Chinese Embassy In Nigeria, Visa Information

Do you wish to travel to China and you are looking for information about their embassy location in Lagos or Abuja, visa services and how to apply for a visa? You are on the right track. This article will expose you to the basic procedure to secure visa entry into China and other cogent information on the Chinese Embassy In Nigeria.

China is a popular and well-sought country, this is not only because of the population and living conditions, but emigrants also consider their well technologically advanced society and their hospitality. This made people apply for a travel visa to China yearly and the number of immigrants to China has increased over the years.

What Does A Travel Visa To China Look Like?

You need a travel visa to enter a foreign country and China is not an exception.  A visa is a government endorsement or document that temporarily or permanently permits you to enter a foreign country.

A Chinese travel visa is however frequently in the form of a stamp, label or sticker obtained from an embassy and placed on your passport. It allows you entry into China and to stay depending on the type of visa you applied for.

Address of China Embassy in Nigeria

The Chinese embassy in Nigeria has two offices; the first is situated in Abuja and they also have the Chinese consulate in Lagos Nigeria.

  • Chinese Embassy In Abuja

  •  Address of Chinese embassy in Abuja
  • plot 302-303, A.O centre area,
  • Abuja.
  • The Embassy’s telephone no is +234-9-4618661and 4618662.
  • The email address of the embassy is [email protected] and its official website address is
  • Chinese Embassy In Lagos

China also has a consulate located in Lagos. The address is plot 161A, Idejo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Their P.O Box is 70510, telephone no is +234-2713534, 2715585. Email is [email protected] and the official website is

Visa Information for Chinese Embassy In Nigeria

Chinese visa is a sticker or stamp immigration officers place on the passport of qualified immigrants that allow them entry into the soil of China. Chinese visa can only be acquired in your country of residence or at a Chinese Embassy close to you. When filling your visa application form you will be required to reveal the purpose of your visit to China.

If you are thinking of taking that trip to China, you need information on the types of visas available and the current visa requirement. Visa information and requirements for China Visa change from time to time, so you need an up to date information and that is what you are about to get.

The type of visa you will eventually go for depends on the purpose of your trip, but have it in mind that the following different types of visa are available for foreigners that intend to enter the Republic of China:

  • Chinese Transit Visa

A Transit visa allows you to transit through China for a maximum of 72 hours if you want to enter China on your way to another country or you want to join a ship. You can include children or family on your Chinese transit visa application if you will be taking them along on your trip but they have to be included on your passport.

  • Chinese Business Visa

A business visa is granted to foreigners to transact business or hold a meeting with business partners in China. With this visa, you can attend business or professional meetings, attend an educational and scientific conference, negotiate a contract or talk to investors in China. This visa is available to businessmen all over the world.

  • Chinese Visitors Visa

A visitor visa is granted to foreigners that intend to travel to China for tourism, entertainment or vacation. If you intend to visit a family or loved ones in China, this is the type of visa you will apply for.

  • Chinese Student Visa

The student visa is available for students who wish to study or acquire educational knowledge in a school or educational establishment in China. This visa is not a permanent visa that allows students to become a citizen after completing their study. It is for a given period clearly stipulated on the visa. After the period has elapsed the holder is required to leave the country.

  • Chinese Working Visa

This is the type of visa you need to work in China. You need to apply for this visa and work right if you intend to take a job in China. This visa is available in two ranges: for people who want a visa to work and permanently reside in China and for people who intend to work for just a period of time.

Preparation For Travel To China

Adequate preparation guarantees a trouble-free trip. Now that we have given you visa information, you also need information for a hitch-free trip to China. If you are the type that loves to reduce or eliminate the possibility of something going wrong, this part is for you. Note that for you to embark on your travel; you need to put the following into place:

  • Please verify if you will need to obtain a transit visa if you intend to have a stopover or will be transiting through another country.
  • Register your trip with your contact details online at your embassy or consulate so that they will be able to reach you in case of an emergency.
  • Before embarking on your trip, get an insurance cover for the Chinese government to pay for your medical care or take care of any injury you might acquire in the process of embarking on your adventure or during any physical activities.
  • Speak with health officials for information about the vaccine you are recommended to take and find out if Chinese law does not contradict any pills you might be carrying along on your trip.
  • Stick to the law in China and don’t try to bypass it even if it seems ridiculous or excessive to you. Where any Chinese laws contradict the law in your country, it is in your best interest to abide by Chinese law.
  • Maintain regular communication with friends and relatives at home and remember to leave a copy of your trip plans with family.
  • Make photocopies of your passport, visa, insurance cover and any other important documents you are required to carry. Carry as many copies as possible in case you misplace or lose one to theft; also keep a copy with someone at home.

Hope you find the information on the Chinese Embassy In Nigeria Contact address, Visa info services in this article useful? We wish you success on your visa application and a safe trip to China.


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