Ukraine Embassy In Nigeria Visa Information

This is Ukraine Embassy in Nigeria Visa service  information. Ukraine a country in Eastern Europe with a serious commitment to medical education and massive technological development has in recent years played a big role in providing affordable medical and paramedical education to much Nigerian youth.

Due to the fact that most Universities authorized to accept international students allows the English language as a medium of instructions and affordable school fees, Ukraine has assumed the status of a preferred destination for a large number of Nigerian students in recent years, searching for medical and science education.


Its important for anyone seeking to travel to Ukraine to put it on hold for the time being in that Russia invaded Ukraine few months ago and consequently, there is a war seriously taking place in Ukraine currently. Almost all areas of Ukraine are badly affected and there is no end in sight. Therefore it is advisable to avoid travelling to the country in the mean time. 


For any prospective visa applicant to Ukraine, it is better to follow the new system introduced by the Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria in the processing of their visas.

With effect from 22nd August 2017, the Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria has changed the system of processing their visas, hence everything is now done online with the use of information technology.

  1. To apply for their visa and to schedule an appointment at the Ukrainian Consular Office, the processes must be carried out strictly online by visiting:
  2. If you are interested in studying in Ukraine it is advisable to do serious research about what is obtainable in Ukraine, their weather, way of living, their language, their University system,  your course of study and important is it possible to work and study.
  3. Furthermore, you do not need to make inquiries by calling or sending emails to the Ukrainian embassy unnecessarily because all you need to know is available on their website.
  4. When you equip yourself with the necessary information, you can apply for your visa through the Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria website and schedule appointment to appear personally at the embassy.


Ukraine Embassy In Abuja

  • Plot 894, Olu Awotesu Street,
    (Off Mr Biggs)
    Jabi District,
  • Telephone number Consular section: +234 809 115 5339
  • Email address [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: 09.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.


  1. TRANSIT VISA: Code named Type-B, This is a type of visa issued mainly to travellers stopping over on Ukraine territory, their main destination is elsewhere.
    It could be single, double or multiple entries. However, the holder cannot stay for more than five days.
  2. SHORT TERM VISA: (Type-C) This is a type of visa that allows the holder to stay in Ukraine for a maximum of 90 days. Tourist visa, Visiting visa, Conference and Events Visas. It can be single, double or multiple entries.
  3. LONG TERM VISA: (Type-D) is the type that allows the holder to stay for a long period. It exceeds 90 days. Such as Student visa, Employment visa and Family reunion visa. Within the first 45 days of entering Ukraine the holder of the Long-term visa is expected to legalize his status.


  • 1. The foremost thing to do is to go through the online system by downloading the Ukraine visa application form.
  • 2. Carefully fill the form without leaving any of your details.
  • 3. Attach the following documents:
    • 1. A completed visa application form duly signed by you.
      An under-age application form must be signed by a parent or guardian and attach the parent’s Id or passport data page.
    • 2. An International passport with at least 3 months validity and with two unused visa pages.
    • 3. Photocopy of your passport data page.
    • 4. A recently acquired well taking a coloured passport sized photograph measuring 35mm x 45mm.
    • 5. For a tourist, evidence of hotel reservation for the duration of your stay in Ukraine
      (b) Confirmed airline booking indicating your arrival and departure dates
      (c) Basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Ukraine.
      (d) Letter of introduction from your employer indicating designation and evidence of leave and permanent employment.
    • 6. For Student (a) Original Letter of Admission from the College of your choice in Ukraine. The letter must be errors free and the photocopy must be attached.
      (b) Your original birth certificate, with a copy duly authorised by the Nigeria Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      (c) All your secondary school or college certificate, together with a statement of results.
      (d) Medical certificate of fitness duly authorised by the Nigeria Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
      Please note that this certificate must be utilised within two months of issue, otherwise it will expire. Hence you have to be in Ukraine within 2 months of acquisition.
      (e) Letter of sponsorship, inform of Court affidavit, with all the details of the sponsor, his full names, addresses, phone numbers, email and undertaken to be responsible for all the applicant’s expenses. The letter must be duly signed and sealed by a notary public.
      (f) Photocopy of sponsor’s national identity card or international passport.
      (g) Original of sponsor’s last 6 months bank statement with reasonable amounts to cover the applicant first-year school expenses.
      (h) Payment of Visa processing fee of #35,750, you’re to attach the receipt.
      (i) Health insurance with coverage of a minimum of € 30,000 from a reputable insurance company.

Please note that the following documents are to be translated into the Ukrainian language:

  • Statement of results
  • Letter of Eligibility
  • Testimonials
  • Birth certificate
  • HIV results
  • Fitness certificate


After the collation of all the required documents, you need to book an appointment in order to submit your visa application at the Embassy of Ukraine in Abuja.  You can follow this link for appointment booking: Online resignation for a visa interview

Please note the following:

You can schedule an appointment at the Ukrainian Consular Office, Abuja

  1. Processing of urgent visa takes five working days.
  2. It takes a minimum of ten working days to process a normal visa.
  3. You must appear personally in Abuja on the day of your interview.
  4. The timings of the interview commence at 10.00 a.m.

Please note that time assigned for Visa interview is 3 months in advance of the dates you start the process. Due to limited space you have to choose a free date for your visa interview.


It is very important to sound a note of warning to young Nigerians rushing to study in Ukraine due to their libra medical school admissions and cheap tuition fees, that the rate of unemployment in Ukraine is very high. The chance of working during and after your studies is very slim. Furthermore, a bitter civil war is taken place there presently, due to Russia annexation of the Crimean region. Do not near the region.

If you studied with the English language in Ukraine where English is not their mode of expression, you can never be fitted into their system, get ready to relocate or return to face Nigeria unstable and unorganised unemployment market.

That’s all on Ukraine Embassy in Nigeria visa services information.


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