Another World cup is here again, and we have 23 countries travelling to Russia to participate and aspiring to win the tournament. We at are here emphatically expressing our opinion that for World Cup 2018, 20 countries that may not win.



Football, largely a game of talent and serious training, however for a tournament such as FIFA World cup one must put other factors into consideration:
Adequate preparations, sound coaching, patriotism, facilities, commitments, absence of corruption, officiating, ability to motivate the  players, supporter’s inputs, condition of the football stadium, discipline, violence, team work, injuries or accidents while training, condition of the football pitch’s, weather,  pedigree and the will to win.




Fifa World cup is one of few tournament in the world that you rules out element of surprises, it cannot happen for now and I’m definitely sure about it. It is a competition that is predictable. Right from the commencement or first day of each world cup of recent, you can tell that a team will not go beyond the quarter-final and you won’t be wrong.
If you  are in doubt, let check out the following points:
1. Why is it that since inception in 1930 only 8 countries has won the World cup.
2. Why is it that the same set of countries are routinely wining it all the time.
3. Why is that only Europe as South America were the only continents that have won the world cup.

4. Why is that a country like Mexico despite the fact that she had qualified 16 times more than any other country has not reach any final.

5. Why is that every world cup has been won by a coach who is the same nationality as his team.


The funny side of the world cup is that, in a huge tournament that every team participating stand equal chance and go through the preliminary stages and supposedly aspiring to win the tournament, it is funny to hear some countries seriously stating it load and clear that they are only going to Russia with aim of reach the second round or at most the quarter finals. Then you reasonably asked them why are they going at all? And what is placing limitations on their expected achievements and pegging their results, despite about four years of preparations and huge expenses.



It is the same frustrating experience we’re witnessing in the UEFA Champions league year in year out.
Each year when the draw is made, it is easy to predict 8 clubs that may reach the semi final. It is practically impossible for any other clubs to gate crash. After the unexpected surprise triumph of Porto of Portugal, element of surprises disappeared.



1. PANAMA: This country is a new face in the tournament. Panama plays good football, however it may not move them beyond the group stage, where you have Belgium, England and Tunisia. Unless they put extra efforts it is always difficult for debutant to move further than the group stage.

2. PERU. Returning to the world cup after 36 years. Peru is boosted by the clearance of their captain to go to the tournament, despite that it will not give them the world cup. It will be difficult for them to go beyond the group stage, where they have  France, Australia and Denmark waiting for them.

3. SWITZERLAND: Switzerland may be a master of clean sheets, however parking bus constantly will not take them beyond the group of 16. To leave the group stage, get ready to beat Brazil, Costa Rica and Serbia.

4. URUGUAY: Despite the fact that Uruguay is going to the world cup with an exceptionally talented midfielder in Federico Valverde, and they may be going with a coach that has participating in the tournament 4 times, and a lot of experience no doubt, all these positive points cannot move them beyond the quarter-final, despite the fact that they are in one of the easiest group.

5. SAUDI  ARABIA: Saudi Arabia  sacked two coaches along the way. If their aim is to win the tournament, they should endeavour to work hard by moving beyond the group stage where the host Russia, Egypt and Uruguay are waiting in wing.

6. NIGERIA: Although they look serious this time around,  if their usual administrative problems such as fighting for bonuses, greedy and corrupt officials, careless attitudes of some so-called big players did not surface later on. They are capable of moving beyond the group stage.

7. ICELAND: Iceland did exceptionally well in the last European cup of 2016 by reaching the last 8, and they qualified in style in the world cup qualifications. However in this year world cup to qualify in a group where you have Argentina, Nigeria and Croatia  will be a herculean task.

8.  EGYPT: Egyptian coach is one of those people who are aiming for the last 16, we should ask him why the limitations. And with the recent shoulder injury to their star striker, Mohamed Salah, his funny dream of last 16 is highly in doubt.

9. COLOMBIA: Colombia used to be a power house in South America football, however things are changing very quickly in football. The present Colombia squad may not go far talk less of winning the tournament. At group stage surviving Poland  and Senegal may be two much for them.

10. COSTA RICA: Costa Rica is well-known for playing good football,  they even denied the USA a place in the world cup, going to the world cup with their present aging squad may not move them beyond the round of 16.

11. SERBIA: Having qualified from a very difficult group Serbia will definitely give good account of themselves, however to come out tall in a group where you have Brazil, Costa Rica and Switzerland will be too much for them. Let them appear and leave to fight again.

12. AUSTRALIA:  Australia is one the countries that take football very seriously. They refused to be playing with weak football countries therefore moved out of their traditional zone. Despite their steadfastness and seriousness, they may not go beyond the group of 16.

13. CROATIA: Croatia relies more on their past exploit in European football. They are also famous for red cards. This time they better change their system because Argentina, Nigeria and Iceland are eagerly waiting and it is very doubtful if they will survive this group of  death.

14. RUSSIA: This year host should  not allow history repeating itself, because on their previous appearances, they never move beyond the group stage. This time around due,  to the luck of host they will move some steps better than their pervious appearances. Group of 16 may be their last bus stop.

15. IRAN: Iran, coming with mostly unknown players will find out that, playing and scoring few goals and parking the bus constantly is not the best styles to take to the world cup. Such boring technic can work at the qualifying stage but may not move them beyond the group stage where they have Spain, Portugal and Morocco. They are arguably  in the most difficult group.

16. JAPAN: Japan are known for free flow football and they know how to handle European teams. This time around it is going to be a difficult task for them to beat Poland, and the best African team Senegal may be too hot to handle. Let them go and prepare for the next tournament, period.

17. TUNISIA: Tunisia is in a group where they can hold their own, all things been equal. If they managed to overcome the English team and Panama, surviving the rampaging Belgian team coming with one of the best attack in the world will be a tall dream. It’s a group where goal different may determine the second qualifier.

18. SOUTH KOREA: As a host in 2002 South Korea surprise the whole world by reaching the semi final. Since then things has never been the same. Surprises doesn’t work again in the world cup therefore Korea should work hard if the want to come out of the group consisting of Germany, Mexico and Sweden.

19. DENMARK: The Danish team came through the play off and are well prepared. However it is very doubtful if they will make the quarter-final, assuming they move pass their rivals in group C.

20. SWEDEN: Sweden can pride herself as host that reached the final in 1958, (that is a long time) They are coming again with pride having denied big Italian team participating chance, due to their strong defence. World cup is much more compact now, therefore defensive tactics may not take them beyond the group stage.




Taking  into consideration some of the factors mentioned above, these are the 12 countries we believed stand reasonable change of going beyond the group of 16 and probably  winning the World cup 2018:
1. Brazil
2. Spain
3. Germany
4. Argentina
5. France
6. Belgium
7. Poland
8. Senegal
9. England
10. Portugal
11. Morocco
12. Mexico

In conclusion, this is a personal opinion, it has nothing to do with betting or predictions. You are free to express your own for the world to know. Before you begin to take football too serious, remember that sometimes the best team may not win.
Wishing all the participating teams best of luck.


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