeria.

  1. The foremost thing to do is to get the visa application form online, you have the freedom of completing the Finland Schengen visa application form online and print out the hard-copy.
  2. The Schengen visa application form can be obtained on the website of the Finnish  Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  3. Be sure you carefully complete the form and signed before submission.

4. Attach the following documents:

  1. Your International passport with at least 3 months validity and unused visa pages
  2. Photocopy of the data page of your passport.
  3. Two recently acquired coloured passport sized photograph with white background.
  4. Photocopies of all previous visas in your passport.
  5. Travel health insurance, minimum of € 30,000 covering the Schengen area, and issued by an accredited Schengen insurance policy company.
  6. Evidence of flight booking including return ticket.
  7. Basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Finland
  8. Your 3 months bank account statement signed and sealed by the Bank.
  9. An employee should produce a letter of introduction from his employer, his 3 months pay slips, personal income tax and evidence of official leave.
  10. If you’re visiting a relation a letter of invitation from your relation in Finland, duly signed and indicating your relationship and indicating how long you’re to stay with him.
  11. If you’re visiting your relation or husband or wife, evidence of birth or marriage certificate proving the legal relationship between you and the person in Finland.
  12. An under-age person travelling unaccompanied or with a guardian, letter of consent from both parents and attached the original and photocopy of the birth certificate of the underage and the data page of both parent’s passports.
  13. Evidence of hotel reservation covers the entire period of stay in Finland.
  14. For a business visa applicant, letter of invitation from his business partner in Finland, Certificate of Business incorporation and Tax Clearance certificate. Evidence of commercial activities in Nigeria and recent business contacts, and the commercial relationship with partner or organization inviting him.
  15. For an applicant going for Fairs, Seminars or Conferences, a letter of invitation from an organization or authorized body to attend events connected with the event. Importantly, evidence of registration and entry tickets for events lastly evidence that the event is taken place.
  16. Lastly for an applicant going on tourism, evidence of social ties to Nigeria: documents such as birth, marriage certificate and certificate of occupancy.


After the collation of all the required documents, you’re to submit them personally at Finland Embassy in Abuja.

Please note the following before submission:

  1. Pay the non-refundable visa application fee of €60 equivalent in Naira into the account of Finland Embassy at any of the branch of Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria.
  2. You have to scan the bank receipt of the visa application fee
  3. Note that visiting Finland Embassy in Nigeria is strictly by appointment, therefore book an appointment through the following Email: [email protected]
  4. On your appointment date, proceed with all the collated required documents.
  5. Ensure all the required documents you’re submitting are completed, genuine and duly signed by you.
  6. Note also that all the original documents you’re submitting must come with a set of photo copies.
  7. Finally, it is advisable that you submit well ahead of your travel and leave 3 working weeks for the visa processing to avoid disappointment.


  • No. 9, Iro Dan Musa Street,
  • The telephone number for visa and residence permits: +234 081 7245 4644

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Please note that travelling to most Schengen zone requires doing the various COVID-19 vaccinations and the PRC test must be completed 72 hours before travelling to avoid refused entry

If you must travel be sure you get tested and obtain the coronavirus clearance certificate before departure.


Currently, the issue of coronavirus pandemic is subsiding and life is coming back to the normal level in Europe and else where. Travelling is less stressful whereby most measures are relaxing, authorities in most European countries are relaxing most draconian restrictions introduced due to the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic.

There you have it on how to apply for Finland visa in Nigeria plus application process. Get across to us through the comment box.


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