On this thread today we shall intimate you majorly on the likely interview questions at the US Embassy.

Most people move out of a country for various reasons. Some in search of greener pastures, some in course of taking good care of their health challenges why some moved out in a bid of enjoying life with families and friends. In any of the reasons why a citizen of the country is moving out, there is must surely be the processing of visa and approval from the embassy processing the visa. For a visa for a particular purpose to be successful, the embassy of such country must have the subject applicant to a series of questions and observations before granting or rejecting a visa.

Some has complained bitterly that US visa is one of the most difficult to process especially for citizens of African countries, some individual has applied times without number and is rejected on several occasions. Some got their shocking response after they must have thought everything is perfectly taking shape until the result of the questions you are asked at the embassy disqualify you. Some have said it is one of the simplest visas to ever register for, all this bore down to how well you answer some questions at the embassy.


With our knowledge and level of expatriate, we can say confidently that a US visa is one of the simplest to have, with a high profile of processing, experience and tactical approach to answering some questions raised at the embassy, we have been able to see why most fail in a bid of registering for this visa. It is advisable to read all these questions depending on the type of visa you are processing before even going to register for this visa online nor thought of scheduling an appointment. These questions and some informative things we will be writing will help you go a very long way in having a smooth registration and having an insight into likely questions you might come across why you are being an interview at the US embassy here in Nigeria. Permit me to quickly remind you again, your chances of getting this visa lies solely on your performance in the interview,

Before proceeding to the embassy, do know you will be required of some documents before you can interview or be given the necessary attention.


The following documents are the most important documents you must take along to the embassy to get access to staff over there who will conduct your interview.

Interview appointment letter you printed online.

Your DS-260 application confirmation form.

Visa for immigrant registration for Alien that was submitted to the US.

Your active passport will last for the years you put in for.

Recent passport photograph.

Original copies of some of your documents like date of birth, certificate of marriage, police report, a well-sealed medical report in an envelope etc.

If there are some documents you thought wise, you can take them along to avoid unnecessary actions and reactions when they are being demanded.


Note that, it is very important to be comfortable while you are in the office about being an interview, the first thing you need to scale through is your boldness, your sense of humour and manner of approach send a long signal to the officers to know who you truly are.

Also, be reminded you will not be permitted to enter the office with any form of electronic gadget as this area is a well-secured environment, so you should be wary of what you take along with you.

Avoid bringing friends or relations along, this is not permitted in the venue only the applicant is permitted to access this office at a time.

On your interview day, you be asked a serial question based on the visa you are processing, we will be listing and writing on these questions. Before writing on these questions, some underlying facts characterized the success of your interview and also aid you in answering correctly most of the questions you are being asked, first thing is to be bold, b strong like an ion and smile as at when necessary and always operate the highest peak of honesty. Also, all the details you provide do remember them carefully and avoid false fabrications of these details.


  •    Why must you visit the US at this point?
  •    What is your purpose for visiting the united states of America?
  •    For how long will you stay in the US?
  •    Which of the city will you be visiting?
  •    After your arrival where do you want to stay?
  •    What are your plans towards financing yourself after you arrive in the US?
  •    Is any of your relatives in the US?
  •    This relative work?
  •    When was he/she employed?
  •    Are you working/employed?
  •    What are you doing as a work/job?
  •    Ever travel outside the shore of your country before?
  •    Is your ticket booked?
  •    Do you have a plan of coming back after your visit?
  •    What is your evidence to prove you will be coming back?

There are different purposes people travel but they have been majorly classified under 3 categories, which are works, vacation, hook up with family or take a leave from stress. It is paramount to know that regardless of the type of visa you are applying for, relative questions from the general questions will be raised because to every embassy it is of great importance to them to know your purpose of leaving your country for another country, they are always interested in your means of survival and not to go contribute to another economic problem in the country.


Outside the general questions, there are stated up, there are few relative questions the interviewer might decide to ask and which is common for this type of visa. Questions include:

  •    Where are the places you plan to visit?
  •    Who is offering you an accommodation?
  •    Your duration for your vocation n?
  •    Outside of your primary place to visit, which other place are you intending to visit?
  •    What is your purpose for visiting the place?
  •    What do you know about the place.?


Outside the general question also, there are few related questions that may pop up in course of your interview, questions like

  •    Which of the university are you attending?
  •    What is your course of study or program you enrolled for?
  •    Duration of your program?
  •    What is your purpose for studying abroad?
  •    What is the financial load of your course/program?
  •    Who will be responsible for your finances?
  •    What is the resumption date for the school



There are few relative questions here and they are as follows:

  •    What is the name of the company you work for?
  •    You as an individual what position are you currently holding?
  •    How long have you been working with the company?
  •    What is your total income per year?
  •    What is your purpose for attending the conference?
  •    Are you single, married or engage?
  •    Do you have any children?
  •    If you have children, then how many children?

Coming to another type of visa which is the visa for the immigrant, an immigrant here means someone who has to lock up his or her mind to reside permanently in the US and some of these immigrants move permanently either because of freedom from a particular issue in a country, religious movement, job opportunities or finally meet finally. Here your dress sense always sends along with the signal to the officers. A related question may include

  •    What are your academic qualifications?
  •    Already got a job or apply for one?
  •    What job do you apply for?
  •    Is there acceptance or rejection towards the work yet?
  •    Where are you going to be working?
  •    When do you schedule to resume work?
  •    Name of your organization that employs you?
  •    Already secure accommodation?
  •    Do you have any relatives or friends in the US?
  •    What is your means of transportation from work to home?
  •    What is the time duration for the job?
  •    What is your purpose for choosing the US?
  •    Any oppression from the country you are coming from?
  •    What makes you think the US is the best country to experience freedom?
  •    Do you have plans after getting to the US?
  •    What is your religion?
  •    Are you married?
  •    Do you have family in the US?
  •    How many children do you have?
  •    Are your family employed?
  •    Who are your family members in this US?
  •    What is your family name in the US?
  •    Where do they live?
  •    How long have they been working?
  •    Are they paying taxes?


We have been able to look deeply at a different type of visa, and we have list relative questions from each of the visa types. It is very important to know that; the questions might not come the way it was written here but it might come in a form of such with a different approach to asking it but it is all centring around the subject of the questions. All these questions are asked during the interview to limit the number of people flooding the gate of Us daily and also to have a detailed profile of the visitors. We will advise you to always prepare well before time, read more about your visa and your purpose of visiting the country.


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