Coronavirus African Countries You Should Avoid

The purpose of this write-up is to enable you to be aware of Coronavirus and African countries you should avoid for the time being, when you’re scared of coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus African countries you should avoid

South Africa used to be a preferred tourist destination in Africa, arguably, the most visited country in the continent of Africa in recent years. However, due to the unexpected arrival of the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world in which South Africa is badly affected, there is a total prohibition of movement of travelling in and out of the country in most of the year 2020. To make the matter worse, the second wave is currently on, which brought about the popular South African variant. The new variant is scary and makes a would-be traveller to South Africa think twice before embarking on such a trip.
There is no solution in sight currently, it is advisable to avoid South Africa for the time being if you’re scared of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unless you have an event that you cannot postpone in Egypt, you should cancel whatever that may want to take you to Egypt currently, because the country is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic. From the first quarter of the year 2020, Egypt had been battling with the pandemic and it seems there is no end in sight.

Painfully, a cousin of mine and a student of a technical University in Nigeria studying Software Engineering was awarded a short term scholarship in Egypt meant for a selected few, due to the unceremonious arrival of the coronavirus virus, the program was unceremoniously cancelled. Very painful indeed.

As of January 2021 hospitals in Egypt are still struggling to cope with an increased number of COVID-19 patients, unfortunately, there are shortages of vital medical pieces of equipment such as ventilators and a lack of oxygen and medical personnel. In trying to contain the virus, large numbers of medical professionals have lost their lives.

Egypt, like most Arab countries in Africa and the Middle East, were the earliest country to experience the coronavirus pandemic. A very terrible experience.

Currently and to make the matter worse the UK and other Western European countries have put a tag on Egypt as a red list country. Even the Egyptian soccer players playing in Europe refused to travel home for national assignments.

Talking about African countries badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic Morocco a Northern African country should be mentioned without any bias. Due to Morocco’s nearness to Europe, one should not be surprised that the country is badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, Morocco is struggling to contain the outbreak of the pandemic, everything reasonable is been done to get out of the problem soonest, in that the country is experiencing dullness in tourism which is one of the major foreign exchange providers.
In December the Authorities in Morocco swiftly imposed a three weeks curfew to contain the second wave of the epidemic. However, the struggle to get rid of the pandemic continues for life to return to normal levels.

Before you part your bags and head for Tunis, in Tunisia, be sure you do your research very well, Tunisia an Arab country is badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. A country located close to Europe, it is not strange to see Tunisia in this position.

Due to increased cases of the coronavirus, Tunisia introduced measures to contain the pandemic. For the first time in many years, the country was forced to cancelled annual end of the year ceremonies in which people freely travel around the country for holidays and get together.
The curfew earlier introduced was extended in January and demonstrations were not allowed in major cities, and the use of face masks is compulsory. All these measures were done towards the containment of the virus.

If you must be in Tunisia currently, be ready to abide by the measures introduced to contain the virus in your interest. Importantly, do your findings to be abreast with the current situation in Tunisia and do not go without completing all the necessary pre-boarding COVID-19 tests and vaccinations

This Southern African country used to be the preferred destination for safari lovers worldwide, however, due to Malawi’s nearness to the big neighbours, especially South Africa, Malawi that was free of the coronavirus at the onset of the pandemic is now struggling to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. This is not a better time for Malawians Economically and healthwise. A relatively peaceful country tragically witness the death of two Cabinet ministers, They died of COVID-19 related complications in January 2021.

It is time for Malawians to take the health issue of coronavirus pandemic seriously because things are not getting better,  the earliest the Authorities do something to contain the second wave, and the population to accept the current situation as an emergency the better for everyone.


When it comes to the issue of the coronavirus pandemic things are not really rosy in Algeria.  Not surprisingly,  Algeria is an Arab country with proximity to Europe and the nation is badly hit by the pandemic like most of its European neighbours.

Algeria is still battling with the coronavirus, various measures in the containment of the virus are now in place such as contact tracing and provision of isolation centre facilities. Mass vaccination started in January with the belief that the new measures will help in the containment of the wicked virus.

The country’s President is not left untouched, he contacted the coronavirus and flown to Germany for treatment. Because he did not get cure the first time, he had to return to Germany for further treatment. Very unfortunate.

Currently, if you don’t have an important business transaction to do in Algeria it is advisable to put on hold your visit to the North African country. And if you must go be ready to take all the necessary precautions and do coronavirus tests.


It is important to tell everyone that the coronavirus pandemic is not a death sentence, and the present situation is not permanent, things will change positively especially if the leadership of a country get serious in tackling the pandemic. The more a country accepts the reality of the situation and take drastic measures and the citizens cooperate totally with the government and do the needful,  such as wearing face marks and accepts to take the vaccine.

Those Central African countries that are least affected by the coronavirus pandemic should count themselves lucky,  however, they should not take things for granted. All necessary measures that are needed to contain the deadly coronavirus should be applied to keep the pandemic out completely.


Kudos and congratulations to the leadership of countries such as Uganda and Rwanda for taking the issue of the coronavirus pandemic seriously from the onset and achieved noticeable results. You’re an example of good African leaders,  unlike the former president of Tanzania who took the serious issue of the coronavirus pandemic with levity until his bad attitude consumed him,  shame on him. Despite his associates’ unconvincing denials, everyone knows he dies of a coronavirus pandemic.

That’s all for now on Coronavirus African countries you should avoid, for more information you can contact this site.


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