The objective of this piece is to let you know Ethiopian Passport visa-free countries 2023 full list for your delight. The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is an African country which can be found in the horn of Africa.


Ethiopia shares its borders with the nation of Eritrea towards the north and northeast. To the east, it shares its borders with Djibouti and Somalia while to the West, Ethiopia shares its borders with Sudan as well as South Sudan. It shares its borders with Kenya to the south.

Ethiopia has the record of being the most populous landlocked country in the whole world, while also being the second most populous nation on the continent of Africa, boasting of a population of more than 102 million people. The nation of Ethiopia spread across a land area of about 1,100,000 square kilometres and its largest city also happens to be its capital as well, which is Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia has been the home of several amazing discoveries including most popular ones involving the discovery of some of the oldest skeletal evidence for modern humans with anatomically correct features in the nation. For this reason amongst others, Ethiopia is known and widely considered to be the place where modern humans began and from which they made their way to the Middle East and other places beyond. Linguists are of the opinion that the horn region was where the very first set of Afro-Asiatic speaking people came to settle during the following Neolithic area.

It is widely known that when dated back to the 2nd millennium BC, a monarchy was Ethiopia’s system of government for a very large part of its history.

Ethiopia and Eritrea which it shares borders with are known to make use of the ancient Ge’ez script which is known by experts to be one of the oldest alphabets which are still being used in modern times.

The Ethiopian calendar is about seven years and three months behind the more common Gregorian calendar and is known to co-exist right beside the Borana calendar.

A larger part of the nation practices Christianity while a third of the population adheres to Islam. It is the home of the oldest Muslim settlement which can be found in Negash as well as the site where the Migration to Abyssinia occurs.

There are more than one languages spoken in this country as is common with African nations and there are known to be about 80 ethnolinguistic groups. Out of all of them, the four largest ethnolinguistic groups are Oromo, Tigrayans, Somali and Amhara.

A large percentage of the nation’s population is known to speak Afro-Asiatic languages from the Semitic or Cushitic branches and towards the Southern regions, one can find Omotic languages which are spoken by the ethnic minorities that exist in the area. The Nilotic ethnic minorities of Ethiopia are known to speak Nilo-Saharan languages as well.

List Of Ethiopian Passport Visa Free Countries

As an Ethiopian, there are countries you can visit on various continents in the world armed with nothing more than your passport. Here we present to you Ethiopian Passport Visa Free Countries continent by continent for easy reference.


The continent of Africa is the second most populous continent in the world and is also the second-largest continent in the world. Some of the countries that Ethiopians can visit Visa Free on his continent include;

1. KENYA: This nation can be found in Eastern Africa and its capital and largest city are Nairobi. To the South and Southwest, Kenya is bordered by Tanzania, and to the West, it is bordered by Uganda. It is bordered by South Sudan towards the North-west and to the North by Ethiopia. To the North-east, it is bordered by Somalia. Kenya covers a land area of 581,309 square kilometres and has a population of about 48 million people. Ethiopians can travel to this nation visa-free.

2. DJIBOUTI: This African country is found on the horn of Africa. To the west and south, it is bordered by Ethiopia and to the north by Eritrea. It is bordered to the southeast by Somalia and the rest of the border is made up of the Red Sea as well as the Gulf of Aden. This country stretches across a land area of 23,200 square kilometres. Ethiopians can visit this nation and get a visa on arrival.

3. GUINEA-BISSAU  Bissau: This country is found in West Africa and spreads across 36,125 square kilometres. It has an estimated population of about 1,815,698 people. Ethiopians are allowed to visit and expect a visa on arrival.

4. MALI: This is a landlocked nation in West Africa where Ethiopians can visit and collect visa on arrival.

5. BURUNDI: The East African country situated in the Great Lakes region, allows Ethiopian citizens 30 days Visa On arrival which you can get at Bujumbura International Airport.

6. CAPE VERDE: This island country off the coast of West Africa granted Ethiopians Visa On Arrival.

7. COMOROS: The Island of Comoros located in the waters of the Indian Ocean and Mozambique allows Ethiopians Visa on arrival.

8. MADAGASCAR: Another Island country situated in the western Indian Ocean southeastern coast of Africa, allows 90 days visa on arrival.

9. MAURITANIA: A large sub-Sahara Africa country, with capital at Nouakchott allows Ethiopians Visa on arrival.

10. MAURITIUS: This island country located in the South West area of the Indian Ocean in the continent of Africa allows Ethiopians 60 days visa on arrival.

11. MOZAMBIQUE: This beautiful country situated in the South East coast of Africa, shared border with record six countries granted Ethiopians 30 days Visa On arrival.

12. RWANDA: A country partly Central and partly East Africa allows Ethiopians unspecified days visa on arrival.

13. SEYCHELLES: An island country situated in the Indian Ocean Northeast of Madagascar allows One-month Visitor’s permit on arrival.

14. SOUTH SUDAN: A new country and Ethiopia neighbour to the east enables Ethiopians Visa on Arrival.

15. TOGO: This small west Africa country allows Ethiopians 7 days visa on arrival.

16. UGANDA: This East Africa country allows Ethiopians Visa on arrival


The continent of Asia is the largest in the world as well as the most populous. It is located in the Eastern and Northern hemispheres of the world majorly. The mass of content shared between Asia and Europe is Eurasia.

