Jamaican Embassy In Nigeria, Visa Information

This is Jamaican embassy in Nigeria, visa services information and all you need to know.

For any intending travellers to the Island nation of Jamaica, for further studies, tourism, business, working, teaching and educational researching or visiting, it is advisable to locate the Jamaican High Commission in Nigeria for enquiries on the present day Jamaica and on other consular matters because you need a visa to enter.

Travelling to the beautiful Caribbean country used to be very popular and a preferred destination to many medical and health care professionals in the 90s, relocating to different part of the globe, escaping horrible condition of service at home.


1. Jamaican High Commission in Abuja,

  • Plot 242, Muhammadu Buhari Way,
    Central Business District,
  • Phone number +234 9 291 3490
    +234 81 3606 3356
  • Email addresses of Jamaican Embassy in Abuja: (1) [email protected]
    (2) [email protected]


  • NO 77, Samuel Adedoyin Avenue,
    Victoria Island Annex,
  • Telephone number: +234 1 261 1085
  • Fax number: +234 1 261 2100


Besides locating the Jamaican Embassy in Nigeria an intending traveller to the Island nation need to process their visa.

The following are the standard requirements to apply for Jamaican visa in Nigeria:

1. You must have an international passport which must have at least 6 months validity and unused visa pages.
2. You must be of sound mind.
3. You must have basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Jamaica.
4. You must have evidence of airline return ticket.
5. If you’re transiting to another country, airline return ticket to that country is mandatory.
6. Photocopies of your previous visas, if you’ve been to Jamaica, including transit visas (if any).
7 Original invitation letter from the person or organisation inviting you.
8. Your bank account statement signed by the Bank.
9. Financial statement from the person or organisation sponsoring you.
10. A letter of introduction from your company stating your designation and evidence of leave.
11. If foreigner resident in Jamaica is inviting you, a copy of his valid residence permit.
12. If going on studies or research , an acceptance letter and evidence of payment of school fees.
13. For a business person, beside invitation letter, you must show proof of recent correspondence with your partner in Jamaica.
14. An under-age person travelling alone or with a guardian must present a birth certificate, Letter of consent and copy of the parent’s identity card.
15. Confirmed hotel reservation.


After the collation of all the required documents you may submit them electronically to the embassy or delivered them by courier with the following:

1. A completed visa application form duly signed by you.
2. A recently acquired passport photograph
3. Photocopy of your passport data page.

Please note the following points:
1. The visa application fee: If your application is approved you are required to pay a visa fee of 2,900 Naira only.
2. Your International passport: You should not submit your original international passport when filling in your application.
3. Processing time: Note that your completed application must be submitted at least one month before your scheduled departure.
4. Application reference: Note that your application will be refered to immigration authorities in Jamaica for approval.
5. Finally: When approval is obtained you will be contacted to present your international passport for visa.


Travelling to Jamaica nowadays is more than just going for a sight seen, or a means to a final destination, it is now about serious business connections and investments. A serious-minded importer can get involved in the main exporting products of Jamaica (a) bauxite (b) Alumina which are available in large quantities.

Other products you can import are Chemicals, Banana, Yam, Coffee, Sugar and beverages.
For those investors in Educational institutions, Jamaica is a place for you, because there is no language barrier.
The choice is yours.


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