How To Apply For Chinese Visa In Nigeria

This is how to apply for a Chinese Visa in Nigeria. If you are interested in expanding your business horizon and move away from our traditional western world business mentality,¬† you should be heading to the eastern part of the world. If you’re heading east, one of the key countries is China. A country that presents you with unlimited business opportunities. However, going to China an intending traveller must obtain a visa from the Chinese embassy in Nigeria. This is How To Apply For Chinese Visa In NIGERIA¬†

It’s important to note that you have to appear in person to apply for a Chinese visa in Nigeria. The embassy does not encourage any applicant to use the so-called agent.



If you’re going for studies, you must get the following documents before going for a visa.

  1. An International passport is valid for more than six months.
  2. An admission letter from the school in China, duly signed and seal.
  3. A special form called JW 202 Form, authorised by a competent Chinese Government.
  4. Letter of guarantee from your parent or sponsor and letters of recommendation from two professionals.
  5. Submission of all your credentials.
  6. If your studies extend more than a year, you must present a physical examination record, duly signed and sealed by a notary public and authenticated by both the Nigeria Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese embassy in Nigeria.

The following documents are needed for Business Visa:

  1. An International passport with at least six months validity
  2. Get a downloaded Chinese embassy application form and carefully fill the form.
  3. Attached is a recently acquired passport-sized photograph
  4. A copy of the data page of your passport
  5. Get a letter of invitation from your business associate or sponsor based in China, indicating all your details, your relationship with the company and how long you are to stay.
  6. Attached is an original copy of the visa notification form, authorised by a government agent in China
  7. Get a letter of introduction from your company in Nigeria, indicating your designation, reasons for your visit to China, the company you’re visiting, place and the address of your business associate, types and quantity of products you intend to import.
  8. Original and copy of your national identity card.
  9. Original and copy of your company certificate of incorporation
  10. Your recently acquired bank statement duly signed by the Bank
  11. Confirmed return ticket
  12. Confirmed hotel reservation
  13. Proof of business dealings between you and the company inviting you.


  1. When all the required documents are collated, you should take them to the embassy to get a date of interview.
  2. Appear for the interview on the appointed date, and if you’re successful, you will be given a pickup form, that shows a date of collection.
  3. Finally, on the date of collection, if the visa is granted, you will be asked to pay the visa fee with your debit card.


Getting a Chinese visa is not as difficult (compare with most of the Western embassy counterparts,) if you follow the guidelines meticulously.


The current situation needs to be taken seriously when considering travelling to China.  The third wave of coronavirus pandemic is deadly and China is experiencing the pandemic more than before. Before you start the application for a visa to China, you have to enquire about the area of China you intend to travel to. Likewise, you have to do all the necessary vaccinations and tests to avoid an ugly situation in China or refused entry.

That’s all for now on how to apply for Chinese Visa in Nigeria.


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