For a foreigner who came to Nigeria with a work visa, officially known as STR (Subject to Regularization) visa obtaining a Nigeria residence permit is not difficult, especially if the company you followed to enter is not insolvent. This is how to apply for a Nigeria residence permit (CERPAC) without engaging a third party.

It’s good to emphasise that obtaining a subject to regularization visa does not connote a work permit. Realistically when you entered the country with a work visa and begins to work, after 90 days it is mandatory for you to visit the Nigerian Immigration Service office nearest to you to apply for a residence permit.

A resident permit is an instrument that allows you to live and works in Nigeria legally and without molestation from any quarter.

The residence permit in Nigeria is officially known as the “Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card” when issued to a foreigner, it enables the person to live and work in Nigeria for up to two years. It could be renewed afterwards subject to the validity of his employer’s expatriate quota.


The first step in applying for a Nigeria residence permit is to obtain the following required documents:
1. Obtain from your employer a copy of an Expatriate Quota Approval
2. Get an official application letter from your employer requesting regularization of stay. The letter should emphasise their willingness to accept immigration responsibility on your behalf.
3. Your International passport with reasonable validity, including the STR (Subject to Regularization) visa.
4. Photocopies of the relevant pages of your passport.
5. The envelope received from the Nigeria mission where you obtained your visa, containing the CERPAC package.
6. Three recently acquired passport sized photographs with white background (2×2 inches)
7. A completed form IMM 22.
9. All your credentials are used in applying for the job.
10. Payment receipt for the CERPAC.


After the compilations of the above-mentioned documents, you will submit them to a Nigeria Immigration Service CERPAC approved office in your area of jurisdiction, for processing.

Note the following:
1. The fees for CERPAC is between USD200 & USD300 a year depends on your profile and your purpose of stay.
2. You are free to request for one year or two years depends on your needs.
3. All the payments are done online to a designated Bank.
4. You will use the payment reference number in the acknowledgement receipt to log in to the website of the immigration service.
5. Print out the registration slip and submit it to the Nigeria Immigration Service you’ve chooses.

Please note the following:
1. That on receipt of your application the Nigerian immigration authority will do the verification and endorsed your file.
2. Afterwards, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt/temporary card with a CERPAC stamp.
3. Biometric fingerprint: You will be asked to come to the Immigration office for biometric fingerprint capturing.

4. Finally, your Nigeria residence permit called CERPAC will be issued to you.

That’s all on How to apply for a Nigeria residence permit (CERPAC)


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