ThisĀ  is how to apply for Hong Kong Visa from Nigeria. Travelling to Hong Kong, officially known as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) an amazing autonomous territory and former British colony but Chinese by location, also an English-speaking country, situated in Southeast China, you must obtain a visa before departure to avoid refused entry.

Regardless of the nature of your visit, be it business, tourism, visiting, conference, investment or studies you need to search for a Chinese consulate in your area of jurisdiction to apply for Hong Kong visa for a successful trip.


The first step is to obtain a Hong Kong visa application form and the Declaration form online and print out the hard copy. Alternatively, get them from the office of the Consulate General Chinese Embassy.
2. Carefully fill in your particulars in the form and ensure you append your signature.
3. Also, complete the Declaration form.
4. Attach the following documents:


1. Your International passport with at least 6 months validity and unused visa pages.
2. Two recently acquired passport sized photographs.
3. Pay visa application processing fee of $50 (US dollars)
4. Photocopy of the data page of your passport.
5. Applicants on invitation should present a letter of invitation duly signed by the person inviting you.
6. Copy of the person’s Residence permit or national identity card or international passport.
7. Additional requirements for an applicant seeking a business visa:
– Should present a letter of invitation from your sponsor in Hong Kong.
– The letter should include the applicant’s name, purpose and duration of visit, the sponsor’s name, street address and contact number in Hong Kong.
– Original certificate of incorporation.
– Original letter of introduction from your employer in Nigeria indicating your designation, nature of your employment, Passport number and salary and duly stamped and signed by the company.

8. In all cases, applicants must present proof of basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Hong Kong.
9. Your bank account statement for the last 6 months duly stamped and signed by your bank.
10. Police clearance certificate.
11. Evidence of flight booking indicating the airline, departure and arrival dates.
12. Evidence of hotel reservation.
13. Photocopies of previous Hong Kong visa in your passport (if any)
14. All the documents you’re submitting must come with a set of photo copies.


When all the application form documents are completed you must submit them personally at the Chinese Consulate in Lagos.

Please note the following before submission:
1. Endeavour to include your active Email and telephone number in the application form.
2. Bear in mind that all your documents and application shall be sent to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for processing and approvals.
3. Allows time for processing because the Consulate can only issue visa according to the response they obtained from the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
4. Be ready to appear in person at the Chinese Consulate for visa interview and other necessary formalities.
5. Furthermore, note that the processing time begins from the day you submitted the completed visa application form.


Please note that having a sponsor does help your application. Therefore get a sponsor from Hong Kong is vital and the person must be a citizen or legally resident in the territory and above 18 years old.
The sponsor could be your potential employer or a relative or friend of yours.
You should include the sponsor’s name in your application.
Also, the sponsor can fill the sponsor’s form and go to the Immigration Department to submit your application form.

That’s all on How to apply for Hong Kong visa from Nigeria, for more information you may contact the Hong Kong Immigration Department.


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