Best Countries For Nigerians To Migrate Currently

Talking about the best countries for Nigerians to migrate currently lead to an obvious question which is “why are Nigerians migrating to various countries/territories currently”. Sadly Nigerians are not migrating for leisure or retirement purposes but the reason for urgency is that Nigeria as a country is in a state of war.

The state of war manifested on two horrible premises: First, Economic migration which manifested from the massive looting of the national assets by public and political actors, the greedy or grabbing mentality that made corrupt practices an art in that corruption official in helms of affairs believed insanely that it is their time to grab from the national commonwealths. The result of their unpatriotism is that a larger percentage of the Nigeria working class alarmingly are unemployed or underemployed. Secondly, nobody sleeps with two eyes closed in that insecurity has reached an alarming proportion. Thirdly, arm robbery, banditry, kidnapping on daily basis and lastly fake investors, fraudulent individuals audaciously taking people’s funds disguise as an investment company fraudulently with no enforcing agencies to report to.

Anyone who is in doubt of the veracity of mass migration taking place in the country should pay a visit to the Nigeria Immigration Service Passport issuing Centres across the country. The crisis of shortages of passport booklets is simply a result of an astronomical or upsurge in the number of passport applicants being experienced from the beginning of the year 2021. More applicants are applying in an unprecedented levels dally, to the extent that some Passport Issuing Centres are operating on weekends. That’s a strange development, unthinkable happening in the past. It is only in Afghanistan you experienced such a scenario.



Without going into any statistical analysis the most viable and visible country any Nigerian citizens interested in checking out of the horrible situation being experienced currently in the country is by far the United Kingdom.

As at the time of putting together this write-up the United Kingdom is facing acute shortages of the workforce in many sectors of the social and economic development which manifested from the Brexit and was made wost by the unexpected arrival of the coronavirus pandemic which keeps upsurging and manifesting in different forms.

Any serious government will like to tackle the problem head-on and that’s exactly what the United Kingdom administration is doing. As recent as Friday, 17th December 2021 there is an announcement that UK Immigration Rules are to be temporarily Relaxed for overseas care workers in order to recruit and keep staff, the government has announced. They gave a long period of one year for the recruitment. That’s just an instant.

Before then there were calls on regular intervals for the recruitment of skilled workers from overseas in various fields such as Medical professionals, Registered Nurses,  Health care workers,  carers, caregivers Poultry and  Butchers, Software engineers/developers, Mechanical engineers etc are in hot demand in the UK.


Without being an exaggeration most of the problems of shortages of the workforce is experiencing in the United Kingdom are the same or worst in the Republic of Ireland, the only difference is that Ireland is a member of the European Union therefore they can call for assistance from the organisation. But realistically, Ireland needs serious help from non-EU countries.

Anyone who is looking for the best country to migrate should do everything possible to get to the Republic of Ireland currently. We heard from a reliable source that most foreign migrant workers already in Ireland are being processed to legalise their stay in order to tackle the acute shortages of the workforce.

If you’re thinking of a country where English is the mode of communication and official language,  a country where the minimum wages are good and the quality of living is of the highest standard,  all you have to do is get a qualified consultant or recruiter in your area of profession to assist you in getting a job in Ireland, the country needs you currently. If you’re in doubt take a visiting visa to Dublin,  you will surely realise that the investment of travelling there does worth it.


Canada being an immigrant-friendly country it can take pride in establishing well-accepted various categories of express entries, the truth of the situation in Canada right now is that if you can wangle your way to the Canadian border be rest assured that you will never be turned back. The best way and the fastest way to migrate to Canada currently is to go with a visitor’s visa to study how things are working. The situation demands that they will process you according to their current national needs.

As recent as 2017,  hundreds of Nigerians left the United States through the New York State by road to the Canadian border, they sighted various obvious reasons for leaving Nigeria and wanting to get out of Mr Trump hash policy and irrational behaviour. In the end, there was no turning back, all were admitted as refugees.

Back then there was no coronavirus pandemic, currently, the unending pandemic has worsened the job situation in Canada the country is doing everything possible to make things better systematically, therefore Canada a well-organised upper-middle-income country should be top on your list of the best countries for Nigerians to migrate currently.

In conclusion, Canada presents you as an immigrant a well articulate programs all leading to citizenship in a short possible time. As a Nigerian, if you choose here to relocate it wouldn’t be long before you settled down in that there is a system in place to develop you and your children, hence Canada remains a country where immigrants assimilate quickly, hence, the best country to migrate, undoubtedly.


Switzerland, an advanced industrialised country located on the mountains of Western Europe with a population of 8.749 million currently, is a country performing well in many sectors. Being a country where its economy is growing stronger with a well-organised system, employment of professionals are key in its industrial development. However, Switzerland is facing shortages of workforce regards the employment of skilled workers due to divergent reasons. COVID-19 pandemic makes it the worst already tense situation. Currently, the country is doing everything possible to attract skilled workers from outside the European Union.

