Science Laboratory Technology Salary In Nigeria – In the medical sector, there are practically some professions that can’t be left out of the limelight, of which science laboratory technology is one. This aspect of the medical business is a profession that tends to work directly in the same hospital with a doctor. Laboratory technology is a profession that deals with analytical laboratory procedures which are focused on blood and other fluids in the body, at this moment collecting blood specimens through the method termed phlebotomy. Laboratory technology is overseen by a laboratory technician otherwise known as a medical laboratory technician (MLT) who performs a wide range of functions as regards laboratory procedures under the watchful eyes of a pathologist, laboratory supervisor, or Medical Technologist. MLT also conducts a series of complicated tests which includes hematological tests, immunological tests, chemical tests, and microbiological tests on body fluids and blood.

Science Laboratory Technology Salary In Nigeria

 No.  Level/Experience  Salary (Naira)
 1.  0-2 Years  171,000
 2.  3-9 Years  239,000
 3. 10 Years Plus  1,240,000
  • Science Laboratory Technology Salary in Nigeria

The professional in line with this profession are also accorded respect in the society as they tend to be regarded as medical practitioners in the community and as such, they tend to earn significantly in this field. A medical laboratory technician or technologist in Nigeria receives an average salary of #239, 000 (two hundred and thirty-nine thousand nairas) more also, the wages earned by this professionals tends to vary depending on the years of experience at duty.

  • 0-2 years experienced laboratory technician would receive a minimum salary of #171k (one hundred and seventy-one thousand nairas).
  • 3-9 years qualified laboratory technician would earn a minimum wage of #239, 000
  • Ten years above experienced laboratory technician would receive a minimum salary of #1, 240, 000
  • All fees collected by the laboratory technician are paid every month.

Job Description

Scientific laboratory technicians are fundamental to the overall structure of scientific study and development activities. Experimental lab technicians are accountable for ensuring a smooth and continuous function of laboratory facilities as well as scientific equipment.

Lab technicians also are known to set up trial, gather data and carry out the vital research that is allocated to them. They also tend to support senior scientists by upholding detailed and precise records of research conclusions and making sure that the apparatus is accurately standardized.

Science Laboratory Technology Salary In Nigeria

  • Working Hours

Working hours of these medical professionals are fixed generally on a standard nine-to-five basis.

  • Training and progression

Increasing your knowledge as well as practical experience of a reasonable standard lab measures, health and safety matters, and data compilation, investigations will form the necessary fundamentals of your ‘on-the-job’ training. Formal training systems for this field of work are indeed scarce.

However, acquiring degrees or vocational experience through a part-time system of study can likely make way for better job prospects and development into more senior research and advanced roles. Indeed, it’s not rare for laboratory technicians to ultimately become complete scientists.

The scope of Laboratory Technology

With high regards to science backgrounds as well as the urge to aid analysis, researches, development, and investigation, you could get to work as a scientific laboratory technician. However, being a scientific laboratory technician, you would certainly get involved with varieties of laboratory-based researches within the chemical, biological, life science, and physical areas. You would relatively carryout series of tests, samplings, recordings, measuring, and analyzing the results being part of a scientific team. The primary job of a scientific laboratory technician is to make provisions of technical support to ensure that the laboratory functions efficiently, while sticking to proper procedures as well as health safety tips or guidelines.

As a scientific laboratory technician, you would be made to carry out specific tasks that support the development and advancement of modern science and medicine.

The profession plays an active and vital role in the underpinning stages of research and development as well as in scientific examination and investigation. A person of this profession is also expected to perform multifaceted tests that aid other medical professionals such as physicians to diagnose, detect, and treat diseases. One who tend to carry out daily duties in a small lab typically carry out series of tests, but a lab technician who gets employed in a big firm is likely to be focused on a specific area.

Skills Needed To Be A Successful Laboratory Technologist

A laboratory technician or technologist should possess the following features;

  • A Laboratory technician must have the ability to learn detailed, practical techniques and also apply the knowledge acquired in solving technical problems.
  • A Laboratory technician must possess good hand-eye coordination and also maintain the capability of using technical tools with accuracy.
  • A Laboratory technician must possess the ability to maintain and calibrating technical tools.
  • A Laboratory technician must know how to manage time management to work on a series of different projects at the same time.
  • A Laboratory technician must possess suppleness to work with and make way for support for some people.
  • A Laboratory technician must have an excellent oral communication skill to effectively work together with colleagues from all parts of the organization and also to breakdown complex procedure to interested parties.
  • A Laboratory technician must be experienced in making out demonstrations and also writing technical reports.
  • A Laboratory technician must be able to work together with a team and also be a patience type.
  • A Laboratory technician must pay adequate attention to detail.

In addition to the technical skills which will be acquired in school and ability for science, A Laboratory technician will need the below listed soft skills to excel in this field:

  • Active Listening: A Laboratory technician must have Strong listening skills which would allow him/her to interact with medical personnel as well as the patients.
  • Problem Solving: A Laboratory technician must be able to detect problems and also figure out a solution.
  • Critical Thinking: A Laboratory technician must possess this skill as it will allow him/her to decide the best options when solving problems or making decisions, assess them and then choose the best that has the most promising result.
  • Reading Comprehension: A Laboratory technician must be able to comprehend and tag along with physicians’ written instructions.


Here are some requirements from actual job announcements found:

  • A Laboratory technician must possess the ability to work without supervision and also part of a team.
  • A Laboratory technician must have personal computer skills, which includes strong typing ability and skillful use of Microsoft Office packages.
  • A Laboratory technician must be self-motivated and capable of prioritizing work.
  • A Laboratory technician must be able to put up with scheduling alterations, off shifts, holiday, and weekend works.
  • A Laboratory technician must have the ability to commune with, consult and interact with other members of the medical team, customer services, external relations, and patient education.

Career Options and Job Prospects in Laboratory Technology

  • Pathologist
  • Phlebotomist
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Radiologic Technologist
  • Laboratory Technologist
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist
  • Chemical Technician
  • Biological Technician
  • Hematology Technician.

Admission Requirements for the study of Laboratory Technology in Nigeria

Getting to study this course and become a professional in this field requires;

A minimum of Five SSCE credit passes which is to include English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

As we all know that in the UTME examination know as JAMB, English Language is made Compulsory for practically all courses which also include this course. Therefore, the three (3) other JAMB UTME subject you are to pick alongside the English Language to study this course “Science Laboratory Technology” under any University’s the Faculty of Sciences should include;

Chemistry, Biology, and one of Mathematics or Physics.

Conclusion on Science Laboratory Technology Salary in Nigeria

Becoming a laboratory technician is not quite easy, but with determination and zeal, a laboratory technician will be born. However, this also does not come for free, there is always a reward for a technical and advanced job


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