This are the Switzerland Visa fees in Nigeria. Switzerland is one of the countries in the world that is the dream destination of many. This is one of the business world centres in the world. This country also is known for his successful banking system and one of the countries with a fascinating and business accommodating environment. The Swiss government has invested so much in this country that hardly will you see any of her states without a fascinating and sign of a developed nation. This country also thrives well when it comes to the world market as it is one of the countries whose currency has many values. Also, it is one of the countries in the world that gives ample room for an entrepreneur to shows and display their talent.


The value this country possesses attract both tourist and business moguls to this country. So today, we will be writing on the visa fee for Swiss and other features or factors you need to know while applying for this country’s visa.


These are dues or amount of money you will pay for visa transaction. This fee is meant to cover all the financial demands which will be used during the course of processing your visa applications.

This fee is not refundable and not reusable neither can you transfer to a friend to use. The prices of this visa vary as a result of the categories of the visa. Even though the price is uniform all over the world but the price remains inconsistency as a result of the exchange rate of the country.


For you to know the exact amount of money to hold in other for you to pay your visa fee in the Switzerland office while you are off to apply for the visa, you need to understand type of visa and their categories in order to choose precisely and decided the visa type you are actually applying for to avoid error during registration.

Business visa, this type of visa is for business moguls who embark on a routine journey to this country to attend to their business need and requirements.

Student visa, this type of visa is strictly meant for those who wish to pursue their higher education and career in Swiss, however, it is always limited to the time given or specified on the application

Visiting visa, this is types of visa you apply for while you need to visit a friend a relation or someone in the country, this type of visa is not designed for a long stay in the country, rather it gives you the ample opportunity to see and celebrate special events with your loved ones.

It is important to note that this is not all the categories of the visa, for every reason or purpose making you give a thought of travelling there is always a suitable visa category for it, and it is important to note that they are all time-bound too some can be renewed why some are not renewable.


Not everyone is meant to pay for this fee for applying for Swiss visa as we have mentioned above, there are some categories of people that don’t pay for their visa, rather there has been an agreement between the body and Switzerland, the following are exempted from paying for visa application or collection

  •    Members and family of the European Union
  •    Non-governmental organizations that are not up to 25 years of existence and they wish to attend a seminar in Switzerland
  •    Parents and spouse of a Switzerland citizens
  •    A researcher who is undergoing research work in Switzerland
  •    Children below the age of 6.


For you to be eligible to apply for Switzerland visa, the first thing that is expected of you is to have a Nigerian international passport or the aforementioned international passport of the country mentioned above. And for those who did not have an international passport, you can visit the nearest immigration office to register for your passport. And for those that have their passport make sure it is valid for the next six months of stay or proposed duration you wished to stay in Switzerland.


In course of your registration and submission of an application for the visa, there are some documents that will be requested of you, we will be listing them below.

  •    A valid passport which still valid for the period of not less than a month before the expiration of your stay in Switzerland
  •    Bank statement of at least six months
  •    For applicants travelling on the business ground, invitation letter or confirmation letter from the company will be required or the conference to be attending
  •    Application form of visa category under business should be filled with black ink.
  •    Birth certificate showing your place of birth and year
  •    International vaccination card.
  •    Passport page with reference number and photocopies.
  •    Marriage certificate where marriage is the major reason for visa application
  •    Two identical passport 45mm by 45mm on white background showing complete face.
  •    Hotel accommodation reservation. 


After filling all necessary columns all you need do is visit the head office in the following area to submit your form.

Here are the Lagos and Abuja addresses of VFS in Nigeria:

LAGOS AREA: Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way Opposite Treasure Garden Estate Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I Lagos.

ABUJA AREA: 38, Lobito Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Make sure you take along all your documents. They work from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm every working day outside public holidays


The necessary things you need to know about this visa has been discussed earlier and all related factors you need to know has been outlined also. The fee has not stipulated due to the fact that exchange rate fluctuates so to avoid inconsistency it has been avoided but you can actually get the price in the office and you will be given the VAT fee also.


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