Being a country that is not a full member of the European Union organising foreign skilled workers is not difficult, unlike a full member, furthermore, being an immigrant-friendly country with multiple languages spoken and recognised officially, the system doesn’t compel you to be a master of any of the official language before you can function as an expert. Living and working in Switzerland is a pleasure any day.

If you choose to migrate here, you are on your way to success. To Cap it all dual citizenship is permitted. Immigrants are allowed to keep their country of origins passport unlike in nearby Germany where you have to hide your previous travel document, until recently.

Please note from the onset that the cost of living is usually expensive here, hence the standard of living is expectedly high but the pay is equally high, therefore the work balance is favourable to any interested immigrants relocating here. Choosing Switzerland you have nothing to regret in the long run.

The best way to start your migrating process is to process a work visa from your country of residence. Please note that it will take more than five years before you can start the processing of applying for citizenship, regardless of the citizenship routes you intend to follow. Even marrying a Swiss citizen which is the fastest way to citizenship still takes more than five years.


Australia may be far distant by all standards but no immigrant that comes here through legal means wants to return. In Australia life is good. You have two ways to achieve your goal of relocating or migrating to Australia.  By investing in a full-time further study to stay or processing a work visa from your present country of residence.

Australia,  an Industrialised country is badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic the country is faced with a shortage of workforce in key sectors of the economy, therefore any qualified immigrant who is interested in migrating here, and understand how to process a work visa to Australia you will be surprised that things are in your favour, unlike in the past when they used to make things difficult unnecessarily. Getting a job and a work visa may be easier than you assumed.

From multiple sources, reports indicate that Australia is experiencing shortages in the employment of skilled workers, any foreigner that has necessary qualifications and licenses in the area of Australia’s economic and social needs will have no problem in getting a job that will surely lead to permanent residency which is the easiest way to citizenship for the immigrant.


Over a long time Finland a country known in Scandinavia as Suomi has been my favourite in that it is a place immigrants from Nigeria usually settle down quickly and perform well above average. A country is well known for granting political participation to immigrants.

Migrating to Finland is a right decision anytime in that it is a place where your rights as an immigrant or worker are well protected by law. Discrimination is at a low ebb. Living and working in Finland is a thing of joy any day.

Currently, the Finnish economy is performing exceptionally well, however as an advanced economy the country is badly affected by the horrible effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and things must be fixed back quickly. There are acute shortages of skilled workers and the country is seriously engaging professionals outside the European Union.

Finland is one of the best countries for Nigerians to migrate anytime without looking back in that when you get there, you’ll hardly want to leave. Everything is well-organised for you to stay,  regardless of the fact that English is not the first language, however, language will never be your hindrances in that majority of the citizens do understand and speak English fluently.

All you have to do in your quest to migrate to Finland is to engage an experienced recruiter to assist you, you will be surprised that things are not as difficult as many people assumed.


Portugal, the country located in the Iberian peninsula should be on top the list of anyone contemplating the best countries to migrate currently. Although job and high salary as we have it in the most advanced economy maybe a little lower here but relocating here is usually a wise decision in the long run.

Some factors make Portugal attractive to immigrants relocating better than many other places in Europe.

1. Excellent weather climate, Portugal is a place that presents to you good weather climate year-round, unlike the temperate conditions you have to grapple with on daily basis in Northern Europe.

2. No discrimination, living and working with friendly people who are already familiar with interacting with people of various races makes living here a preferable preference.

3. Unlike many countries we have analysed above Portugal may not present you with a high salary but the cost of living here is lower than most Western European countries of equal standards.

We decided to include Portugal as one the best countries for Nigerians to migrate currently in that things are changing and due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting countries in different forms. Portugal is experiencing unprecedented challenges and a shortage of skilled workers in many key sectors of the economy.

Because the country is willing to engage skilled workers from outside the European Union if you have the right qualifications you can enquire how you may be part of the current trends in solving the unemployment being experienced by Portugal currently.


Germany the biggest economy in entire Europe is the last country we picked as one of the best countries for Nigerians to migrate currently for your consideration. Germany has to come last despite many enticing factors that may encourage immigrants to relocate here permanently due to language and citizenship considerations.

Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, the best education that is affordable and accessible by all, respect for workers’ rights and importantly the possibility for an immigrant to get a better job here with good pay is pretty high. Equally living and working in a country devoid of racial discrimination is a thing of joy, hence the citizens are highly civilised and accommodating.

However,  there is an important drawback in deciding to migrate here, the issue of dual citizenship. Germany usually asked any immigrant willing to be a German citizen to drop the citizenship of the country they are coming from.


As we are compiling this write-up, on enquiry we learnt that the new government in Germany is now considered dual citizenship.

The announcement read as follows:

“Foreigners who wish to become German nationals after meeting the criteria will no longer have to give up their previous citizenship after the new German government has announced its plans to permit dual citizenship”.

That’s all for now on best countries for Nigerians to migrate currently.


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