Visa4UK Online Application Guide

Applying for a visa, on the Visa4UK website will be so much easier now for you, just read down this article, digest it and see how it works. This is Visa4UK Online Application Guide (all you need to know)

Why did we decide To Write A Guide On the Visa4UK Online Application?

Many find it hard to apply for a visa at the Visa4UK website, so many people experience problems like payments, refunds and even visa appointments. Every problem you face as a result of applying for your visa is because you did not follow the right procedure and also the right requirements which you need were not provided by you.

So here we go;

Visa4UK Online Application Guide

Before we move on to answering some of your questions, you should take a look at some information which you need. All of these should be provided by you.

  • The dates you are planning to travel to the UK
  • Details of where you will be staying during your visit
  • How much the trip will cost
  • Your current home address and how long you have lived there
  • Your parent’s name and date of birth
  • How much do you earn in a year
  • Employer’s address and telephone number
  • Partner’s name, date of birth and passport number, if you have any
  • Details of any criminal, civil or immigration offences you have committed
  • Name, address and passport number of any family member you have in the UK
  • Name, address of anyone paying for your trip.

I know when reading this, you might ask if all of these are even important, well yes they are, you will need to answer all of these questions. All of the details listed here will be asked and you need to answer them correctly.

Going on to the next phase, those who are under 18 can apply for a UK visa. Now the question here is, how true is this? Yes, it is very true, it is called a standard visitor visa. If you are under 18 years old and you are reading this, well good luck to you but eventually there are some documents or details which you need to provide they are;

  • Consent from your parents or guardian to travel to the UK
  • You must have enough money to support yourself without working or getting help from public funds.
  • You have made suitable arrangements for your travel and stay in the UK.

You can as well travel to the UK with someone over the age of 18 but if that person is not your parent, you will need to provide suitable information about them.

We have given you details about some things which you will need. Let’s move on now on how to register for your visa.

Registering for your visa requires lots of procedures, we are going to break this step by step, every detail which you need will not be hidden from you. Now let’s get started.

Still on the Visa4UK Online Application Guide …


Creating an account is the first step you will need for the application process. Go to the registration page to create an account, during the creation of your account, you will be asked to create a password, the password should be a minimum of 8-12 characters only, an email address will also be needed from you. You are to keep this email address safe, as you will be asked to provide it later and some further details will be sent there. After going through all of this, an activation link will be sent to your email, make sure that you still remember your email address password, as you will need to log in to be able to access the link.

Many people ask, how long their account lasts on the system, the answer is 2 years and this is counted from the time you logged in. if your account is not accessed with 2 years, it will be removed from the system database.

If there is any account information you would love to change, you are to go to manage my account, click on it and there you go, you can easily make changes.

While during all of these, most of you might forget to save. Saving is very necessary because if you do not save, all the changes you made will be lost, whenever you make any changes, you will see the save icon, make sure you click on it.

All details should be filled in in English in the application form. Once you have completed a question, it will turn green, so it is good you watch out for the colours.

There is a time range given to make changes to a new application. It should be noted that you are given 120 days, after that it becomes inactive and if the details which you entered are not correct, then you will need to start a new application.

Many say that they completed their application but they did not any confirmation from the system, for every question you are asked you will need to fill it in, they must be shown in green, if they are in black, it means you have not completed that section.

After completing your application form, you will see the signed declaration. Over there you have to write your name out, as you cannot easily sign like that online. After placing your name, then you print it out, you can then sign.

Making payments is very easy, as you have completed your application form, you are to make payments. However, if you have tried to make payments up to three (3) times, the system will save your application and then ask you to contact your bank. There might be some reason why your payment is not allowed, either your debit or credit card details are not correct, you might not be allowed to make an online payment directly from your account.

Most times, after going through a long process, you might want to cancel your application and you must have made the payment as well also you can get a refund back, that is if you have not done your biometrics, but if your biometrics has been done, then you can’t get a refund back.


After applying for your visa, you will need to make an appointment, follow the guidelines below.

  • You must make an appointment. You can make an appointment at the Visa4UK website also. It should be noted that appointments can be made up to 12 weeks in advance.
  • Got to the login page, enter your security details, you will be asked for a Unique Reference Number. This number which is also known as the GWF is given to you during the filling up of your application form, as it will be sent to your email address. The Unique Reference Number is as important as your password because if anything happens to your account, it will be used to get it back.
  • After entering your security details you should see the appointment option, you are to use it to book, schedule and even cancel an appointment.
  • You might be having issues with your appointment location, which means that you can easily change your appointment location and for those who missed their appointments, it is necessary that you have to register for a new appointment.

That’s all on Visa4UK Online Application Guide, you can share your experience and opinions with us through the comment box.


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