8 Easiest Countries To Obtain Permanent Residence

These are the 8 Easiest countries to obtain permanent residence. For most immigrants living and working in a foreign land, the boring aspect is the periodic activities of renewing or reissue or getting your papers right all the time oftentimes pose a daunting task. An overzealous security official out of annoyance or hatred can easily seize or cancelled all your documents and there is nothing you can do about it. This made our search for these countries we considered the 8 Easiest countries to obtain permanent residence. Follow them.


Our first pick is Uruguay, a coastal country located in southeastern South America and shared borders with big neighbours Brazil and Argentina.
The easiest way to achieve permanent residency in Uruguay is to be in genuine love with an Uruguayan and live together for a while or having a child in an Uruguay school. You’re qualified to be issued with a permanent residency if you can prove that you’ve stayed in the country. You will be given what is known as ‘intend to reside’. It is advisable when you’re processing the papers, the entire period must be spent in Uruguay.
The normal period to process permanent citizenship is five years however if you’re married to an Uruguayan the period is reduced to only three years. However, be ready to live in Uruguay for at least 6 months to qualify for citizenship. To qualify you must be gainfully employed and be earning an equivalent of about $1,500 monthly.
The beauty aspect of getting Uruguay citizenship is that you can get it without the difficult process of the investment system. Furthermore, you’re living in a country where people are generally friendly and the standard of living is relatively low compared with what is obtainable in those so-called advanced economies.
The choice is yours

Whenever you are talking about the easiest countries to obtain permanent residence Paraguay definitely must take a centre stage in that the country offers you one of the fastest and cheapest ways to become a citizen with achievable options.
From the time of placing-in your application, the processing time will not exceed 90 days if you get all the required documents right. In most cases, the Paraguayan Authorities usually issues the residence permit in 70 days.

Unlike some countries that usually placed restrictions on the races, categories or countries that are qualified to apply for permanent residency, Paraguay placed no such restrictions,  interested immigrants are highly welcome here especially if you’re a professional with special qualifications, on the alternative, you have reasonable means to invest in Paraguay.
Above all, the most important qualification is that its imperative for an applicant to have no criminal records.

The beauty aspect of processing the Paraguay residence permit is that you do not need to stay in the country from the beginning to the end when processing the documents. All you need is to come to the country twice for submitting your details and do the biometric medical examination and opening of a bank account for the required deposit and other formalities.
When the permanent Residence permit is issued, you must apply in person for an Identity card within six months of issuance.
When your aim is achieved you enjoy the benefits of living and working in Paraguay without restrictions.

Belize a small English speaking southmost country of the continent of North America is an ideal place where you can obtain a permanent residency without many pains. This Caribbean country presents you with the easiest residency program. The easiest way to achieve a permanent residency in Belize is to go through the Belize Person’s Incentive Program (QRP)Although It is mainly focused on retirees who can prove to have at least USD2,000 months fixed returns or payments, however, anyone who is above 45 years of age and has a regular income of USD2,000 monthly or USD24,000 per annum that can be paid into a Belize Bank account can benefit from Belize QRP. All you need to do is to find out from the Authority here, how you can participate in the program. It is good to know that if you have a pension scheme it is possible to set up a bank annuity.


Nicaragua the largest country in Central America is not an island country but shares a border coastline with the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean. If you are looking for a country with a fast and the easiest permanent residency look no further than Nicaragua. Nicaragua proudly presents you with one of the cheapest cost visas that lead to citizenship which is an onwards to permanent residency.
With Nicaragua’s reforestation program it’s possible to achieve permanent residency in a short possible time. All you need to do is to invest is USD35,000, and you can easily achieve your goal of becoming a permanent resident without much paperwork.
The clutch with residency is that you should prepare to spend at least 180 days within a year in the country. The reason for this is simple,  the country wants a new arrival to stay and mingle and become an important aspect of the Nicaragua nation. The belief is that your knowledge and experience will definitely add value to the country.
The benefit of having a Nicaragua permanent residency is that while the quality of life is high surprisingly Nicaragua has one of the lowest costs of living in the whole region. Most of the essentials items that are expensive elsewhere are relatively cheap in Nicaragua.


