You must have heard about immigration offices, there are several immigration offices in Kenya and also ways how you can get their contact information. This article, a list of immigration offices in Kenya and contacts,  will be focusing mainly on Immigration offices and their contact details but before then let us give you little information about Kenya as a country. Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with lots of hills and rocky mountains, the people of Kenya are known to be good climbers and runners.  Kenya which is officially called the Republic of Kenya has 47 semiautonomous counties, each of these counties are governed by elected governors.

List of immigration offices in Kenya and contacts

Kenya is known as the 27th most populous country in Africa with a population of about 52.2 million people and the world 47 largest countries, its largest city is Nairobi and its oldest and first capital is known as Mombasa. Kenya is known to have large highlands which is the best for agricultural production and the most successful in Africa, the climatic condition in Kenya varies from temperate inland to arid in the north. Summer clothes are worn throughout the year and there is always cold at night and early mornings. When we talk about wildlife, Kenya is one of the countries that has it all, many tourists travel to Kenya because of their wildlife and also the climatic condition which many believe is very good for their skin. They have about 200,000 Zebras and about 1 million wildebeest in their wildlife. They have so many national parks and game reserves in the country, millions of animals take part in the annual animal migration and this is held between the period of June and September, these games are being designed for fun and recreational activities which attract millions of foreigners which comes into the country. The Serengeti migration of the wildebeest is listed among the seven wonders of the world.


Talking about the system of government in Kenya which is a presidential representative democratic republic, the president is both the head of state and the head of government and they are of a multi-party system. In the year 2012, Kenya has a high degree of corruption according to the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. In terms of human rights, homosexuality is not allowed and also lesbianism is a strong crime in the country if found guilty, a jail term of 14 years is given, citizens are advised to shun it as they believe it portrays a bad image in the country in general. They are known as one of the most pro-American nations in Africa, they have a strong tie with the United Kingdom.  Their economy has experienced robust growth over the few years, much of the funds which have been used to make the country better has come from their pockets at the microeconomic level which has come from diminished incomes which are from ordinary and low-income homes and also from several businesses which have been experiencing hardship, layoffs, and discontent across multiple sectors. The economy has seen so much expansion in tourism, higher education, and telecommunications, the telecommunication industry gives 62% GDP while 22% of the GDP comes from the unreliable agricultural sector but it has at least helped the unemployment rate in Kenya and it has employed 75% of the labour force in Kenya. Because privation of some of the industries, has led to a massive increase in the economy, we can boldly say Kenya is one country in Africa that has reduced the employment rate in the country to a minimum and they have been able to do this through privatization and Agriculture.

Tourism in Kenya is the largest source of foreign exchange in Kenya following Agriculture, the main tourist attraction is the photos safari with over 60 national parks and game reserves, they also have historical mosques, colonial-era forts which are located at Mombasa, Malindi, and Lamu. Before we divert out of the main topic which is about the immigration offices in Kenya and their contact details, read below.

Immigration offices are in charge of visa solutions for people working or even plan in relocating to another country. There are several immigration offices in Kenya that can help you with visa solutions either you want to apply or you might want to know how the process works out. This article is ready to help you get all their contact details and all you need to know about these immigration offices in Kenya. Immigration officers are known to help people who are ready to relocate or even look for a new job in other countries, they are ready to assist you in terms of passport solutions, visa arrangement, procedures, and how to go about it.

Immigration officers are known to take care of their clients very well, they are ready to help individuals with whatever they need so that your visa processing can be carried out successfully. For those who plan to do their visa and you reside in Kenya, then this article is for you, we believe this article will provide you with several immigration offices which are close to you, you should always seek bits of advice from the immigration offices on how to carry out several visa procedures so that you will not make mistakes while carrying out your visa process. To be part of a country like the United States, immigrants are advised to make an immigrant visa before they can be considered of entering the country or even considered to be given a permanent visa. For those living in Kenya and you must have been planning to visit an immigration office but you don’t know where to go or you have no idea about where they are located then read below.

  • National Registration Bureau Kacheliba

The National Registration Bureau is one of the immigration offices in Kenya which is known for handling visas and other related activities. This immigration office was established in 1978 to implement and enforce the registration of persons, it is compulsory for those who plan to leave Kenya to have means of Identification and other documents and they must have attained the age of 18 years and above.  This immigration office is known to maintain a database of registered foreign nationals and refugees who are coming into the country, it also processes refugees and foreign national identity cards on behalf of immigration and refugees and civil servants identity card and government staff identification badges. You can contact them on:

Nyayo House 20th floor, Kenyatta Avenue/Uhuru Highway
P.O Box 30395 – 00100 Nairobi.
Tel: +254-20-2222022
Email; [email protected]


  • Department of Immigration Service Kisumu

This is another immigration office in Kenya, this office is in charge of registration, application of visas and so many others. They aim to make sure that those coming in for their registration are to be satisfied and get their visa successfully. 32 pages visa costs Kshs 4,550, 48 pages Kshs 6,050, 64 pages Kshs 7,550. You can start your application online and you can pay your fees through either your debit or credit card with attracts a 25% fee. You can also visit their office at a particular time to know how you can carry out the process. Their contact details are as follows

Address: New Nyanza Regional Headquarters, Kisumu, Kenya

+254 57 2024935


  • Ministries of Immigration and Registration of Persons

The Ministries of Immigration and Registration is located at Next To Kilifi District Hospital, Hospital Rd, Kilifi, Kenya and their contact details are as follows +254 20 2408029.

  • Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons

Opposite Annex, Kwale – Kinango Road, Kwale, Kenya;  Phone: +254 721 652787.


  • Immigration Office

The immigration office is located in Mombasa Kenya, the office is known as government officials. They are in charge of handling visa issues and other kinds of stuff related to immigration.

  • Triple Tee Immigration Support Service

This immigration office is located at 00800, 1st Floor New Rehema House, Nairobi, Kenya, +254 720 800133.

That’s all on the list of Immigration Offices in Kenya and contacts, we hope this article has been helpful to you.


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