Expectedly most English speaking Africans travelling to Europe for studies or employment usually concentrates on the UK, ignorantly skipping Ireland. Whereas the Republic of Ireland is equally full of job opportunities. Living and working in the country is exciting and accommodating. Here we present to you the top 10 jobs in high demand currently in Ireland for your consideration. 



Take it or leave it the COVID 19 pandemic ravaging the world with cumulative effects in Delta variants really stressed healthcare and medical personnel to the limit made the job of Medical professionals a necessity the world cannot do without. Ireland like most badly affected countries is experiencing shortages in Medical Doctors, and there is an urgent need to look beyond the European Union arrangement, therefore if you are a qualified Medical Doctors you should check out how you can move to the Republic of Ireland because your profession is in high demand currently.


Even though you are a qualified medical doctor from your country, and you’re coming to Ireland outside the European Union,  the rules may not allow you to start practising your profession immediately after you arrive in Ireland, it takes a long process, further training, and patience before you join them, therefore you can start as a physician assistant, which requires few years to acquired and start practices under the supervision of a licensed physician.


In most advanced countries Ireland inclusive, the need to employ qualified pharmacists is increasing by the day because the COVID 19 has changed the ways many businesses are conducted. Discovery and innovations in vaccines and new drugs production are evolving massively. Government and private organisations are carrying out researches necessary to stem the tide of the coronavirus pandemic.  Production and dispensing of vaccines are done by Pharmacists. Its obvious that the large numbers of qualified Pharmacists needed in the drugs and vaccines process and production and dispensing cannot be met by employing a workforce within the European Union,  therefore the authorities are engaging qualified professionals from outside the Union.

If you’re a qualified Pharmacist now is the time for you to engage qualified job recruiters to assist you in how to get a job in Ireland because your skill is one of the top 10 jobs in high demand currently in Ireland.


A pharmacy technician is the one who dispenses medications to patients in accordance with prescriptions from medical doctors.

He is a medical professional working under a qualified pharmacist. They are in great demand right now because of the increased health or drug needs of people and shortages of a pharmacist who must have a Doctor of Pharmacy as well as a license before practising. Now that there are shortages in getting Pharmacists, Pharmacy technicians are the next best choice to fill in the gaps. 


Public health Nurses are the healthcare professionals that are operating in the prevention and education of public health. Usually, they operate at community health centres or facilities. They play vital roles in the prevention and spreading of diseases. While some Nurses may specialise in one area, a public health Nurse is a general practitioner in that they take care of all health challenges and needs of the whole community where they operate.

In some Public health centres there may be no medical Doctors available,  it is the work of a public health Nurse to take charge of the health care situations as they may occur, without waiting for anyone else.

Most Public health Nurses are Registered Nurses, in that they should be able to handle the general health challenges of the community where they operate. If you’re a registered nurse with a speciality in Public health you should seriously consider moving to the Republic of Ireland because your job is in high demand currently.


The more information Technology evolves and the world wide web keep expanding, there bounds to be greater the need for software engineers and developers. Most business tasks are fully digitalised in Ireland. Due to the rapid growth of information technology, this profession is in high demand currently in Ireland.

According to multiple expert’s definitions, software engineer designs, develop, maintain, and evaluate software, applications, or systems that make the software work. Currently, there are shortages of software Engineers and developers, therefore if you are an expert in this field, job with good pay is waiting for you in the Republic of Ireland.



Information technology and digitalisation are the ideal ways of carrying out many tasks nowadays. The era of analogue is long gone. The work of Automation Engineers are in high demand currently in Ireland because they are the experts who have the technical know-how and ability to create, design develop and manage machines and systems. If you have a professional licence or degrees in this field I’m assuring you that you will have no headaches in getting a job with good pay currently in Ireland.


Although, there are many branches of Nursing however the most common and in high demand is General Nurse because they perform various types of health care combined. They could be regarded as Nurses that perform combination duties daily. They perform tasks for patients in different stages of their illness,  such as cleaning wounds, administering drugs, following Doctors on duty and providing medical explanations and advice. Stay by a patient on emergency and admission.

General Nurses are mostly suitable in General hospitals and local health clinics, Industrial Health clinics and organisations They are Registered Nurses and professionals in their approach to Nursing duties.

Expectedly, the health challenges brought by THE COVID-19  pandemic made the need to employ more Registered Nurses imperatives, Currently, Ireland required more general Nurses to work in various health clinics and hospitals. If you’re a Registered Nurse with professional qualifications and experience this is the time for you to consider relocating to Ireland because your job is in high demand currently in Ireland. 


This is one profession that is making a wave in Western Europe currently. With modern technology and the coming of a driverless vehicle, truck driving is now made simple. Most healthy adults with sound knowledge of driving can handle modern trucks. It is no longer a job for the hard guys. Therefore get a driver’s license and Google Maps you’re on your way to good pay.
Please note that truck driving is one of few profession where you requires no bachelor degree. Smart people use this as a take-off point, no matter their level of education or background. Medical doctors from Asia often time take to truck driving while waiting for their professional license,  which usually takes long years to approve.

If you’re a Licensed Truck Driver, get one of those popular recruiters and present him your Curriculum vitae, and other relevant information and documents, you will be surprised that it wouldn’t be long before you secure a job with good pay in Ireland.


Like most allied services,  Poultry industries take a hit due to COVID 19 imbroglio and the country is yet to recover. Currently, there are shortages of Workforce in poultry industries.

The Republic of Ireland is a serious need for workers to take charge of the poultry industry. Since the gap cannot be filled by the workers from the European Union,  the country is looking for Skilled workers from outside the EU.

The good news for anyone interested in working in poultry such as butchers, Birds and game dresser,  Killer and plucker,  Poulterer, Poultry processor,  Poultry sticker, Poultry catcher or handler, Poultry vaccinator or Poultry meatpacker is that you may not need to be a university graduate. All you need is to have a High School certificate be energetic and be proficient in English. Allied with a job recruiter that have the expertise in international recruitment you will be surprise that Poultry jobs are in high demand currently in Ireland.

That’s all for now on Top 10 jobs in high demand currently in Ireland


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