Booking a US visa appointment in Nigeria is not as difficult as many people thought, it is even easier than applying for your visa online. Booking an appointment does not take a long process because if you know the procedure it will be very much easier for you.

Appointments are necessary that you make them. There are guidelines which you need to follow, to successfully make an appointment. The guidelines which you need are stated below and should be followed to ensure successful registration of the visa appointment. The processes are very easy.

A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must obtain a visa first. It should be noted that we have two types of visas which are the immigrant visa and the non-immigrant visa. Below you will find little information about the Immigrant visa and the non-immigrant visa

The immigrant visa is meant for those who would love to stay in the US,  that is start living there, while for the non-immigrant visa are taken by those who want to be there for a limited number of times like up to six months. Those who apply for the non-immigrant visa, mainly go there for a purpose, some go there for business, school tourist or even to visit family and friends.


Immigrants visa are not always granted to people like that and it has only four categories while for the non-immigrants visas, they have over 20 categories.


It should be noted that visa application form must be first filled online and there are certain requirements which will be required from you.

Before applying for an appointment, you need to register for a visa first, during the registration of your visa, then you can now book an appointment.

Appointments which are booked are to be attended on time, failure to do that it may be canceled. Applicants for a US visa are required to appear in person for a visa interview at the Embassy in  Abuja or the Consular General in Lagos.

Visa appointments can be scheduled online or you can easily do that through the Embassy call center.

Many people face different challenges keeping their visa appointment, they failed to be there at the appointed time given to them by the embassy. It is advisable that you cancel an appointment when you know you will not be in attendance than to leave it pending, which will definitely disturb other applicants.

Appointments are done on a first come first serve basis, which means that if you apply today and someone else applies the next day, you will be given a date first and even attended to first before the other person.

There are some documents, which you are to tag along with you to the visa application center for your appointment: (a) passport number  (b) your payment receipt will be needed, (c) passport photograph

Be prepared to answer unexpected questions during your appointment. Many details about yourself will be asked and it should tally with what you have on your documents. The appointment will also determine if you will be granted your visa or not.

The embassy has the right to refuse an applicant a visa to the US and this is possible when your appointment is being carried out. Questions which you will be asked must be answered truthfully.

Below are the guidelines which you will need to apply for your US Visa Appointment In Nigeria

  • Go to the login page, enter your security details
  • During the login process, you will be asked for a Unique Reference Number, this number is very important as you will need it for lots of things
  • When you log in, you will see a dashboard by the corner you can see appointment option,
  • over there you can schedule, book or even cancel an appointment.

Many times, applicants say that they have problems with their appointments locations. If you have a problem with the appointment location which you choose, you can easily make changes to that.

Documents Heeded For Booking Your Visa Appointments In Nigeria

It should be noted that if more than one person is included in your passport, each person desiring a visa must submit an application.

  • Passport valid for travel to the US, with at least six months validity beyond your intended period of stay in the US.
  • Visa application fee payment receipt from the bank.
  • DS-160 confirmation page.
  • A copy of your petition approval, this is meant for petition-based visas. 1-20 for student visas, DS-2019 for exchange visitor visas.

Many applicants like making changes in their visa appointments, it should be known that they are limited to the number of times that they can reschedule their appointments. Continuous rescheduling of an appointment is not allowed, this is why you have to know the time which you are free because once you reschedule more than the maximum number of times, you will now have to pay another visa application fee.

Below are some Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants should know that all fees paid are non–refundable.
  • A visa does not guarantee you entry into the US.
  • You may not enter the US, with an expired visa. The visa must be valid at the time you enter the US.
  • A visa allows a foreign citizen coming from abroad, to travel to the United States port of entry and request permission to enter the US.
  • Permission to enter the US can only be given by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official.

Details provided here are very important for your visa appointments and applicants can now carry out the process successfully. Applying for a US visa appointment in Nigeria has just been made easy for you, all procedures stated here are very useful in booking your US visa appointment in Nigeria 2019.


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