How To Apply For Sweden Visa In Nigera

Here we explain to you How to apply for Sweden Visa in Nigeria.

If Sweden is the main destination of your European travel, or you intend travelling to Latvia or Slovakia from Nigeria, definitely you need a visa to enter any of these countries, therefore its important to know How To Apply For Sweden Visa In Nigeria.


  1. The foremost thing to do is to download the visa application form online.
  2. Carefully fill the application form online and print out the hard copy.
  3. Completed and signed the application form no. 119031, which is the application for Schengen visa.

Attach the following documents:

  1. An International passport is valid for more than 3 months with unused visa pages.
  2. Presentation of visa application payment receipt.
  3. Two recently acquired passport sized photograph with white background.
  4. Travel health insurance, minimum of € 30,000 covering the whole of Schengen area
  5. Basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Sweden. Or evidence that you can take care of your self, or you have a relationship that can provide for you during your stay.
  6. Last 3 months statement of account duly signed by your bank.
  7. Evidence of hotel reservation for the duration of your stay in Sweden or evidence of private accommodation from a relation in Sweden.
  8. Evidence of flight booking, indicating the airline, departure and return date. Please note that you do not expect to pay for the ticket until the visa is granted.
  9. Photocopies of all your previous visas (if any).
  10. An under-age person travelling alone or accompanied by a guardian must present a birth certificate, letter of consent from both parents and attached the photocopy of the data page of the parents’ passports. Please note that the Visa Application form for an under-age must be signed by their guardian.
  11. Additional requirement for any applicant visiting Latvia: If you’re travelling to Latvia you have to present an invitation letter approved by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia. The person inviting you need to visit the OCMA office, to prepare an OCMA approved invitation letter and forward it to you.
  12. Additional documents for business travellers:
    1. (a) Original copy of invitation letter from your partner or organization inviting you, indicating the duration and purpose of your visit and their willingness to undertake your immigration responsibility.
    2. (b) Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate and Certificate of Business incorporation.
    3. (c) Evidence of commercial activities in Nigeria and recent business contacts such as frequent contacts, bills and recent correspondence.
  • 13. For applicants participating in Conferences, seminars, fairs, and congresses: Original letter of invitation from an organization in Sweden permitting you to attend events connected with your profession, evidence of registration and entry tickets for events.
  • 14. For an applicant visiting a relation or friend in Sweden, he must provide evidence of a family relationship between him and the person you intend to visit, such as a birth certificate of the same name, marriage certificate or photographs. The person inviting you must send Form no. 241011 tag “Invitation” It must be duly completed and signed by him.
  • 15. If you’re travelling as a tourist, it is important to present a comprehensive travel plan. Evidence of permanent employment in Nigeria, your leave letter, Tax clearance certificate, evidence of ties in Nigeria, birth or marriage certificate. For teachers and lecturers, an original letter from your institution is needed.
  • 16. For sports and cultural visit, letter of invitation from the organization inviting you.


After the compilation and collation of all the required documents, you’re to submit them personally at Sweden Visa Application Centre.



  • Swedish Visa Application Centre,
    No. 38, Lobito Crescent,
    Wuse 11,
  • Submission hours: Monday To Friday, 08.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m.
  • Passport Collection hours: Monday to Thursday, 08.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m.


  • Swedish Visa Application Centre,
    Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way,
    Opposite Treasure Garden Estate,
    Third Roundabout,
    Lekki Phase 1,
  • Submission hours: Monday To Friday, 08.00 a.m to 02.00 p.m.
  • Passport Collection hours, Monday to Thursday, 11.00 a.m. to 04.00 pm.


  1. Pay a non-refundable Visa application fee of #21,000 for adults. Children aged between 6 and 12 years #12,000. Pay the fee at designated bank counter at the VAC.
  2. Submit yourself for biometric formality at the visa application centre.
  3. Ensure all the required documents you’re submitting are completed and genuine.
  4. Ensure the visa application form you’re submitting is duly signed by you.
  5. Note that the interview is compulsory for some set of applicants.
  6. It is advisable to start the process of submission well ahead of your travel, at least 3 working weeks before the commencement of your travel.
  7. All the original documents you’re submitting must come with a set of photo copies.
  8. Finally,  please note that it is the same way you process the Swedish Visa you do for Latvia and Slovakia using the Swedish Embassy or Swedish Visa Application Centre.

This is how to apply for Sweden visa in Nigeria. If you follow the guidelines meticulously obtaining the Swedish Visa will not be a problem. Sweden is the economic hub of the Scandinavian area. It is considered the main destination where business travellers want to be. You too can be there if you focus your attention and give it all.


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