It’s always very painful and sad to see very frequently prominent visitors arriving at Nigeria airports refused entry and get repatriated the same day, due to their own error, so this post will guide you on Nigeria visa on arrival how to apply.


The introduction of the policy of visa on arrival is to enable visitors visiting Nigeria for the purpose of tourism, visiting or business,  to obtain a visa on arrival instead of going through Nigeria embassy or mission abroad, applying for Visas (which usually require waiting for days) thereby reduced bureaucratic bottlenecks and encourage foreigners coming for business transactions and tourism to obtain an entry visa without much stress.

However, some visitors failed to follow simple steps of first applying for a visa on arrival online and wait for approval before boarding

Often time on arrival without approval,  it’s common to see such foreign visitors becoming very agitating and confused when confronted with the facts of non-admission or refuse entry at the airport immigration visa desk until the arrival of approval. In a nutshell, the inability of a Visa applicant to wait for approval is an outright refused entry.


  1. Apply online for the visa on arrival to the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service.
  2. Obtain a letter of invitation from the person or organisation inviting you.
  3. Wait for approval. – Getting approval is very important in the processing of visas on arrival.
  4. When you received approval from the office of the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service, you can board.
  5. On arrival, ask for a visa on arrival desk, and present your travel documents for processing.
  6. Make payment – either by cash or with credit cards using p.o.s.(Amount to be paid varies, it depends on a country visa policy )
  7. Make sure your passport has six months of validity.
  8. Get your visa on arrival.


Getting approval for a visa on arrival from the office of the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service is very important unless you are from one of the countries that have a visa abolition agreement with Nigeria.

Countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya do not need approval before coming to Nigeria for visas on arrival.

Furthermore, all countries in the ECOWAS zone do not need a visa to enter Nigeria, thereby do not need a visa on arrival

Finally, all countries are qualified and eligible for Nigerian visa on arrival but must get approval from the office of the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service.

We at FACTS36 wish to emphasise that to avoid refused entry into Nigeria, visitors who want to enjoy a visa on arrival should apply online and wait for approval of the visa on arrival before boarding.

For full details on how to apply online for a visa on arrival, applicants can visit the Nigeria Immigration Service official website: ww.immigration.

If you have any further enquiries feel free to contact this site.


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