1 CAMBODIA: This country is located in Southeast Asia and has an area of 181,035 square kilometres. Ethiopians can visit this nation and expect a visa on arrival.

2. PHILIPPINES: The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia as well and is made up of 7,641 Islands. It is known as an archipelagic country allows Ethiopians 30 days visa-free.

3. SINGAPORE: This city-state of Singapore located in Southeast Asia allows Ethiopians 30 days visa-free.

4. THAILAND: This nation can be found at the very centre of Southeastern Asia and has a population of more than 68 million people while covering an area of 513,120 square kilometres. Visitors from Ethiopia can get 15 days visa on arrival.

5. LAOS: This small country situated in Asia allows Ethiopians 30 days Visa-free

6. SRI LANKA: An Island country situated in South Asia enables Ethiopians 30 days Electronic Travel Authorisation.

7. OMAN: This Arab country situated in Asia allows Ethiopians Visa on arrival.

8. TAJIKISTAN: This country situated in Asia and shared border with Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,  China and Afghanistan allows Ethiopians 45 days visa on arrival.

9. TIMOR-LESTE: An island country located in Southeast Asia allows Ethiopians 30 days Visa On arrival.


The Americas is made up of all the countries that make up both Northern and Southern America.

1. BARBADOS: This Caribbean Island country allows Ethiopian citizens 90 days visa-free entry.

2. HAITI: This Republic state can be found on the island of Hispaniola, located in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea. Ethiopians can visit this country visa-free for 3 months  as long as they have their passports.

3. DOMINICA: This Island republic is located in the West Indies, allows Ethiopians 21 days visa-free.

4. SAINT LUCIA: This is a sovereign Island country which can be found in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Ethiopians can visit this beautiful Island nation and obtain 6 weeks visa on arrival.

5. BOLIVIA: This is a country located in west-central South America enables Ethiopians 90 days visa on arrival.

6. NICARAGUA: The largest country in Central America allows Ethiopians 90 days visa on arrival.

7. SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES: This an island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea, allows 30 days visa-free.

Still On Ethiopian Passport Visa Free Countries – Oceania

1. MALDIVES: An island country located in the Indian Ocean close to Sir Lanka allows Ethiopians 30 days Visa On arrival.

2. MICRONESIA: This group of Islands country located in the West Pacific Ocean is 30 days visa-free.

3. PALAU: This is a group of over 500 Islands country situated in the continent of Oceania and Australia allows Ethiopians 30 days Visa On arrival.

4. SAMOA: Another Island country situated in the continent of Oceania and Australia with a capital in Apia granted Ethiopians 60 days entry permit on arrival.

5. TUVALU: This is a  Polynesian island country situated in Oceania allows one month visa on arrival.


The following partially recognised countries/territories allows Ethiopian citizens visa-free entry or visa on arrival.
1. NORTH CYPRUS: visa-free entry
2. PALATINE: visa-free entry.
3. SOMALILAND: 30 days visa on arrival.
4. SOUTH OSSETIA visa-free entry.
5. TRANSNISTRIA: visa-free entry.
6. COOK ISLANDS: 31 days visa-free entry.
7. NIUE: 30 days visa-free entry.
8. MONTSERRAT: evisa on arrival.
9. PITCAIRN ISLANDS: visa-free entry.
10. ASCENSION ISLAND: evisa on arrival.
11. SAINT ELENA: evisa on arrival.
12. MACAU: visa on arrival.


The nation of Ethiopia is known to have been peaceful for over 15 years while also boasting of one of the fastest-growing economies in the whole world. The nation boasts of a wide range of beautiful landscapes, a large number of colourful cultures as well as a rich history which dates back to the very beginning of the modern man, and without a doubt, such a country has some interesting facts that many people may not be actively aware of. Some of these facts include:

1.) Vegetarian Haven: The cuisine in Ethiopia is known to be among the tastiest and most diverse in the whole of Africa, but aside from that, Ethiopia is also very vegetarian-friendly. The form of Orthodox Christianity which is practised by many people in Ethiopia prevents them from eating meat or any animal products for that matter on both Wednesdays and Fridays. As a result of these, the restaurants usually have very tasty vegan delights to accommodate the teeming population.

2.) Addis Ababa: This is the biggest city in Ethiopia as well as its capital. It is the home of the African Union, the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and I also the 4th highest on the list of highest capital cities.

3.) Abebe Bikila: This Ethiopian, in the year 1960 became the first black African to ever win Olympic gold. He is also the first person to have won the Olympic marathon two times.

4.) Coffee: You have Ethiopian goats to thank for the discovery of coffee.

5.) Rastafarian movement: Unlike most people think, Ethiopia is the birthplace of the Rastafarian movement, not Jamaica.

6.) Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that was never under colonial rule/control, and not for lack of trying on the parts of the Europeans.


Getting a visa is one of the more difficult aspects of planning a trip, therefore visa-free countries, as well as visa on arrival countries, makes this process much easier as all one needs do is have a valid international passport and sufficient funds for the entire period of your stay in that selected country.  Always find out more info from the embassy, before planning a trip to any country.


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