Travel To UK From Nigeria Step By Step Guide

Travel to the UK from Nigeria step by step guide here we explained in detail how you can have a successful trip to the United Kingdom especially in acquiring your visa and much more especially if you’re a first time traveller.

The United Kingdom popularly called the UK has been a preferred destination for travellers from this part of the world from the time in memorials due to divergent reasons. The biggest of them span from the fact that there is no language barrier, the UK remains a country where you quickly feel at home because it’s a country where you have the largest concentration of Nigeria outside the shore of Africa.

Despite the fact that many people from West Africa especially Nigeria and Ghana preferred travelling to the UK a lot of them have apprehension about acquiring a UK visa due to the frequency of cases of visa rejection.

It’s a pleasure to tell you emphatically that acquiring a UK visa is a lot easier than many people believed.

These are some important things you should take into account when applying for a UK visa
1. Reasons for travelling to the UK: If you have genuine reasons for embarking on travelling to the UK nobody will deny you a visa.

2. Follow instructions: Your ability to digest and proffer an answer to simple instructions as lay down by the embassy is the foundation for the acquisition of a UK visa.

3. Proof convincingly your tie to your country: Your ability to present convincing evidence or statement of reasons that you have strong attachments to your country that we make you return after the utilization of the visa you’re requesting.

3. Get the UK visa requirements: Remember there is no shortcut to the presentation of visa requirements. They must be produced and presented in a clear and orderly manner.

4. The documents you’re submitting must not only be genuine but not be outdated or expired documents.

5. Read and understand how the outsource company in charge of UK visa processing in Nigeria (TLC contacts) operate before putting in your application.
6. It will do you a lot of good if you can read Nigeria, Lagos/Abuja (All you need to know) visa rejection is all you need to know. Those are the complete guide in obtaining your passport.

Further steps in applying for a UK visa
1. If you’re a first time traveller to the United Kingdom and you’re travelling for tourism, visiting, medical, vacationing or business trips, you can apply for a standard visitor visa only. This type of visa will enable you to stay for a maximum period of 6 months.

Any applicant going for studies, researching, working or family reunion can apply for a long-stay visa, the validity of which can span between 2 to 10 years depends on the duration of your engagement.

UK visa fees
The following are the current UK visa fees
1. Anyone applying for 6 months visa will pay USD121 equals approximately 44,000 Naira.
2. Anyone applying for 2 years visitor visa USD45 equals approximately 167,000 Naira.
3. An applicant for a 5 years visa will pay USD832 equals approximately 301,000 Naira.
4. An applicant for a 10 years visa will pay USD1045, which equals approximately 379,000 Naira
5. An applicant travelling for medical purposes, the fee for a medical treatment visa is USD241 equals approximately 30,000 Naira.

UK Visa Application Centres

You can submit your completed visa application form in any of the three Visa Application Centres in Nigeria, namely Abuja, Ikeja and Victoria Island.

Please note that some centres imposed additional charges, therefore, be prepared to pay an additional charge in some centres especially in Lagos.
UK Visa Application Centre,
Ground & First Floor, Etiebet Place,
21, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way,
Ikeja, Lagos.
Office hours: Monday to Friday O8.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

UK Visa Application Centre,
Third Floor,
EL-Yakub Building, Beside Metro Plaza,
Plot 1129, Zakaria Maimalari Street,
Central Business District,
Office hours: Monday to Friday 08.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.


1. Your International passport must be valid for the entire duration of your stay in the UK and should contain blank visa pages.
2. Photocopies of your previous visas (if any)
3. Photocopy of the data page of your passport.
4. Evidence of basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in the UK.
5. Your bank account statement for the last 6 months is duly signed by the Bank authority.
6. Letter from your employer stating your designation, monthly salary, nature of your employment and your leave pass.
7. If you’re self-employed, your business registration papers including your full details.

8. Additional requirements for anyone going on an invitation
– Letter of invitation from the person hosting you, who must be a citizen or a legal resident in the UK.
– If your host is taking care of your financial needs while in the UK they should provide acceptable documents
– Photocopy of the host identity card or the data page of his/her passport.

Additional requirements from an underage applicant travelling unaccompanied or accompanied by a guardian.
– A birth certificate indicating the relationship with the child’s parents.
– A dully signed letter of consent from both parents
– Photocopies of the parent’s identity cards or residence cards or the data page of their passport.

Additional documents for a business traveller
– Original letter of invitation from your business partner
– Photocopy of the company’s certificate of incorporation.
– Evidence of a continuous business relationship.
– Evidence of recent business dealings.
– Photocopy of the company’s tax return.
– If the company is taking care of your financial need there must be a document to support the claim.
-Your income tax clearance certificate.

Additional requirements for an applicant travelling for medical purpose
– A medical appointment from a hospital in the UK
– An official letter explaining that the Hospital is ready and capable of performing medical treatment.
– A written report from your personal doctor in Nigeria stating the reasons for urgent medical treatment in the UK
– Proof of advanced payment for the treatment, accommodation and additional insurance coverage.

Submission of the completed visa application
After the compilation of the required documents, you’re to submit them at the UK Visa Application Centre near you.
Please note the following points are the point of submission:
1. Pay the stipulated visa processing fee.
2. Ensure you do the biometric fingerprint scans and other formalities such as the digital photo taken.
3. Enquire if you require an interview and ask for the exact date.
4. Submit your documents far ahead of your scheduled trip to allow the embassy time to take a decision

If you acquired the visa, please note the following points before travelling

1. Never travel before the due date.
2. On your day of departure, make sure you arrive at the Airport before the Airline commences the check-in activities.
3. Do not engage in any frivolous activities or sidetalk, if there is a queue make sure you join as quickly as possible.
4. As soon as you checked in your luggage and obtained the boarding pass move straight to the immigration departure counters.
5. Remember most major Airlines usually scheduled their flight towards the late evening time and there are tendencies to have long queues.
6. If you arrive at the departure counters late, once in a while long queues may lead to missing your flight because when you conclude the immigration clearance there is still the Airport Authority security checking to contend with. If you checked in early it will definitely give you peace of mind.
7. The missing flight is not only painful but it will definitely attract additional charges from the Airline and the Airport Authority whenever you’re scheduled to travel. I have witnessed a case whereby a man went back after checking in to collect his handset when he returned the Aeroplane is going.

When you disembark at the Heathrow Airport, please note the following before approaching the Arrival counters:

– If you’re on a short visit, avoid travelling with large luggage, having many suitcases will definitely be sent a wrong signal that you’re planning to stay for a long period and may lead to refuse entry.
– Let your passport, return ticket, health certificate and the basic travelling allowance be in your hand luggage to avoid embarrassment.
– Do not assist anyone no matter their condition it could be very dangerous.
– Be conversant with the address or the name of your host or the address of your hotel.
– Avoid making friends with a stranger until you step out of the Airport.


If you were given a visa, try as much as possible to leave the UK before the expiration of your visa. If you overstay it will definitely affect your chance of getting a visa in the near future.


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