Teleperformance Nigeria, All You Need To Know

Teleperformance is a provider of visa services. Teleperformance has a network of service centres everywhere in the world. It provides visa services through multiple channels. It offloads embassies and consular services from receiving hundreds of visa requests, so they can be dedicated to processing files.
Teleperformance visa service in Nigeria is available at Lagos Victoria Island, Abuja, Lagos Ikeja. Registering on a Teleperformance Nigeria website is almost the same as the TLS website both mainly operates the same function.

Travelling to various countries have been the dream of many. Getting that dream, many have been on it for years, some just completed theirs and many are yet to begin. People you see who travel today do not just travel for fun or for recreation alone. Many people have various reasons for which they travel. Now see this, it has been recorded that 60% of persons in Nigeria go to the UK for medical reasons, so we can conclude that they have other reasons to travel.

The question goes like this, why do you think we have different types of visas because each visa requires its own separate requirements. It should be noted that applicants who want to apply for a UK visa must have a valid Nigerian passport beyond their intended stay in the UK if you fail to renew your passport online or at your nearest immigration office, it could be rendered the process useless.

This article will show you how Teleperformance has actually helped in the aspect of visa services. They implement standard visa requirements which are needed from an applicant such as follows:

  1. Details of hotel flights/bookings
  2. Supporting letter from family or friend
  3. Marriage certificate if applicable
  4. Financial profit (Copy of bank statement)
  5. Print of permission to be in the UK
  6. Utility bills
  7. A letter of invitation
  8. Valid International  passport with unused visa pages
  9. Completed application form which must be filled online.
  10. One passport photograph must be 45mm wide. It must be in colour and not more than six months old.
  11. Business travellers need to attach a letter of invitation or confirmation of a training conference with the correct details of the company authorized representatives.


Applicants can easily apply for a UK visa in either Lagos or Abuja at Teleperformance. Teleperformance is a UK application centre, they work with the UK government to ensure that all visa applications are processed as quickly as possible, as long as you have all the details provided.

The UK visa form requires lots of information, it is advisable that you do not leave any mandatory list empty. All the space should be filled and when a section is completed a green colour appears.
Applicants who will be hosted by families or friends should submit their addresses, names and date of birth,  as you will be asked.  Applicants who will be staying at a hotel in the UK should be prepared with their voucher, hotel address and other information which will be needed.

Everyone applies for a different visa, so applicants are to find out the type of visa they are applying for, be it a tourist or business visa. Under each category, you will find your visa type. After going through all of this, a Unique reference number will be sent to your email address, which you placed there during registration and it must be accessible by you. Applicants should note that the Unique Reference Number which is also known as the GWF is as important as their password. In case of a wrong password combination, the GWF can be used in recovering your account back.

A confirmation email of the appointment date, documents that will be required and then the location will all be sent to you via email. During the fixing up of an appointment date, many applicants fail to put in the correct time when they are free. Missing your appointment is very bad, as this will delay others as you will become their priority because you applied first. After all, an appointment is booked on a first come first serve basis. Rescheduling of your appointment is also allowed, but it can’t be done many times, as you have only a limited amount of time you can do that, if not you will have to pay a new visa fee and start over again.

Now let’s move to where the Teleperformance website works for you as an applicant. After booking your appointment, it is essential that you register your details on the Teleperformance website. Now the question here is that is it really necessary well yes it is. Failure to register means that you will not be allowed to attend your appointment. Registering on the Teleperformance website allows you to track your performance after registration.

We talked about some documents which you need to tag along with you when attending your appointments they are

  • Your passport
  • Print out your online application form and appointment confirmation
  • Other required documents which you may need depends on the type of visa you are applying for.
  • Another important thing is that once you get to the place of your appointment centre your photo and biometrics will be taken. It should be noted that children who are now under 5 years of age are also required to attend the visa application centre as their photos must also be taken.


Below is the contact information of the three Teleperformance offices in Nigeria.


  • TLS contact processing ltd
  • 21 mobolaji bank Anthony way
  • Ikeja Lagos state.


  • TLS contact processing services ltd
  • 3rd floor El Yakub Plaza,
  • plot 1129 Zakariya Maimalasi street
  • opposite war college central business area
  • Abuja.


  • UK visa application centre
  • first-floor church gate tower
  • 2 plot PC51 church gate street
  • Victoria \island Lagos.

Now using the Teleperformance website, every applicant knows it’s very necessary, for those of you who said it was not compulsory, now you have read this article and have seen reasons here too.


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