Here we present to you how to apply for German visa in Nigeria.

Whatever your reasons for making preparations for travelling to the Federal Republic of Germany, be it Tourism, business, visiting, conference, medical or studies it is good to bear in mind that you’re travelling to one of the best countries in the world, therefore expect that the system and procedures of processing their entry visas may be slightly different from the others { How To Apply For German Visa In Nigeria }.


Before you place in your visa application, there are some important points you have to take into consideration:

  1. Be sure Germany is your main destination.
  2. Be able to explain clearly your purpose of visiting Germany.
  3. If you’re residing in the southern part of Nigeria the proper area to file your visa application is German Consulate in Lagos.
  4. If you’re residing in the Northern part of Nigeria you’re qualified to apply in Abuja.
  5. Start your application processing by booking online your visa appointment.
  6. Separate application and booking must be done for every applicant travelling including children.
  7. All applicants applying for the medical purpose are advised to book well ahead of their travel.
  8. All University lecturer and other professionals travelling for academic conferences and seminars must book an appointment for visa interview (nobody is excepted )
  9. To avoid a case of no space at the premises of the Consulate General, it is advisable to book an appointment well ahead of time.
  10. You cannot apply more than 90 days before your planned date of departure.
  11. If you’re going as a tourist, you don’t need a letter of invitation.
  12. The only applicants that are exempted from the interview are those who have previously travelled within 24 months of a new application.


Regardless of the category of visa you’re applying for, the following are the steps to follow when applying for a German visa in Nigeria:

  1. The foremost thing to do is to go online and download the visa application form.
  2. You can obtain it by visiting the website:
  3. Carefully fill in your particulars and clearly states your reasons for choosing Germany, at the end do not forget to append your signature.
  4. Attach the following documents:
    1. An International passport with at least 6 months validity and unused visa pages.
    2. Photocopy of the data page of your passport.
    3. Two recently acquired passport sized photograph, please note that the photograph must meet the embassy standard.
    4. Travel medical insurance, with a minimum coverage of €30,000 obtainable from a reputable insurance company in Nigeria.
    5. Evidence of paid accommodation for the duration of your stay in Germany. If your relation in Germany is accommodating you, he must forward his or her ID and passport and other proof that he is capable of taking care of you during your stay.
    6. Evidence of flight return ticket booking, specify the airline, arrival and departure dates.
    7. Original last 3 months statement of account from your bank, duly signed by the Bank authority.
    8. Photocopies of all your previous visas (if any).
    9. An employee travelling must produce a letter of introduction from his employer, letter of official leave and last 3 months payslips.
    10. Letter of invitation from the person or organization inviting you, duly signed by the person and stating your relationship and indicate how long you’re to stay with him or her and ready to take care of your financial responsibility.
    11. If you’re visiting your relation, husband or wife, you must provide birth or marriage certificate proving the legal relationship between you and the person in Germany.
    12. An under-age person travelling unaccompanied or with a guardian, a letter of consent from both parents is required. Also the original and photocopy of the child’s birth certificate and the data page of both parent’s passports.
    13. If you’re going form tourism, evidence of sufficient funds to finance you for the entire period you’re staying in Europe.
    14. For an applicant applying for a student visa, original copy of the offer of admission or letter of acceptance, evidence of financial capabilities to run the program, all credentials used in processing the admission, and other documents as may be required by the embassy.


After the compilation and collation of all the required documents, you have to set aside a day for submission personally at the Germany Embassy Visa Application Centre.

Please note the following points beforehand in your visa application :

  1. Pay the non-refundable visa application processing fee.
  2. You have to scan the bank receipt of the visa application fee.
  3. Note that visiting the German Consulate General is strictly by appointment, therefore you must complete the online visa appointment booking for submitting your application form.
  4. Ensure that all the required documents you’re submitting are completed, genuine and duly signed by you.
  5. Note further that all the original documents you’re submitting must come with a set of photocopies.
  6. Go early on your appointment day.
  7. Finally, it is advisable that you submit well ahead of your travel. Leave 3 working weeks for the visa processing to avoid disappointment.




  • Germany Embassy Abuja,
    No. 9, Lake Maracaibo Close,
    Maitama,  Abuja.
  • Telephone number 0706 410 8800, 0805 880 8800
  • Email address: [email protected]



  • Germany Embassy Lagos,
    No. 15, Walter Carrington Crescent,
    Victoria Island,
  • Telephone number +234 1 280 9966
  • Email  address: [email protected]


Due to the current world order concerning the coronavirus pandemic, ravaging Western European countries, and the whole world in general,  it is advisable to check the latest bulletin on the state of travelling to German. It is your duty to find it out how the German Authorities are handling foreign visitors currently. What are the additional requirements needed prior to admission? Equally, you need to know the situation of coronavirus pandemic in Germany currently and how the foreign visitors are coping.

Furthermore, please equipped yourself with coronavirus clearance certificate before living your current country of residence.

That’s all on for now on How To Apply For German Visa In Nigeria, share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment box.


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