Nowadays, many people from Africa especially Nigerians are seriously considering relocating from their current country of residence to Europe due to divergent reasons, however, many are hampered by certain obvious problems which is the difficulty of starting afresh learning a new language. Here we research on cheap English speaking places in Europe you can relocate that eliminates the issue of language difficulty and to top it all most places mentioned will surely not break your pocket. 

Please note from the onset that in most advanced countries in Europe generally the cost of living is high, however, it is amazing to note that there are certain areas within a given country that are relatively cheap to live in than the national average. 



Anyone who desires to relocate to the UK and intend to start as a student living on a low budget should seriously consider living in Cardiff, Wales. If you choose Cardiff it could be the wisest decision to begin your long stay in the UK. 

Cardiff the Capital of Wales, is adjudged to be one of the most affordable cities to live as a beginner in the United Kingdom. Based on average the city has a monthly rent of €114.19. Furthermore, because transport is relatively cheap you’re free to live far from your place of work or your university campus. Getting there would not take a long time any time of the day. 

While studying nowadays you have the freedom of working longer hours, provided it is with the knowledge or arrangement of the local authority. 


It is a well-known fact that the Republic of Ireland is an advanced economy in which the standard of living is considerably high, however, there are certain areas within the country that the cost of living are relatively affordable. One such area is Castlerea which is the third-largest town in County Roscommon, Republic of Ireland. The town is situated in the west of the county. 

A town with a small population is a place you can conveniently obtain a property that’s is ten times cheaper than the cost in the Country’s Capital, Dublin.  Hence if you have around €76,000 you can get a decent property. 


Surprisingly, Romania a country situated in Eastern Europe is one of the European countries where English is well understood and spoken, according to multiple analysts Romania ranks number 16th in Europe for English proficiency, relocating here will have no problem of getting by or moving around in that there is no language difficulty, large numbers of the population understand and speak English. 

Importantly cost of living is lower than most member states of the European Union. Consumable goods are relatively cheap and within reach of an average individual. 

Accommodations are affordable in Romanian cities such as Bucharest or Cluj with less than USD500 you are sure of a reasonable living quarter. And if you prefer travelling and living outside the busy country’s capital you’re sure of cheaper alternatives and better life in Romanian rural settings. 

The best way to live cheaply in Romanian is to be ready to patronise the local food markets and purchase your own food items and do your cooking personally, by so doing you have cut the cost by more than 70 per cent. 

If you find living in Bucharest not very interesting or unaffordable you can gladly move beyond the Capital city by travelling to Cluj. Cluj is an exciting student city, It is a lively old city that presents to you diverse cultural shows and affordable cost of living. Choosing Bucharest, Romania may be the wisest decision you have ever made. 


Unsurprisingly, most people thinking of relocation to the UK never thought of moving beyond England and Wales. Most people ignore or don’t know that there is life in Northern Ireland and a place called Londonderry is an amazing city to live in. 

Anyone interested in relocating to the UK but hampered by the high cost of living in major United Kingdom cities should endeavour to consider Londonderry in Northern Ireland. Londonderry a large city in Northern Ireland with about 85,000 residents is a place worth consideration by all standards. 

The interesting thing about this Northern Ireland city is that it is the cheapest city you can relocate to in the United Kingdom. The cost of obtaining a right property that you will be willing to buy is considerably cheaper than other cities of equal standards in the UK. 

Anyone interested in going further North,  Londonderry presents to you a thriving, attractive and vibrant place that is amazingly cheap to live in Europe that you will be wondering why you’ve not thought of it in the past.

According to an analysis by British Halifax, Londonderry was found to be the most affordable UK city for buying a home in 2021. Statistics can be wrong. 


Shildon is a town located in the County of Durham in the United Kingdom. Places nearby are Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor. Anyone searching for an affordable place to relocate Shildon is a place that should be high in your consideration. For any working-class person, you don’t have to be a top executive to own a fairly good property here, with about £60,000 you can be a proud owner of a property you can live comfortably. There are lots of cheaper consumable items you can get here than in most nearby counties. 

It is possible to be working elsewhere and live in Shildon. The only drawback is that the town does have a high level of crime rates with antisocial behaviour the most common.



 Our next pick is Umea, Sweden. Umea is a University town and the largest city in the North of Sweden. With a population of about 120,000 inhabitants, Umea can be proud of its rich cultural life and lively bars, pubs, clubs and affordable accommodations.

Umea is not only the Swedish centre of education but it can boost of large English speakers, If you’re interested in relocating to Sweden and you don’t mind living in a temperate city, part of the inventive awaiting you is that cost of living here is relatively cheap and with a friendly atmosphere that makes a difference and proves without a doubt as a centre of excellence. 


The Netherlands is by far a country where English is well understood and spoken therefore anyone interested in relocating to the Netherlands will have no problem moving around.  Your day to day routine is surely exciting. Please note that if you choose to stay in big Netherlands cities such as Amsterdam or Rotherham be expecting a high cost of living. However, if you can choose to stay in places such as Delfzijl,  you will be amazed how the cost of living here is relatively cheap and affordable. 

Delfzijl is a medium port city and it is the fifth-largest seaport in the Netherlands, a city that presents you with a pleasant harbour and good living in an affordable environment. Being a city with low tourists activities enables anyone relocating here great opportunities to settle down without any distractions. 

Despite being in an advanced country such as the Netherlands, there are plenty of affordable accommodations in Delfzijl that will surely not break your pocket. Living and working here is to kill two birds with one stone, you’re living in an advanced country and enjoying affordable housing in a pleasant environment. 

Here you have them at your fingertips, cheap English speaking places in Europe you can relocate to, for more information you can contact this website.


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