Nigerian Civil Defence Salary Structure 2023

Here we present to you comprehensively and up to date the Nigerian Civil Defence Salary structure for your information.

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is the newest Federal security organisation established in the country. Despite its short period of establishment, The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence NSCDC can be proud to be the finest Security outfit operating in the country. Operating under the Ministry of the interior, alongside, the Nigeria Correctional Service, the Nigeria Immigration Service,  the Federal Road Safety Corps and the Federal Fire Service. The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps outclassed them all. Please follow me in presenting:


1. Assistant Cadre starting from #296,506 to #374,259 ( Level 3-5)

2. Assistant Inspectorate Cadre starting from 357,385 to 411,454  (Level 6)

3. Inspectorate Cadre starting from #483,014 to #567,065  (Level 7)

4. Assistant Superintendent Cadre II starting from #858,956 to #986,991  (Level 8)

5. Assistant  Superintendent Cadre I starting from #939,310 to #1,056,416  (Level 9)

6. Deputy Superintendent Cadre starting  from #1,012,562 to #1,143,539 (Level 10)

7. Superintendent Cadre starting from #1,094,027 to #1,252,038  (Level 11)

8. Chief Superintendent Cadre #1,158,172 to #1,325,234  (Level 12)

9. Assistant Commander starting from #1,225,584 to #1,405,449  (Level 13)

10. Deputy Commander starting from #1,619,447 to #1,825,589  (Level 14)

11. Chief Commander starting from #1,759,921 to #1,966,281  (Level 15)

12. Assistant Commandant General #2,272,288 to #2,464,560  (Level 16

13. Deputy Commandant General –  Consolidated

14. Commandant General  – Consolidated.


Please note that the salary presented here are devoid of allowances such as shift duty, overtime, uniform, hazard, travelling, etc.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the Salary scale of  the NSCDC cannot be set in isolation, therefore it is the function of the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS)

The rank structure is divided into two, hence we have inspectorate Cadre starting from Level 5 – 7, and Officer’s commencing from level 8 and above.

For anyone who enters the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps with a certificate lower than a University Degree, the person is automatically placed on an inspectorate Cadre. Please note there are some works or functions that are strictly performed by professionally qualified trade men or women who doesn’t require a university degree such as drivers, Artisans or cleaners. Some of these professionals sometimes came with older ages, which may not be possible for a duty officer. They are the inspectorate Cadre

Likewise, anyone that joins the Service with a University Degree or equivalent is placed on Officer’s Cadre, that is level 8 and above.

Finally, there are some highly qualified professionals whose services are needed by the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps to carry out specialised functions. Such as pilots medical doctors and nurses. If you engage them and place them on minimum salaries, they will not be interested, therefore,  such professional’s remuneration is strictly set by an organization in the Ministry of Interior called  CDCFIB


Here you have it,  the Civil Defence Salary structure, besides equipping the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps with modern security types of equipment such as modern weapons and up to date high calibre military gadgets, the best motivational factor for these young men and women is to pay them attractive salaries. Nothing else. Bear in mind that they’re operating under special and unusual conditions with opposition coming from unexpected sources. (the Nigerian Police) The government needs to motivate them to get the best out of the people risking or put on line their lives for an unappreciative country.

That’s all for now on the Civil Defence Salary structure, for more information you may contact this website.


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