After many years of debates, appeal and criticism of the way Nigeria international passport was harshly pegged to five years without an option of an extension or renewal,  Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari has approved the validity period of Nigeria International passport, therefore, the validity of Nigeria passport is now 10 years. This is coming 10 years after the e-passport was originally introduced.

The validity of Nigeria passport is now 10 years

According to the Channels Television news reports of July 26th, 2018, The Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service, Muhammed Babandede, stated that one of the reforms the President approved is the improvement in quality, the security of our passport.

He said “Ten years after its existence, the e-passport is an excellent system, well enrollment system, well digital system, but we need to improve certain security features. You can’t keep a document for 10 years  without losing value in them.. which will raise the standards of our security hips”
Quoting him further the CGIS said as follows “President Buhari has equally approved ten years validity for passports which is a piece of great news. When the reports come, passports will be valid for ten years, which is great news especially for adults from the age of eighteen and above, it will be less work”
He stated further that ” Even the people will pay more if they can pay more and get the booklet quickly, it’s good but the booklets would be available”

Still on the validity of Nigeria passport is now 10 years.


1. Drastically reduced the stress of visiting the passport office, wasting time and reissue every 5 years.
2. The cost of a booklet will be less in the long run.
3. Drastically reduced the traffic in various passport offices.
4. The total cost of production will be less.
5. With the reduction in officers needed for production and needless interviews, the service can concentrate on more important security challenges of the nation.
6. Corruption minded officers will focus elsewhere because passport offices will be less attractive.
7. Furthermore, Nigeria will join other civilized nations that placed high values on its citizens by using the 10 years validity system.


Please note that the new system may not take effect immediately, I believed it will starts to operate when the Nigeria Immigration Service commence the issuance of the so-called more secured and more expensive e-passport, probably next year.
We are waiting.


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