This is how to apply for new Zealand visa from Nigeria.

Travelling to New Zealand may be a lifetime opportunity, adventure, and achievement because it is one of the most faraway places on earth. If you intend to travel to this far away land for whatever reason be it’s touring, holidaying,  researching, business, relocating,  working, visiting or studying you must obtain an entry visa. It is imperative to bear in mind that this continent called Zealandia does not have an embassy in Nigeria, we are here to illustrate to you ” How to apply for New Zealand visa from Nigeria”.



Let us begin by telling you the different types of visas you can obtain to travel to New Zealand and their usefulness.

  1. Transit visa.
  2. Visitors visa.
  3. Temporary long-stay visa.
  4. Resident visa.
  5. Permanent entry visa.
  6. Student visa.
  7. Work visa.
  8. Working holiday visa.

Let illustrates the six most used or popular visas and the type of functions they performed.
Please note, according to New Zealand immigration information, “The easiest visa to get isn’t the best”


1. TRANSIT VISA: enables the holder to make a stopover in New Zealand for a short period. It is used by passengers passing through New Zealand territory by flight or ocean liner

2. VISITOR VISA: enables the holder to visit New Zealand as a tourist, to see family and friends or to do business. It allows the holder to stay in New Zealand for a period of up to 9 months, however, the holder cannot engage in work activities.

3. WORK  VISA: allows the holder to stay for a long period and he is entitled to employment and needs a job offer to apply.

4. WORKING HOLIDAY VISA: this is used mainly by travellers holidaying who is not permanent resident in New Zealand but arrived to undertake a specific short-term job. How long they can stay and how long they can work depends on the type of job and the duration of their visa.

5. STUDENT  VISA: Issued to those coming for studies purposes. How long they can stay depends on the duration of the course. They can engage in a part-time job. How long they can work depends on the course of study. A student is permitted to work up to 20 hours per week part-time during the school season. And work full term during the holiday.

6. RESIDENT  VISA: This type of visa are issued to a few foreigners who apply for a permanent stay, it provides access to more public services in New Zealand. How long the holder can stay and how long he can work is indefinite.



There are two viable options available in applying for New Zealand visa from Nigeria

1. Applying online
2. Applying through South Africa



You can apply online for different types of New Zealand visas such as visitor, student or work visa. It is much faster and easier using the online system.
1. Download the online visa application form,
2. For the visa application form, you can get it by visiting:
2. Carefully fill in your particulars online.
3. Upload your photographs and all the required supporting documents.
4. Pay the visa application processing fee equally online using your credit card.
5. Finally, submit the completed form and all the documents online.



After you have properly applied for a visa the next step is to be checking the status of your application.
2. Forwarding of your International passport: In order to verify your identity, there may be a need to forward your passport to New Zealand immigration.


Please take note of the following:
1. In applying online you must have a credit card.
2. The photograph you’re sending must be recently taken, and clear enough for easy identification.
2. All your supporting documents such as copies of your passport, health certificate, police report, birth certificate, etc. must be available in an electronic file.

3. The advantage of applying electronically is that you may be eligible for an eVisa, therefore, forwarding of your passport may not be necessary.



For an applicant who does not want to apply online, he can apply through VFSGLOBAL Visa Application Centre in Pretoria South Africa to process New Zealand visa.

1. The foremost thing is to schedule an appointment at VAC to submit your application personally.
2. Download the visa application form by visiting the VFS global website.
3. Attach all the original required documents
4. Attach two recently taken passport-sized photographs with white background.
5. Attach photocopies of all the original documents.
6. Make a payment of the visa processing fee other specified charges.
7. After submission of the application, you may request a friend or relation to collect your documents but you have to give the person a letter of authorization.
8. While waiting for your application to be processed, you can track the progress of your application through the VFSGLOBAL website.

9. Apply well ahead of your scheduled travel to allow New Zealand immigration to process your visa application.



1. A downloaded visa application form duly completed with your details and signed by you.
2. Your International passport is valid for the entire duration of your visit to New Zealand.
3. Two recently acquired passport sized coloured photographs
4. Evidence of Basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in New Zealand.
5. Bank account statement for the last 3 months.
6. Police clearance certificate
7. Medical insurance certificate.
8. Evidence of returned ticket.
9. Proof of accommodation arrangement or booking.
10. Proof that you have no intention of staying permanently in New Zealand – That you will return to your home base after your visit.
11. If you’re visiting family or relative, you should provide evidence of the relationship.

10. Additional requirements for business travellers:
– Letter of invitation from your business partner in New Zealand.
– Letter of introduction to your company in Nigeria.
– Photocopy of the company certificate of incorporation.
– Your tax clearance certificate.
– Evidence of the type of business you intend to engage in New Zealand.



According to the New Zealand Tourism Guide, New Zealand is located approximately, 1,500km east of Australia and about, 1,000km from the Pacific Islands. Due to its relative remoteness and being water locked, New Zealand was one of the last countries to be found and settled.

It is a small island nation with just over 4.5 million people, New Zealand is made up of two major islands ( North Island and South Island) and several small islands.



Going to a faraway place like New Zealand required adequate planning and preparations. It is a capital-intensive journey, going and coming back may be difficult to decide and undertake, therefore, before setting out on this adventurous undertaking, a potential New Zealand visa seeker should weigh in his options, make enquiries about the Island country,  be conversant with their system and orientation. Prepare for an entirely new life to enjoy the place.

My take is that fortune usually smiles on those that love moving far away from their locality. Surely you can be one of them, all you need is adequate preparations and the will to get to New Zealand and start productive living.


Please endeavour to equip yourself with necessary vaccinations as regards the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the long-distance, you need to find the actual time to do the PRC test, so that it will not be invalid by the time you arrive in Wellington.


It’s heartwarming that the Government of New Zealand is opening It’s board which they effectively closed in the year 2020 due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the country was badly affected. We are glad to tell everyone that most restrictions have been lifted and tourists and other travellers are free to enter New Zealand henceforth.

That’s all for now on How to apply for New Zealand visa from Nigeria.


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