Antigua and Barbuda a small tropical island country, but relatively dry year-round, located in the eastern Caribbean precisely off the coast of South America,  is a country strongly recommended when considering one of the easiest countries to obtain permanent residence.  With a lot of benefits to be derived, this Caribbean Nation presents you with options you can’t ignore, provided you have the means.

If you can invest a minimum of a hundred thousand US dollars, ($100,000) you’re on your way to derive the benefits of dual citizenship, which automatically made you citizenship for life, and have the right of living and working in Antigua and Barbuda like any other citizens of the country. Furthermore,  you enjoy the benefits of travelling to over 160 countries and 45 partially recognized countries/territories visa-free located all over the world.

The ice on the cake is that you have the right to pass on citizenship to your future generations. When you acquire citizenship you will not experience language difficulty in that English is widely spoken in Antigua and Barbuda.

When you’re ready to make the move the best way to go is to contact the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority for all you need to do to achieve your aim.



Grenada an English speaking country and a member of the commonwealth located in the West Indies on the Caribbean sea is our next pick on the easiest countries to obtain permanent residence. All you need to qualify for a permanent residency of the Island country of Grenada is to be able to invest a minimum of two hundred and twenty thousand dollars (USD220,000)

The Government of Grenada introduced Grenada’s Citizenship by investment programme in 2013, and subsequently amended thereafter, allows an interested foreigner to invest in real estate in Grenada which qualifies the person to become a Grenadian citizen.

The beauty aspect of the programme is that, unlike some countries, there is no discrimination in nationalities. 2. The programme allows dual citizenship. 3.  To cap it all, you have the freedom of travelling to over 124 countries and 35 partially recognized countries/territories visa-free or visa on arrival. Finally, it is not a must for you to live in the country perpetually.

To enjoy these benefits,  it is expected that the applicant must be sound in body and mind, having enough funds with the proof that the money in question was legally acquired. Furthermore,  the person must be an adult of over 18 years of age, who is not under criminal investigation anywhere in the world.


When considering one of the easiest countries to obtain permanent residence Argentina a rapidly advancing country located in South America should be your best pick. To qualify for permanent residency in Argentina you only need to reside in the country continuously for two years and learn how to speak some Spanish to be able to answer few oral questions at the appropriate time. To cap it all you don’t require a rigorous examination.

The beauty of the Argentina permanent residency process is that you a free to apply even if you are on a temporary residency permit, and you don’t have to be a wealthy person to apply, as long as you have proof of healthy financial means or stable employment, and you are without criminal liability and be of sound mind you’re free to apply.

When granted a permanent residence in Argentina the benefits you derived include having the freedom to travel to over 170 countries visa-free or visa on arrival. Above all, you automatically have the right of residence and employment in 8 South American countries, namely: Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia,  Ecuador, Paraguay and Bolivia.

The biggest disadvantage of having a permanent residency in Argentina is that you must subject yourself to military service at the appropriate time.


When looking for a country with the fastest permanent residency program Vanuatu a country located in the south Pacific region which is not very far from Australia, present you with the quickest option. Although it may not be the cheapest option, the high point is that it is a process you can complete within two months. Realistically It is the fastest in the world

To qualify,  an applicant required an investment of USD130,000 or USD180,000 for a family of four persons into an established local fund.

The benefits you derived include being a member of the commonwealth of nations where English is the official language, hence there are no language requirements. Secondly, you have the right to the precious Vanuatuan passport that allows you the freedom to travel to over 127 countries and 34 partially recognized countries/territories visa-free or visa on arrival.

Furthermore,  Vanatuan permanent residence allows you to keep your other passport,  hence you have the right to dual citizenship. And to cap it all you may decide not to reside in the country afterwards. The choice is yours.

Please note that to qualify apart from having the required amount,  you must have proof of no criminal records and be of sound mind, you’re on your way to becoming a Vanuatuan citizen.


Above are the best countries we can research and picked for consideration for now, even though the majority of them are in the Americas depending on your country of preference, others will follow shortly be on the lookout.

That’s all for now on 8 Easiest countries to obtain permanent residence


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