It is an absurdity to say it is safe to travel to Nigeria right now because the issue of terrorism and kidnappings for ransoms are assuming dangerous proportions and things are not getting better as the day keep passing.

Likewise, to generalize that the whole country is unsafe to travel will be unfair and harsh to few areas that are safe and bobbling right now.

Giving the right answer to the question is it safe to travel to Nigeria Right now? It is imperative to separate the different region of Nigeria in order to make it clear that the country called Nigerian is an amalgamation of many ethnic groups with diverse ethnic backgrounds, furthermore, the topography of the country is not homogeneous, the country is large and some areas are sparsely inhabited therefore given these backgrounds it will be unfair to say that the country is entirely unsafe to travel.

The region is largely divided into three and the safety problems of each region are not the same in all aspects.

Is it safe to travel to Nigeria right now?


Most areas in the Western region of Nigeria is safe to travel to, the transportation system is not disrupted here. Day to day activities are going on steadily in the Western area of Nigeria. The issue of kidnappings or arm banditry or robbery is not rampant on major roads. Commercial vehicles are plying the major roads without escorts.

Never engage in night travel even the West. The bandits originating in the North are expanding their nefarious activities and can easily move at night to the Western area.

Terrorism which prevailed in other parts of Nigeria especially in the North is absent in the West due to its compositions


Due to the larcadersical attitudes of the political leaders in the North and the issue of religious extremism bedevilled the North, the issue of security is taking a dangerous dimension and their failure to tackle it head-on,  insecurity is rapidly advancing to the whole country.

Road travel is highly risky currently in entire Northern Nigeria, the best way to travel is strictly by air, or by rail.  The railway system of transport is gradually returning and the few coaches that are in operation are functioning well and safe to travel.


Eastern Nigeria is at war within. No one can explain what is going on in the Eastern part of the country currently, there is a strange political upheaval currently prevailing in most of the region. It is gradually weakening the economic activities of the area because some strange elements are declaring a stay at home order and killing and maltreatment of the citizens that refuse to tow their line is the order of the day currently in most of the region.

Currently, it is realistic to conclude that it is not safe to travel to Eastern Nigeria. When the situation improves we shall keep you posted.

If you must do road travel to any part of Eastern Nigeria, it is advisable that you get an escort and preferably go by air travel. Air travel is generally safe and the monetary cost is not too expensive.

Avoid road travel by night even with escorts,  the terrorists or bandits operating in the country now, are deadly and operate in large groups, night time is much more suitable for their devilish activities.

Further tips on the question ‘is it safe to travel to Nigeria right now

1. If you must travel to Nigeria right now on tourism, do your tourism in the Western area, especially Lagos, Lagos travel is generally safe. The only drawback to travel within Lagos is the issue of traffic congestion, you have to get used to it or wake up early to avoid traffic congestion. Most Western Region are recommended for travel and tourism. You’re sure of good time and safety is guaranteed. However, avoid nights travel in that policing system in Nigeria is generally inadequate anything can occur at night.

2. Do not engage a private vehicle you’re not familiar with to carry you, it could be expensive and dangerous often time. Relied solely on public or commercial vehicles, they have established Union and they are traceable.

3. Always start your road journey from an established motor park,  never hikes a vehicle it could be risky.

4. When you’re in Nigeria,  please listen to local radio stations, there are traffic radios and others radio stations are very effective in giving up-to-date newsbreak and emergency development as the day goes by.

5. When you’re staying in a hotel,  never discuss your travel itinerary with a stranger and do not have a predictable travel plan.

6. Now that the COVID-19 is ravaging the world, even though Nigeria is not badly affected,  it is advisable you get vaccinations before arriving in the country. It will surely assure you that you’re well protected.

7. If you’re here as a tourist, avoid the Atlantic Ocean rendezvous: Please note that the Atlantic Ocean in Nigeria could be deadly oftentimes.  Swimming off the coast of Nigeria Atlantic Ocean is not encouraged because of riptides. The occurrence of drowning in the Atlantic is known to occur once in a while in the coastal area.

These are all we have to tell you for now as the situation improves or deteriorate we shall keep you posted amesos.


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