TLS contact is a commercial company that works with the UK visa and immigration to provide services to people applying for the visa to the United Kingdom  ( TLSContact Nigeria )



This is to inform everyone that following the recent closures due to the #EndSARS protest.  TLS contact Visa Application Centres are now open in Nigeria. The organisation wish to thank you all for your patronage and continued patience and understanding.  That they are working hard to process all outstanding applications. 

For queries on individual applications, please contact UKVI: https:/ 

If you’re calling from outside the UK and wish to speak to an advisor in English about your application,  you can call on 00 44 203 481 1736. The line is available Monday to  Friday,  24/7.

Furthermore,  if you would like to make a complaint about the service provided by the UK visas and immigration,  please visit: https//


In Nigeria, TLS allows visa applicants to select any of the following locations that are convenient for them:

  • Abuja
  • Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Ikeja, Lagos



  • UK Visa Application Centre,
    Ground & First Floor,  Etiebets Place,
    21, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way,
    Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday – 8.00 a.m  to 3.00 p.m
  • TLScontact Lagos Phone Number Ikeja – +234 1 269 2188-92, 2615047
  • Fax: +234 1 261 5047
  • Website Login:


  • Uk Visas Application Centre,
    Third Floor,
    EL-Yakub Building Beside Metro Plaza
    PLot 1129, Zakaria Maimalari Street,
    Central Business District, Abuja
  • Opening Hour: Monday To Friday – 8:30 to 3:30 pm
  • TLScontact Abuja Phone Number –
  • Website Login:

Getting a Visa to the United Kingdom has just been made easy using the TLS. Registering for a visa first you have to visit the to make your visa application, pay your fees and book your appointments. To submit your documents to the visa application centre.

Applicants are to register at the TLScontact website, to avoid unnecessary delays. TLS gives applicants a guide to applying for their visa, everything you need to know about visas, requirements needed and so much more. It should be noted that children under 5 years old are now required to attend the visa application centre to complete the application process which also makes it compulsory for them to have their photos taken at the VRC.

TLSContact Nigeria

This article will provide step by step information on the visa application to the United Kingdom.

Documents needed in the visa application centre are as follows:

  1. Original passport or travel document
  2. Residence permit or national ID card.

Remove staples clips or pins from documents before submitting them.
If you would like to submit an old passport or a sponsor’s passport as supporting documents then copies must be provided as well.

The next is where you need to apply for a visa or make an application online and book your appointment, Creating an account in the UK government visas and immigration website at On this website, you can then book an appointment at one of the visa application centres.

When going to the visa application centre, note that most of them require a fee to use them, you can pay them on the UK website. A copy of the receipt is needed during the interview.
After payment, a Unique Reference Number will be sent to you which is also known as the GWF. The GWF number is needed as you will use it to register on the TLSconact website (
The next step is to select an appointment time as it will be needed. A convenient date and time should be chosen by you, lateness to your application centre is not allowed because there is a limited amount of time you can reschedule your appointment. An email will be sent to you, confirming the date and location and also the documents which you need to bring along.

Below are some of the requirements which are needed:

  1. Receipt of your payment
  2. Passport photograph
  3. Printed slip of your barcode

Now let’s get to the part where the TLS is useful for visa applicants.
Once you have booked your appointment, you have to register your details on the TLS website. Registering your details on the website reduce delays while attending your appointment and it also allows you to track your application status.

When you register on the TLS website, they have some value-added services that are provided for applicants.

TLS offers the following value-added services in their visa application centre in Nigeria:

  1. SMS
  2. Primetime appointment
  3. Priority visa processing
  4. Priority visa settlement services
  5. On-demand mobile service
  6. Form filling assistance
  7. Silver package
  8. Group appointment service.

Each of these value-added services is to be paid for to make your visa submission fast at the visa application centre. It should be noted that the value-added services are not compulsory as you can go ahead with your application without going for any of them.

Collection of your passport at the visa application centre can be done easily but you have to come with the following documents.

  • Original TLScontact Nigeria checklist
  • Copy and Original of your photograph ID.


Another person can collect your document on your behalf which is known as the Third Party Collection. Some conditions should be noted about the third party collections as there are reasons which are attached to it.

  • A parent collecting for a dependent child when the child is below 18 years of age.
  • One member of a family group collecting the passport for the whole family if applied together.
  • Applicants who are 65 years and above with already issued forms obtained during submission.
  • Government ministry representative and business network company representative who is approved by the British High Commission and the company’s authorized signature with a letter of introduction and a company ID card.
  • Applicants must make sure that they attend appointments themselves as this cannot be done by a third party because photos and fingerprints will be taken. You should note that once your photos and biometrics are done, your visa fee can no longer be refunded back to you.

Applicants should bear in mind the following tips which will be stated below as they are essential for you to know. the TLS should not be blamed for any of this. Read below carefully.
The application which will be submitted by the applicants will be considered by UKVi part of the UK government. The TLScontact Nigeria does not make any decisions relating to visa applications.

UKVi may ask for more information like another document for you to attend an interview. All of this will be sent to you via email.

Once your passport has been returned to the TLS, they will contact the applicant by email and they will update your personal account page on the website. The email which will be sent to you will tell you how to collect your passport back

After all of this, TLScontact Nigeria will remove your personal information from its records.
All of this means that, even after applying and going through all the processes, your visa application might still get rejected. That is why most times we see people overjoyed because they have been able to get what they are looking for, for a long time ago.

You should bear in mind that the TLS is there to help in making all the people happy.

That’s all for now on TLSCONTACT Nigeria Lagos & Abuja (All you need to know)


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