Due to the upsurge in several travellers refused entry into South Africa in recent days, we at FACTS36 deem it fit to enlightened would-be travellers on how to avoid refused entry into South Africa and highlight some errors or oversight committed by travellers entering South Africa.

How to avoid refused entry into South Africa

Take note of this and you will not surfers refused entry into South Africa


  • 1. DO YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT MONEY: It’s a must to have a basic travelling allowance to avoid refused entry into South Africa
  • 2. DO YOU HAVE A HOTEL RESERVATION. It is expected that a traveller should have a fully confirmed hotel reservation, even if you’re invited by a relation.
  • 3. DO YOU HAVE A LETTER OF INVITATION. A letter of invitation is mandatory and be certain that your host is a legal resident.
    A lady going to join her husband should request from him, in addition to the letter of invitation, a downloaded copy of the data page of his passport and a copy of his resident permit
  • 4. KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE GOING. You should be able to prove the address or the place you’re visiting.
    Recently a passenger on tourism was asked to name a few places he intended to visit. He failed to name a single place and this led the immigration authority to refused him entry into South Africa
  • 5. KNOW THE PERSON YOU’RE VISITING. You must be familiar with the person you are visiting. A few months ago a middle-aged woman and his two grown-up sons arrived at Johannesburg airport, they were asked the purpose of their visit. They said that their objective is to attend the wedding ceremony of their son and brother respectively. The immigration authority asked them to name their in-law, unfortunately, they did not know her name and they were refused entry into South Africa and repatriated.
  • 6. LACK OF DOCUMENTS: You must have the necessary papers to prove the reasons for your trip, to avoid refused entry into South Africa.
  • 7. ARRIVING AT THE EXPIRATION OF VISA/CONFERENCE: Avoid reaching the border towards the expiration of your visa or passport. And coming for a conference that is due to end. These may enable security officials to doubt your mission and refused your entry into South Africa.
  • 8. ARRIVING WITH LARGE LUGGAGE: Avoid travelling with large luggage. And avoid assisting people to carry or deliver luggage. It may be used against you and make them refused you entry into South Africa.

These are practical facts that some travellers who were denied entry into South Africa narrated to us at FACTS36 and we put them together, to assist you, in order to avoid refused entry into South Africa.

If you have more questions or you need more information feel free to contact this site.


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