Travel insurance is one aspect of travelling that a lot of travellers often overlook, therefore,  discussing travel insurance from Nigeria to Europe can never be overemphasised. 


Travelling can be fun. You get to experience the world and various other cultures and sights and thrills. You get to interact with new people who have grown up in a way of life that is completely different from the one you grew up in. Travelling grants you access to new business and creative ideas, new business deals, education, and so much more, but it is not without its risks.

Whether the journey is slated to last a day, a week or a month, you can never really tell when something wrong will happen, before, during or after your trip. It is for this reason that most travellers get insured.

Buying travel insurance is a means of protecting yourself in case of any unforeseen events that may happen to disrupt your travel. These events include but are not restricted to, health problems, delays, natural disasters and various other accidents and events that may occur, usually without prior notice.

Without a doubt, travel insurance is very important, it safeguards your life and property and makes sure you do not have to spend more than you have to, in case of a mishap involving your travel. However, once people come to terms with the importance of travel insurance, the next question that usually arises is the question of what insurance policy to get as regards travel.

Several of these policies exist from the trip cancellation insurance policy to the one that covers emergency medical evacuation and so on, and they all have different ranges of coverage and costs.

Before purchasing an insurance policy, the wise thing to do is to always ensure that you are aware of just what and what the insurance covers and does not cover and how it all applies to you. You need to be aware of the risks that apply to you and are perhaps, not already covered by another insurance policy previously taken. Above all this, it is of utmost importance that you patronize a reputable insurance company.


You either may or you may not. This question largely depends on the risks you are willing to take and the insurance policies that you have already taken out which may cover some things involved in your trip. If you have health insurance already, your policy may also cover health emergencies that may occur overseas, although some policies do not. A homeowner’s policy will usually cover baggage loss, and so, you may not need travel insurance to do that for you if you already have a policy that covers it. It is also common for credit card companies, most especially the gold cards, to offer members insurance covering baggage loss, medical assistance internationally as well as accidental dismemberment and death providing they charge the airline tickets on the credit card, or at times, pay a small extra fee.

A good number of insurance policies of recent cover unforeseen terrorist attacks. These policies will give you a reimbursement if, as a result of terrorist threats or activities, you experience a delay in getting to where you need to get to, or even miss the flight altogether. Some policies exclude them so you need to check and make sure that it is included before going ahead to make the purchase.

Usually, when travelling, you will be required to make payments beforehand. It then becomes important to examine just how important these payments are and how affected you will be in the case where you have to cancel or miss the flight and are unable to get a refund. Upon the results of these considerations, you can then decide whether or not to get a cancellation policy.


Before purchasing travel insurance, it is always important that you read the fine print because the differences between the policies might not be just ‘a a little’. However, below are some of the different types of insurance policies that exist.

1.) Trip Cancellation or interruption insurance: This insurance keeps you covered in a case where, due to unforeseen circumstances, your trip has to be cancelled, or is interrupted. Usually, this involves events such as illness, injury as well as death suffered by an immediate family member of the insured themselves. Sometimes, it may also apply to the travel companion of the insured. Some policies exclude cancellation that occurs due to things such as war, civil unrest or even a change in the state of your finances.

2.) Medical Insurance: This insurance includes several types of coverage. The policy that covers emergency medical evacuation handles the cost of transportation if a physician has determined that due to illness or injury, you must be immediately evacuated to the closest medical installation or even to your country. Other medical insurance types include a cash payment to the insured or a beneficiary in the case where the insured dies or suffers some type of accident to their person. Expenses required to repatriate the insured remains within reasonable limits will also be provided.

3.) Baggage loss and delay coverage: If your luggage is lost, stolen or delayed, this insurance covers you.

4.) Flight delay or cancellation insurance: This insurance policy will usually handle the cost of accommodations, feeding as well as new travel plans caused as a result of the delay. Always read the fine print to know what exactly is covered and what is not.

5.) Travel document protection: This insurance policy will cover you and assist in getting new travel documents or passports when they are lost or stolen.


Travel Insurance before a trip from Nigeria can be gotten from various places including the following:

1.) Leadway Travel Insurance

2.) AIICO Insurance

3.) Linkage Insurance

4.) Cornerstone Insurance

5.) Mutual Benefits Insurance

6.) Zenith Insurance

7.) Mansard Insurance

8.) Industrial General Insurance


Travel insurance is important because it enables you to arrange a trip with a more relaxed mind, knowing that you are covered if anything were ever to happen, before or during your trip.


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