In this write-up ‘Travel to Egypt from Nigeria step by step guide,’ we shall show you how to make a hitch-free trip to Egypt the land of the Pharaohs.

Egypt the North African country is gradually assuming to be a preferred destination for travellers from Nigeria due to divergent reasons.

Regardless of your reasons or intentions for travelling to Egypt, be it touring, holidaying, vacationing, honeymoon, researching, sojourning or searching for a job, it is our concern that you get there with minimal costs and you begin your stay with peace of mind.



There are two realistic ways you can travel to Egypt from Nigeria:
1. By road. Although very tasking and laborious in some ways,  however, we’re submitting here that it’s practically possible to travel to Egypt from Nigeria by road if that is your desire.

The shortest route is Lagos – Niger Republic – Libya – Egypt. Currently, due to the war situation in Libya, this route is dangerous and notorious for human traffickers and kidnappers. The second option is to go through the Nigeria North East straight to N’Djamena in Chad, move to Sudan and enter Egypt through the river Nile area.
If you’re going in a private car the driving distance between Nigeria and Egypt is about 5470 km and it takes approximately 4 days to drive from Nigeria to Egypt, however, if you’re going on commercial vehicles be ready to do multiple stopovers in various places. Going through the Chadian capital is highly recommended.

If not for war and insecurity in Africa hinterland going by road is very exciting and fun. It’s an experience of a lifetime worth undertaking. I can still remember the inspiring stories I got recently from elderly pilgrims road travellers from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia travelling in the early 60s. How I wish I could be part of such an exciting time.

2. Going by Flight:
If you want to get to Egypt very fast and cheaper the best option is by flight, especially from Kano to Cairo. Furthermore, you have different airlines to choose from, and they operate from different Nigerian cities. These are three we recommended:
1. Lagos – Cairo, Air Namibia with one stopover USD416. Egyptair direct USD466
2. Abuja – Cairo, Ethiopian Airlines with one stopover USD416
3. Kano – Cairo, Egyptair direct flight USD526.
Flying from Kano to Cairo going by direct flight is about 5 hours 50 minutes. Lagos to Cairo going by direct flight is about 7 hours 5 minutes.
Flight with stopovers is definitely longer and expensive depends on the airline and the routes.

Why the majority of people all over the world travel for holidays and tourism purposes, most Africans especially Nigerians do travel for economic reasons. It’s on record that in recent times many young people embark on Egypt travel purposely to search for menial jobs. Very disappointing and discouraging. Traffickers and unscrupulous agents are packaging young people to Egypt to do various types of odd jobs and bad people are smiling to the bank. I’m assuring them, definitely, they will not end up well.


The foremost thing to rummage about is how safe is Egypt for Africans especially Nigerians. Currently, Egypt is relatively safe to travel to, as long as you avoid the volatile areas. Be sure you don’t venture into the triangular Sinai Peninsula for whatever reasons. Importantly avoid illegality.

Some Africans do take the risky route to Isreal despite the Egyptian Government warning stated boldly “DO NOT TRAVEL” therefore,  do try such a dangerous route. You have been warned.

Despite being a prominent member of the African Union, unfortunately, Egypt is not visa-free. Any Nigerian who intend to travel to Egypt must obtain a visa to enter. Be informed also that there is no visa on arrival, therefore, don’t travel unless you visit the Egyptian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria for a visa or employ an agent.

Getting short term visas to Egypt such as Visiting, Tourist or business visas are not stressful, it is what you can do personally. You can read our write-up on to apply for an Egyptian visa in Nigeria.
After the compilation of required documents all you need is to submit them personally at the Embassy and allows 10 working days to collect your visa. If you follow it diligently the process is straightforward.
The Address of the Embassy is as follows:
Embassy of Egypt in Abuja, Nigeria, Plot 340, Diplomatic Drive, Central Area, Abuja.
The embassy’s office hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. – 12 noon daily except national holidays.
If you choose to employ an Agent be very careful in that some of them are highly exploitative and dishonest. The choice is yours.


Having secured or obtained your visa and ready to go there is a step to take in order not to be refused departure at Nigeria Airports, especially the first time travellers.
1. Ensure your travelling documents are genuine and valid.
2. Be sure you arrive at the airport early before the airline commences departing procedures. Late arrival and reaching the airport merriment or engage in frivolous activities can lead to refused departure.

