Important Places You Need To Visit In Greece

When next you planned to visit Europe, ensure you commence your touring from Greece. Here we present to you those important places you need to visit in Greece which you will love to visit again without persuasion.


Before the sudden arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in which Greece like many European was badly affected, undoubtedly Greece has been a popular tourist destination for a long time. Tourists trooped to Greece year-round from all over the world. Coming to Greece to some tourists represents holy pilgrimage, in that there are some Christian landmarks popular with tourists peculiar only in Greece. An obligation that is important for them to fulfil.


For anyone coming to Greece from outside Europe,  immediately you touched down from the Airplane, the first question on your mind will be whether to stay in Athens or take a trip away from Athens. Because Athens present you with the biggest tourist attractions in Greece and if you’re carried away you may spend your entire visit in Athens the Capital city.

In Athens you have choices,  but the best way to start is the Sitagma square or the Constitutional square. Here you will see live the famous ancient changing of the guard. Very spectacular to watch.

Not too far from Syntagma Square is the ruins of Acropolis. The Acropolis is not a place you can see and leave within few minutes therefore prepare long hours to explore the area. Along the way to and from the Acropolis, you will bye-pass Plaka and Anafiotika neighbourhood, a village-like settlement with funny looking antiquities settlements, shops and restaurants along the way, here you’re free to relax and enjoy yourself. If you like you can move to the ancient University of Athens, called Palepsimio, one of the oldest Universities in the world.

Moving left you’re on your way to Omonia Square. By all standards an architectural wonder, a very beautiful place to behold. It is important to note that anywhere you intend to go in Athens you’re sure of getting a bus shuttle, electric train, a tram, an underground train transport from Omonia square. Undoubtedly it is the Athens city centre.

Leaving Omonia which affords you the opportunity of seeing downtown Athens live, take a bus to Leovorus Alexandria,  at the edge you will turn left and take a bus shuttle to the Ancient stadium of Athens. Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Leaving the ancient stadium your day rendezvous can be concluded by going to the port city of Preaus, where you have the famous Olympiacos football club. You need to return to Athens from Port city to plan for another important rendezvous. You’re free to visit Kifisia, Neo Cosmos, Ruin of the Marketplace, Museum of Cycladic etc.


Maybe you have been told about the ancient city-state of Corinth, located about 85 kilometres from Athens, you can see the antiquity of the ancient town, also you will have the opportunity of visiting the very modern city of Corinth. For most modern tourists that don’t have much interest in ancient sites, the high point of going to Corinth is to see the world deepest Canal and get acquainted with the real reason why it was artificially created. Undoubtedly one of the wonders of the modern world. The purpose of its creation is to reduce the number of days using in connection with the shipping journey between Athens and western Greece. You need to be there to appreciate why the courageous people laboured and built the canal with all their strength.

Although the canal is no longer operating commercially, however, small ships are still using the canal for convenience and sightseeing purposes.

Ships passing through Corinth Canal
Ships passing through Corinth Canal



Leaving Corinth may be hard somehow but if you consider the excitement and glamour of travelling to the centre of Western Greece you will surely take the next bus and head to Patras, a coastal and the biggest city in the entire Peloponnesian region. You’re free to stay for a few hours here knowing fully well that the most important place you’re heading is the birthplace of the ancient Olympics games called Olympiad situated in the northwestern Peloponnese. Here you will enjoy one of the best weather in Greece.


Leaving Olympia near Tripoli town you can continue your Peloponnese trip by bus which appears to be the cheapest means of transport to the western coastal city of Kalamata. This is the last big city in western Greece. The unique aspect of Kalamata is the broadest square peculiar only to Kalamata. If you’re there in a private car or bus you should park them somewhere, the best way to enjoy the city is by walking or by bicycle.

The City Square is so broadly situated and driving is prohibitive. Furthermore, the city is Tourist friendly, wide, clean and secure with free rest squares intermittently made for people’s relaxation. When you are in Kalamata outside relaxation is part of your schedule. Surely outside relaxation and site seeing are what made Kalamata uniquely different. Most tourists cherished visiting Kalamata time and time again


When you’re through with visiting the Peloponnese (Western Greece), you may return to Athens or fly to the Northwestern town of Ioannina.

Ioannina is about 400 hundred kilometres away from Athens.  What you will enjoy here is that unlike many other areas of Greece,  Ioannina is not heavily visited by tourists. The town presents you with a serenely and unique atmosphere you may not likely find elsewhere in Greece. The University of Ioannina is one of the important places you can visit. Please note that coming to Ioannina will afford you the opportunity of visiting one of the wonders of the world. The nearby Greek Meteora.

The Greek Meteora. This UNESCO World Heritage Site of about 300 meters high housed breathtaking Meteora monasteries. Of the 24 original monasteries, currently, there are six functioning monasteries you’re free to explore.

Whenever you are in Greece make sure you include a visit to the Greek Meteora, it is really worth seeing. Unarguably one of the world’s wonders,  you will be glad you visit here.


Due to time constraints,  you may feel that you have seen it all, however, if you’re in Greece and unable to visit the popular ancient city of Thessaloniki or travel beyond to Alexandroupoli the Northernmost city in Greece definitely,  you have not explored Greece mainland far enough.

Thessaloniki the birthplace of Aristotle is well known as the cultural Capital of Greece,  it is the most important city in entire Northern Greece. You may as well commence your sightseeing of Thessaloniki from the great Aristotle University, by far the largest University in the entire Balkans region.  You will see live the architectural masterpiece, dated back the BC.

You will have no problem visiting many other important historical sites such as Aristotle’s birthplace and Mt. Athos, Mount Olympus and Dion.

Set aside a day to take a trip to Pozar Thermal Baths and mingle with other tourists having a good time bathing and enjoying themselves. If you don’t have enough time, you can go on a day visit to view the Chalkidiki Blue lagoon on another day to go to Kerkini lake.


A single write-up can hardly explain the numerous important place you may want to visit in your visit to a tourist-oriented country such as Greece,  in that we deliberately not touched the Greek islands, such as Crete, Rodos, Chios, Kos, Samos, Santorini, Mykonos, etc. They are so many that you need more than a trip to Greece to fulfil your dream of visiting and enjoy the majority of the beautiful Greek islands. The choice is yours.


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