How To Pass Through The Airport Security Faster

Nowadays it not surprising to realise that some passengers are missing their flight due to their own negligent or frivolous actions. Here we are delighted in analysing to you how to pass through the airport security faster. To minimise the delay and long line usually experienced after the immigration clearance and passengers are about to pass through the airport security.

Here is the story of a businessman travelling from Lagos to Frankfurt. Despite the fact that he arrived at the airport not very early, but he successfully did the normal clearance, that is,  getting the boarding pass, did the immigration clearance and went through the airport security clearance, however, while waiting for the final boarding formalities, he realised that he left his mobile phone with his relation at the other side. He decided to rush to go back and pick it. On reaching the departure security area, he explained his reason for going back, an official advised him not to cross, that it is advisable to leave the mobile phone behind because he will have to go through the security system all over. The man refused vehemently, say that he cannot do without his phone. He went for it and passed through the airport security for the second time. Unfortunately, the flight left while he was rushing to return. He got the mobile phone but missed the flight. On his way back home he looked dejected like a defeated boxer.


1. Arrive early at the Airport. We observed that most major Airlines scheduled their flights towards the busy morning or evening hours, therefore if you are to follow one of these airlines, to avoid rushing or long queues please do yourself a favour by arriving at the airport well ahead of the departure time.

2. Understand how the system works. As soon as you obtain your visa or few days to your trip, make enquiries from those who understand the airport security system or your friend or relation whom you know has passed through the security system recently. This will avail you of the opportunity to know how to scale the hurdle of airport security faster. Remember it is wiser to ask questions and it cost nothing to know how a strange system work especially if you’re a first time traveller.

3. Organise your travel documents. Knowing fully well that they will demand your boarding pass, passport and other travel documents in some cases, therefore it is imperative to put them where you can locate them easily without searching your hand luggage.

4. Wear simple clothes. Take note that the rules demand that you will take off your shoes, jackets or headgears, therefore, simple shoes without many untying laces, and removing the belt in advance, will reduce the amount of time and allow you to pass through the airport security faster.

5. No rushing. Avoid arriving at the airport security area late to avoid rushing. Rushing to pass through the security system may disallow you to get through or make you drop an important document. Please rushing will do you no good often time, Instead, it may return you to square one.

6. Be polite. Whether you’re a frequent traveller or a first-time traveller, been polite to security officials cost you nothing, while being rude may be very costly. Greetings and smiling is a sign of maturity, therefore be polite to security personnel when passing through the Airport security indicate you’re a well brought up person. This is no corruption.

7. Don’t be nervous. Some young people or first-time travellers often time exhibit some kinds of nervousness when passing through the security system. Nervousness may cause you to make mistakes, thereby disallowed you to pass through the airport security system faster. You have nothing to fear because the system is made to safeguard you and expose a bad person. Feel free.

8. Fly first class. If you fly first class in most cases be expecting special treatment right from the early stage of getting a boarding pass,  through to the immigration clearance counters. It may exclude you from long queues like an ordinary passenger, whereby allows you to reach airport security faster, a place where there is no preferential treatment.

9. Take a decision fast, when you left something behind: If by chance after you might have passed the security system and unfortunately you left something very important behind, such as handset, you have to take an important decision whether to leave without it or you have to go back and go through the security clearance all over. Remember, if you decide to go back the chance of missing your flight is very high. Therefore, your case will not be like my friend the Frankfurt businessman.


The above observations are the points we believed if you take note of, surely, you will have a smooth passage through the airport security faster. It is not enough to have all your documents correctly, if a passenger fails to do things correctly,  it may cause a costly delay and often lead to the missing flight.

Remember, missing your flight usually entails additional charges from the Airline and the Airport Authorities.

That’s all for now on how to pass through the airport security faster


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