3. After checking in your luggage and obtaining a boarding pass do not engage in any other business other than moving straight to the immigration departure counters. If you delay or arrive at the Immigration departure counters few minutes before the airline final boarding time, definitely be expecting long queues at the Immigration counters most of the time, which could lead to missing your flight for the day. These are avoidable behavioural bad habits which most passengers erroneously shift the blame on immigration officers stupidly and unfortunately. (for further information on this topic read to avoid refused departure)

Before you reach the arrival immigration clearance point in Cairo, please note these important points:
1. If you’re a first-time traveller be careful about the type of luggage you carry. Having large suitcases could send the wrong signal that you intend to settle in Egypt which the security officer can use to refuse you entry.
2. If you processed your visa through an Agent, ensure you study and understand the type of visa issued to you. If the visa is written in a language you don’t understand ensure you get someone with sound knowledge of the language to read it for you. Knowing it is very important because most young people travelling for employment purposes often time usually travel with tourists/visitor’s visas which may not be renewable or lack the knowledge of how to renew them and transform them into illegal immigrants in a short time.
3. Ensure your passport, return ticket, health certificate and basic travelling allowance is in your hand baggage to avoid waiting too long for your clearance.
4. Do not make friends with strangers until you leave the arrival hall.
5. Know the exact place you intend to stay if you’re staying in a hotel or an arranged accommodation be with the address.
6. Avoid assisting the fellow traveller in carrying anything no matter the condition.


After the conclusion of Immigration and Customs clearances, the next step is to step out of the Airport and take transport to your destination.
Try as much as possible to avoid chartered taxi popularly called Airport taxi. Most of them are highly exploitative. Ask for a public bus or a tram or an underground train.
The Cairo Shuttle Bus is one the means of transportation you can use and enjoy to depart the Airport. A shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes to all important areas such as Downtown Cairo, Giza, Zamalek, Heliopolis, Nasr-City, Mohandesin and Maadi and Haram (Pyramid area).
Public transport is the best for you unless you’re in a hurry.

If you don’t have a pre-arrival accommodation arrangement and you don’t know where to go it’s advisable to contact the professionals in the accommodation business, such as, and Airbnb.
Cheap, safe and neat accommodation are scattered everywhere in Egypt. The hotel room starts from 8 US dollars.

Eating out in Cairo is relatively cheap compared with most European countries. However, as an African coming in with a tight budget, the best place for you is using the street eating places. Avoid Hotels restaurants as much as possible. Even though Egyptian food is not popular in Nigeria you can find the type that is good for you in Cairo downtown. Eating as an Egyptian local is recommended to save money.
However it’s important you approach Egyptian food with caution if you’re a first-time traveller, otherwise, you may suffer diarrhoea which could affect your other programmes.

Being a Tourist-oriented country various activities can engage you in Egypt. If you’re here on holiday most holidaymakers start their visit by visiting the popular Pyramid of Giza. If you’re the intellectual type a visit to the famous Al-Azhar University, Cairo, the world’s second-oldest surviving degree awarding Institution. Founded in 970-972, is highly recommended.


As a Nigerian getting a job in Egypt is very difficult except you’re highly educated in writing, development and teaching of English. Because of the current happening worldwide in acceptance and expansion of English, the demand for English teachers in Egypt as a developing country is fastly increasing, therefore if you have the skill getting a good job may not be difficult.
Other areas where your skill may be needed are the various form of the Information technology profession.
If you do not qualify you should search elsewhere in that generally unemployment is high in Egypt.

Realistically, most Nigerians travelling to Egypt are coming for employment or economic reasons, while it is not impossible to get a job here due to the fact that Egypt is developing and things are changing for the better, it’s important that you do your homework very well before living your comfort zone. Don’t allow Agents to rush you into Egypt without adequate preparations. If an agent secured a job for you please double check it before leaving your country in order to avoid problems when you get to Egypt.

If you’re planning to stay beyond the expiration of your visiting visa it is possible to extend or renew it. However, it is advisable you apply for an extension two weeks before it expires, which will allow you time to reapply if turn down at the first application.
You can ask for Mogamma3 building at Tahrir Square, on the second floor for the renewal of your visa.
Please note that getting it done as a Nigerian or African may be difficult but it is not insurmountable

Generally, Egypt has a hot desert climate. Except for the Mediterranean area where you have rain once a while, it’s very rare to have rainfall in Egypt.
January is usually very cold while July is the hottest month. The weather is usually hot and sunny most of the time. There are some hours of the day you cannot walk freely on the street due to acute extreme hits.

That’s all I can tell you for now on Travel to Egypt from Nigeria step by step guide, I hope you will find what you’re looking for in the land of the Pharaoh. If you don’t, quickly return home. Remember overstayed your visa can transform you to be an illegal immigrant. This can lead you to unnecessary detention or payment of a fine. Please think about it.

For more information feel free to contact this website anytime.


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