Due to popular demand, we at are compelled to reproduced part of all important recent online interviews granted by the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Mr Ahmed Hussen, on the topic “Canada To Admits More Immigrants”. Which we tagged “Canada seeks one million immigrants”

In a recent online news programme aired by CBC NEWS NETWORK tagged: Power&Politics #@pnpcbc anchored by Mr Rob Brown. The Minister of Immigration stated that Canada to boost the Immigration level for the next 3 years.

Canada seeks one million immigrants from 2018 to 2020

He stated further that Canada will admit nearly one million immigrants over the next 3 years as follows:

  1. Canada to welcome 310,000 newcomers in 2018.
  2. Canada annual intake will reach 330,000 in 2019.
  3. Canada annual intake will reach 340,000 in 2020.

According to Mr Hussen, “immigrants are key to growing Canada’s economy”. Immigration is a great tool for Canadian economic growth. It helps in meeting Canada labour market challenges, skills shortages and addresses demographic challenges.
As more and more countries are closing their doors, Canada is willing to open its own.
With this policy, he believes that annual intake will grow to 0.9% of the total population. Presently annual intake is at 0.8% of the population.

Canada is the world leader in integration, that is Canada is the world global leader when it comes to welcoming outsiders and make sure they reach their potentials, and those individuals turn around and contribute so much to Canadian society in job creation and prosperity for all Canadian.



When an advanced and friendly country such as Canada demonstrates and shows a willingness to admits more immigrants, the most reasonable thing to do for a young professional is to move quickly and be part of the few lucky ones that will scale through and key into their well-organised systems.

What are you waiting for, do you want to continue with the hopeless situation here, where nothing is working. You will do yourself a lot of favours if you can take advantage of this well thought out policy and be part of the thousands of young professionals who are already benefiting from the progressive programme.


I have said this time without number in my previous writeups why you need to consider relocating to Canada. Let’s revisit some of these important points:


If you have the right qualifications, skills or professions you will have no problems in securing a better job with future security in Canada, unlike your present situation of poor pay in a bad environment and uncertain future.

Underpayment or poor remuneration of skilled labour is a sin against God, and if you can detach yourself legally from such a country, better do it on time.


Canada offers robust different types of immigration and visa programmes for professionals, self-employed and business persons.

Also, there are immigration and visa programmes for those who are not qualified under the earliest stated immigration programmes.

Furthermore, Canada offers non-immigrants options for such as work permits and student programmes.
Importantly, almost all those programme offers permanent resident visa.



Statistically, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. You don’t hear of such horrible words as ‘kidnapping or arm robbery’ often.

Compare with countries such as the US or Nigeria, Canada can boast of a low crime rate.
Across the border in the US, almost every day you heard of mass shootings and the killing of innocent people, occasioned by bad security and bad gun policy. Canada is a peaceful country with o reasonable respect for the law. The security agencies are fully working and unbiased without corruption tendencies, to make Canada safe.

In Nigeria kidnapping has reached an alarming proposing, a situation where nobody is no longer safe.
There seems to be no solution in site, due to the type of security agencies imposed on the country, fuelled by the extremely greedy ruling elite and unpatriotic citizens. The leadership is incapacitated with multifaceted and barraged of problems. No solution to the dangerous malice.


Corruption issues alone are enough to make a man wanting to relocate because it is a disease that spoilt everything. And in Nigeria, it has no cure.

In Canada, things are done according to the laydown rules. People do not cut corners. Go to any establishment for the processing of your documents, you don’t need to grease anybody’s palms, or depends on a man who knows a man before the work is done.

Remember a society that adored corruption and failed to tackle it seriously will never progress. Therefore seeking life elsewhere may be a better option.


Finally, when you relocate you and your family are guaranteed excellent educational opportunities from primary to the University level, with excellent educational facilities. Most schools are publicly funded and they don’t charge exorbitant fees unlike here where private individuals established sub-standard universities and charge cutthroat fees.


We believed that you have been well-informed on the topic “Canada To  Admits More Immigrants”, and the reasons why you should make the move right now. It is your choice to decide on options available. Whenever there is anything new on immigration to Canada, be rest assured that we will inform you promptly.


It is important to update to on the subject ‘Canada seeks one million immigrants’ although the program was supposed to have ended last year,  that is 2020, however, due to some unexpected development,  especially the horrible issue of coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world which changed tremendously the way things are usually conducted Canada is unable to meet the goal of admitting the number of immigrants projected, therefore the policy of admitting or seeking one million immigrants continues.

Although, many applicants that invest heavily to key into the program failed to acquire the visas despite having all the necessary requirements. All the feedback they usually get is flimsy without reasonable explanations.

For anyone interested in migrating to Canada it’s important that you do your homework very well before you embark on applying for visas.  Ensure you have all the required information or documents. Never rush to submit. If you’re applying for a student visa,  do not pay all the school fees. Please note that payment of total complete school fees is not a guarantee for the issuance of a student visa.

Furthermore if possible get in touch with fellow Nigerians or other immigrants already in Canada to let you know how they secure the visa. Never rely solely on smooth-talking agents to prepare important documents for you.  Remember you are the one to submit the completed application at the Canadian visa applications centre.


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