Nurses Salary In Nigeria 2022


Here we present to you Nurses Salary in Nigeria 2022 as operating currently. Have you ever wondered why the nursing profession is one of the most sorted after a profession in the country and the world at large? Well, some may say payment, while others say dignity and respect, either way, the nursing profession stands tall in the medical line and proves to be great. The duties of a Nurse isn’t such an easy task to perform, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the most sorted after career profession across the globe. With this, I presume they should earn great pay or what do you think? Well, let’s find that out together how much a Nurse earn in Nigeria.

Today, on this platform, we would be discussing Nurses salaries in Nigeria which would also hold up segments for their salary structure per month and per annum. Let’s get to see if Nurses in Nigeria are well paid for their services, therefore, if you are looking out to become a Nurse, or you want to know how much Nurses are paid in Nigeria? Then you have found the right spot and this article is for you.  More also, in this article, we would get to know the sole duties and responsibilities of Nurses. Let’s quickly head straight up to the deal of the day, ride along with us as we take you through the tour of the salary structure of Nurses in Nigeria

Nurses Salary in Nigeria, 2022

 S/N  Nurses  Salary Per Month
 1.  0-2 Years Experience  60,000/80,000 Average (State/Federal)
 2.  2 Years Above  250,000 Plus

The nursing profession is regarded as one of the most secure and most reliable professionals in the country and the world at large as they tend to grow massively in-depth which hereby expands opportunities for people aspiring to become a nurse.

Here we are buddies, but first, we are going to kick off with the average salary then head straight to several salary breakdowns as it is done in the country. For a nursing profession in Nigeria, we have the average monthly salary of a nurse in Nigeria ranging from N60, 000 – N249, 000 (Maximum) depending on their level of education and experience, however, as rightly stated earlier, the salary structure would be explained also concerning the years of experience acquired.

However, the average monthly salary revealed earlier on is known to include housing, transports, and other benefits of the profession. Meanwhile, we would like you to note that Nurses salary in Nigeria varies across states and hospitals depending on experience, gender, skills, and location. Let’s head straight up to the detailed breakdown of the Nurse Salary structure.

Nurses Salary in Nigeria, 2022 – Ranges

Here we are going to layout every salary distribution in segments and explained in detail, but first, we are going to explain some types of salary structures for nurses in Nigeria which include;

  • Median salary and
  • percentile

Nurses Median salary in Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have the median salary of a certified or registered nurse in Nigeria to be N161, 000 per month, and what do I mean by median salary? Here is what I mean? Median salary shows that half of the people which appears to be 50% of the people who have taken up the Nursing profession as a career earns less than N161, 000 while the other half earns above the same price range in the country, in a Nutshell, median salary means the middle salary value.

Nurses Percentiles Salary in Nigeria

Percentiles are known to be a bit related to the median values but are of two different values which are 25% and 75%. According to the salary distribution diagram for nurses in Nigeria, we have 25% of the Nurses in Nigeria earn less than N108, 000, while 75% of the total number of Nurses in Nigeria is known to earn above the same price. More also, following the same salary distribution diagram, 75% of the nurses in Nigeria earn less than #205, 000 while 25% earn above 205, 000.

Right here, we would be discussing the salary structure of nurses in Nigeria based on different factors such as educational level, experience, gender, and sectors.

Nurses Salary structure by experience in Nigeria

Experience happens to be the most important factor in paying a nurse in Nigeria. Here is the breakdown;

  • 0 – 2 Years – N96, 400
  • 2 – 5 Years – N128, 000
  • 5 – 10 Years – N171, 000
  • 10 – 15 Years – N203, 000
  • 15 – 20 Years – N219, 000
  • 20+ Years – N236, 000

Salary Structure By Education in Nigeria

  • Bachelor’s Degree – N138, 000
  • Master’s Degree – N217, 000

Salary Structure in Nigeria By Gender

  • Female – N153, 000
  • Male – N166, 000

Nurses salary structure by public and private sectors

  • Private Sector – N198, 000
  • Public Sector – N210, 000

NOTE: We would like you to know that what we have up there is an average salary and they could vary across each state and firm.

Conclusion On Nurses Salary In Nigeria 2022

Now we have an idea of what Nurses in Nigeria earn. With this I presume many might want to venture into the field, but here is the deal, career deals with passion and not money.

That’s all on Nurses Salary in Nigeria 2022.


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